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We are still far behind in online business
April 25, 2017

I know we Indians have yet to cover a lot of distance in the field of online business activities.  Do you know that we are a country of more than 500 million internet connections and thousands of ecommerce portals besides hundreds of thousands other companies and shops providing online shopping but we are still too far behind in e-shopping.

I am an associate seller at Amazon but I have never added my ID here on this site as I am not sure if anyone would ever like to buy from my store. Most Indians, remember I said most and not all first go to a local mall or store and select a piece to buy and then compare the price on online stores before buying any item. As far I am concerned I am taking full advantage of online shopping.

There is another reason which stops them from buying from online store is that the items available online and offline are different. I mean the model which the online sites show in their site is not available in offline stores and when the shopkeeper asked about it has a simple justification, “The online sites do not provide any guarantee or warrantee so they sell cheaper and that’s why this item is not available offline”.

I read it somewhere that the time will come when the internet will be for everyone and that will include business as well. So the time has come that the web-world should be used fully and taken full advantage off.  But who are those included businesses, technology, products or services or providers, corporate users, or maybe they all come including research laboratories, local bodies, and even government run business that should come forward.

In fact, the things are changing lately and more people have started buying online but there are certain fields where online shopping could have done wonders but people are not yet confident. They want to know finer points of the product before buying. For instance people are still not confident buying insurance products online or do not want to invest online unless they consult their financial advisors.

I think the time is ripe when all the related work should reach to a consensus on a mutually agreed term for the utilization of web. Each and every organization should input their resources online and bring it forward for the welfare of general public. They should develop software and provide sufficient information about their products to enable small and medium business which have no means to develop them on their own.

However, the business should be run ethically and in a way which entice the interest of general public and not give them bad experience. I myself have at least 2 bad experiences in health insurance. In first case I was not sure what were the diseases I was covered for and in other case it was the period when I was supposed to get the benefit for pre existing diseases.

Fortunately, I never suffered from any disease which was not covered from the 1st day but I am sure concerned about the people who suffer from serious illness and insurance companies hide the crucial facts.

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    1. For any business to get the success it should develop and win the trust and confidence of its customer. Unfortunately, these two elements are missing in online business though not in every case but in most of the cases. The policies, availability of products, prices, etc., vary from one online site to another online site. Most of the times they rely on offers and discounts to increase their markets totally neglecting a sound return policy, delivery time, customer care. They still adopt old marketing techniques which actually do not attract the modern customer who cares more about the quality, availability, return back policy, delivery of product, customer care, guarantee and warranty etc., than mere discounts and offers. They should realize this attitude of the present day customer of the new generation and design a suitable marketing policy to increase their business.


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