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Progress and the Effective Methods are to Continue

When it seems as though there’s little progress there’s more than sights realize. Effectiveness has and will continue to occur. The “additions” are supplied because the additions are needed and are expected to produce. Similar to job descriptions persons must adhere to their duties. “Soon the many recommendations will be supplied proactively.” (Tanikka Paulk). The disruptions have served as lessons. The invited are the ones willing to be apart of movement.

I’ve been declared to seek. Confirmed. “To seek and you shall find.” So many aren’t quite understanding exactly what the seek really means. You are to find what is designed to be found it”s apart of you. You you are on your documentation documentations. So many have denied that unwilling to allow that to proceed steadily but glory to God she is protected. God said so in scripture. ” “Although situations may seem as though there’s minimum prosperity there’s abundance unseen to their visions.” (Tanikka Paulk)

The toughest critics have tried to sabotage the progress but she is really, really, really needed. Instead of focusing on the word replacement the focus is on the word placement. My contributions have provided excelling. Allowing the “law” along is apart of the effectiveness process. Ones I haven’t invited seemed to invited themselves and no matter what’s said or directed towards me=Tanikka Paulk God has allowed by continuing. Amen!

The actions caused some form of setbacks but the right track has faced the adversities. They tried to push me=Tanikka paulk backwards but I’ve moved “upwards” and still have some movements. An example of the effectiveness is “advocating.” Advocacy will correct the injustices. “She=her is a peaceful fighting advocate.” (Tanikka Paulk). Designed, declared, ordained. The voices which yell profanities wanting to cease the vision to stop a visionary aren’t effective.

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The past takeover was allowed. Observed and my findings include the individuals as foes. Although so many have tried to remove my presence my movement was already declared. None are able to overpower God. God the Father of Jesus Christ. My determination is one of the reasons why I’m still on my pathway. The disruptions have increased my motivation to reach my desired destination. “The somewhere is now. Readiness to accomplish more. What was taken will be restored. Indeed.

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Reasoning Reasons and the Seasons
February 3, 2019

What a journey filled with the adversities but thankfully I still have my faith. I’m a believer and will continue to believe in my purpose no matter how many believe otherwise. Oh I’ve searched, explored, and also discovered. To be able to move steadily is such a blessing. I’m certainly dedicated to the dreams and others should be dedicated to their own dreams. “My journey consists of some of the most challenging experiences but my faithfulness remains. (Tanikka Paulk).

Imagine having to experience hatefulness the words in which overly critical people present. Although I’ve been a target and continues to be the target I’m truly blessed. The amazement to experience what I’ve experienced but yet continuing to move forward. I’ve been harassed enough to know that I’m more than average. God has declared my title to be “Greater.” Perhaps that’s why some insist they have a right to stump on my purpose. Perhaps dreamers shut their doors because they’ve had to come in contact with such individuals.

Making the efforts to move further will help demonstrate that you’re rightfully proceeding. Some are quite amazed that I’ve incurred as much as I have. Meaning that I’ve came a long way. I’m continuing to make the strides. “Persons should make the attempts to live their dreams and accomplish further.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s advancements in which some have tried to move backwards but my faith allows me=Tanikka Paulk to have the movements. I’m filled with joyfulness because I’ve read what God expects and what He has promised.

My purpose seemed to grab so many folks attention. They’ve wondered why I’ve been allowed to move accordingly. I’ve pondered about trying to find the best techniques in order to achieve my set goals. My moves are observed across the globe. I’ve learned to be more patient oh yes indeed patience is needed in order “to proceed abundantly.” So many tried to remove what God has promised me=Tanikka Paulk to have. Scripture reveals what God has expressed but yet so many try to omit what God has declared.

Unfairness has been experienced but I’m strong enough to withstand the many trials in which some wouldn’t dare to face. I’ve discovered more and have learned more so I’m thrilled. The accomplishments continue persons should really consider living their own dreams better than trying to hang on to a persons dream. Some have “underestimated” my path and found they’re unable to dissect my dreams in which they’ve many attempts. I’m headed somewhere just reading the Bible has alerted me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m uniquely defined.

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Persons Must Understand That Individuals Have to Live Their Lives

Some may have a difficult time accepting the many changes which will occur. There is nothing anyone can do about change. No matter how many agree with certain changes. “Change will certainly occur. “Some are unable to accept that there are individuals who have to move forward with their lives. Some do so for different reasons but should be allowed to do so. Even if others try to hinder a person from excelling. Through determination the excelling can occur. Some refuse to let go. There should be progress and individuals should be happy when growth is taking place.

