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What are People Saying About you???

People are saying a lot and some aren’t saying much at all. The fact remains that there will always be some who are bugs, meaning they may believe that their purpose is to try and destroy others, the day will come when their antics will cease. There is a lot of chatter about me= Tanikka Paulk. A lot of competition and some who insist that my work belongs to the individuals. There is a continuous need to advocate and yes I’m an advocate. “The Mommy Advocate.” Advocating for many different areas. A lot injustices. It’s not easy having to come up against just about the entire world but it makes me= Tanikka Paulk full of “strength.”

To think that not only is there competition from women but men seem to be just as conning as women. The tactics used really are classified as abuse. Perhaps we’re finding out that there are a lot of undercover abusers. They’re revealed. The attacks which continue to occur are simply expressions that a person is headed “upwards.” Yes, the more achieved, the greater the attacks. Some aren’t willing to accept the achievements of others. It’s amazing that some of the very who have motivational careers will also join in on the criticism.

They’ve said a lot about you. The real you=Tanikka Paulk. There’s a duplicated you, a copied you, and imitated you. There will be a lot who will proclaim to be me=Tanikka Paulk but aren’t like me=Tanikka Paulk. God designed me=Tanikka Paulk His own way. Not to please the world but to accomplish greatness. So there is nothing wrong with brushing my shoulders off. Someone has to give props. There are so many who will try to make me=Tanikka Paulk feel bad for “wanting better.”

Some will try to hinder my movement. Trying to make sure that I’m in their circle. There has to be growth in order to see a better economical system and perhaps some aren’t considering how their actions are causing a whole “Nation” to fall. Coming up against certain individuals may incur greater consequences than others. Mainly the anointed are the ones in which God becomes angry when others try to go on attack. Eventually all monsters have their day.

No matter what’s done. There is motivation here in Miami, Fl. and perhaps soon enough there will be another path to take. One which will incur more than “achieved” here. So there is continuous patience and thoughts of getting from here to there. Oh the attacks aren’t easy to deal with but God continues to provide “The Full Armor of God.” Some behaving as if I’m without sense. Not knowing exactly what’s been discovered and what will continue to be discovered.

My life certainly isn’t an easy one and perhaps there’s more adversity to deal with. Thank “goodness” there’s continuous strength being build. I’m continuing to focus on building up. Finding a more stable relationship for the future and a home where there is support and joyfulness. In the meantime there will be actions taken to proceed to the destination. Sometimes there has to be a move in order to become more prosperous. Believing and receiving. The breakthroughs await.

you “Hasn’t the Proof of my Identity? Tanikka Paulk and Ideas as Well as the Vision?”

Some Seem to Have a Difficult Time Accepting What is. By: Tanikka Paulk

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“I’m Going Somewhere Despite What Some may say. Somewhere is now and Somewhere Will be in the Future.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. This post of yours make me think who is Tanikka Paulk. It is quite flattering if some people try to project themselves like you.

    2. Yes in my opioun it is good to have an opioun and also not worrying about others opinions


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