The lack of understanding has caused so many to suffer a further decline. Not willing to allow individuals to live their own lives. Too many are way too invasive and should focus on improvements ion their own lives. some have continue to lose out on opportunities because of not “focusing on the important areas.” There are a lot of what some may consider nosey people. Minding folks business and not their own. Imagining individuals placing some under a microscope and wanting to know every move the persons make in their lives.

Some spend way too much time trying to figure what others are doing. For some the watching is like a soap opera. Perhaps there are some who may live interesting lives and even so. I’m not understanding why some choose to watch every aspect of a person’s life. Some wanting to control what a person does at every point of their lives. What a way to live. Some not even using “logic” and doing some of the most ridiculous things to hinder a person’s growth.

There are some who will spend most of their lives” living” through others. Some refusing to follow their own dreams. The ones who continue to latch on to another person’s dreams may become very disappointed. Every  person has received their own talent and gifts so there is no need to live off another person’s talents or gifts. It’s mind bobbling why so many choose to live their lives based on another. Letting go is necessary so that growth can occur not only for the individuals involved but for others as well.

My journey has been a rough one. Of course there has been some bright days but having to deal with some people has been quite annoying. There is so many who are very in tuned with where I’, headed. My is my life and “I’m in a position to make my own decisions.” There will come a time in our lives when we;’ll have to grow more. Some not wanting others to progress or to move forward. Moving forward should occur especially when there’s been a lot of dysfunctions.

When it is time for a person to move on with their lives. The individuals should allow the person to do so. Family members may miss the individual but should allow the person to live their lives. Sometimes it’s necessary for some to move away in order to develop better living. Doing so can help make improvements within a family circle. There can be greater progress in another area, stability can occur, and “the process” could incur better living not only for the individual but for the family as well.

My Life Doesn’t Belong to Anyone Else, My Decisions are Mine, My Dreams Belong to me=Tanikka Paulk. By: Tanikka Paulk

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What are People Saying About you???

People are saying a lot and some aren’t saying much at all. The fact remains that there will always be some who are bugs, meaning they may believe that their purpose is to try and destroy others, the day will come when their antics will cease. There is a lot of chatter about me= Tanikka Paulk. A lot of competition and some who insist that my work belongs to the individuals. There is a continuous need to advocate and yes I’m an advocate. “The Mommy Advocate.” Advocating for many different areas. A lot injustices. It’s not easy having to come up against just about the entire world but it makes me= Tanikka Paulk full of “strength.”

To think that not only is there competition from women but men seem to be just as conning as women. The tactics used really are classified as abuse. Perhaps we’re finding out that there are a lot of undercover abusers. They’re revealed. The attacks which continue to occur are simply expressions that a person is headed “upwards.” Yes, the more achieved, the greater the attacks. Some aren’t willing to accept the achievements of others. It’s amazing that some of the very who have motivational careers will also join in on the criticism.

They’ve said a lot about you. The real you=Tanikka Paulk. There’s a duplicated you, a copied you, and imitated you. There will be a lot who will proclaim to be me=Tanikka Paulk but aren’t like me=Tanikka Paulk. God designed me=Tanikka Paulk His own way. Not to please the world but to accomplish greatness. So there is nothing wrong with brushing my shoulders off. Someone has to give props. There are so many who will try to make me=Tanikka Paulk feel bad for “wanting better.”

Some will try to hinder my movement. Trying to make sure that I’m in their circle. There has to be growth in order to see a better economical system and perhaps some aren’t considering how their actions are causing a whole “Nation” to fall. Coming up against certain individuals may incur greater consequences than others. Mainly the anointed are the ones in which God becomes angry when others try to go on attack. Eventually all monsters have their day.

No matter what’s done. There is motivation here in Miami, Fl. and perhaps soon enough there will be another path to take. One which will incur more than “achieved” here. So there is continuous patience and thoughts of getting from here to there. Oh the attacks aren’t easy to deal with but God continues to provide “The Full Armor of God.” Some behaving as if I’m without sense. Not knowing exactly what’s been discovered and what will continue to be discovered.

My life certainly isn’t an easy one and perhaps there’s more adversity to deal with. Thank “goodness” there’s continuous strength being build. I’m continuing to focus on building up. Finding a more stable relationship for the future and a home where there is support and joyfulness. In the meantime there will be actions taken to proceed to the destination. Sometimes there has to be a move in order to become more prosperous. Believing and receiving. The breakthroughs await.

you “Hasn’t the Proof of my Identity? Tanikka Paulk and Ideas as Well as the Vision?”

Some Seem to Have a Difficult Time Accepting What is. By: Tanikka Paulk

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“I’m Going Somewhere Despite What Some may say. Somewhere is now and Somewhere Will be in the Future.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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