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Online Shopping: 10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping
e-commerce-Problems with Online Shopping

Have you ever bought a product or service from the internet?

Me too.

Some of the reasons why most people are shopping online are: they can buy anything at anytime because Internet shopping is available 24 hours, all the time. 

You can shop from the convenience of your home. You can avoid traffic and crowding at the malls. 

Online shopping is one of the best ways to locate hard-to-find items not available in your local stores.

Whatever you buy can be delivered by mail to your house.

Most online stores and companies provide excellent values and discount prices because they do not have to pay the overhead of owning a physical business that will cost them insurance, employee pay, taxes and more.

VeriSign, Inc. says that online sales recorded during the prime holidays shopping season was about $2.2 billion dollars.

According to a study by Forrester Research Company, by 2010, online sales will reach $331 billion dollars.

More consumers are shopping online today than a year ago. The range of products they buy are many: software, hardware, electronics, digital products, music, toys, e-books, books, programs, DVD, flowers, pets, jewelry, clothes, air tickets, insurance, cars, prescription drugs, comic books, games, gifts and more. 

They are flocking to buy from online bookstores, software stores, online computer stores, target stores, pet stores, liquor stores, drug stores, music stores, furniture stores, fabric stores, the Disney store, outlet stores, surplus stores, discount stores, thrift stores, gift stores, candy stores, lingerie stores, sports stores, video stores, sex stores, department stores, game stores, clothing stores and others.

Be a smart and savvy online shopper. Shop wisely and safely.

Here are a few tips to help you do your online shopping safely.

(1) Shop at the websites of companies that you know and are popular offline.

If you’re not sure of the company, request their catalog or brochure first. 

Be sure they have a physical address and phone, as well as an e-mail address. Call them and speak to a human being first. 

Check with the yellow pages and the Better Business Bureaus to be sure the company is legitimate. 

Read all the fine print and the refund policy before you place an order.

You may read about product reviews and what other shoppers have to say about a company at: 
http://www.epinions.com, http://www.consumersearch.com , http://www.productopia.com, http://www.deja.com 

Here are some internet shopping agents’ sites:
http://www.comparenet.com , http://vo.infospace.com , http://bottomdollar.com 

To read about reviews on shopping stores, regarding ease of use, pricing, selection and service go to:
http://www.gomez.com, http://www.bizrate.com , http://www.ratingwonders.com 

To read about web business frauds and get help to avoid being a victim, go to:
http://www.fraud.org , http://www.bbbonline.org , http://www.webassured.com 

(2) Keep a record of all your purchases.

Most people are by nature disorganized and unable to keep records. Learn to keep records of all your online purchases. This will help you keep track of your spending and shopping. 

Print all receipts or save them on your computer in a folder named “receipts”. 

This will help you locate orders that you placed but were never delivered. 

The more organized you are the less negative online shopping experience you’ll have.

(3) Keep all your important personal information safe. 

Don’t give them to strangers who may call you over the phone or request them by e-mail.

Personal information includes: your address, e-mail address, phone number, social security number, drivers license, age, information about your family. 

Don’t give them to any stranger and, also, teach your children not to do so.

(4) Keep your passwords private. 

When creating a password, avoid using phone numbers, birth dates or social security numbers. 

Be creative. Use a password that is not easy for others to guess, and yet not easy for you to forget. 

Change your passwords often. Use phrases to help you remember them.

Don’t disclose passwords to anyone. 

(5) Use a credit (but never debit) card to make your payment.

Be sure to keep all credit card payment receipts. Check your credit card account statements to be able to spot any unauthorized charges. 

When you buy certain goods and services from some companies, sometimes they will keep billing you thereafter. So scrutinize your statements. If you see a charge you’re not sure of, call the billing merchant and check it out. 

Keep your credit cards secure. 

Avoid making a payment using your credit card on a public computer.

Report any lost credit cards immediately and have them cancelled. Don’t give anyone that you don’t know your credit card number.

(6) Read the return policy before placing an order.

Be sure that you read and understand the return policy and warranty.

(7) Read and understand the company’s privacy statement (or policy).

A privacy statement tells you how and why a business is collecting your information, and how that information may be used. 
You may find the company’s privacy statement (or policy) at the very bottom of the home page or inside their “Terms & Conditions” or “Terms of Service” (TOS).

(8) Use a secure browser and server.

Be sure whatever browser you’re using complies with the industry’s security standards, such as secure sockets layer (SSL). 

This security protocol scrambles or encrypts the personal information you send over the Internet to ensure your transaction is secured.

How do you know if the server is secure where you’re making a payment?

If a Web site is using secure technology, its Web address begins with https and a tiny locked padlock appears at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

(9) Check out a few stores and compare prices before buying.
Look for hidden costs such as shipping and handling.

(10) Use Yahoo Search Engine for all your searches.

Yahoo continues to be, not only the largest online company, but also, the best Search Engine. 

Unlike the other popular Search engine, which keeps companies in a sandbox for many months and refuses to give them rankings for many months, Yahoo is pro business and gives immediate rankings to companies and business.

Their search result is also excellent. That may be one reason why 60% of people online (including me) love Yahoo. 

Also, they have the most reliable and the best hosting service in the world. 

For these reasons, I strongly recommend you use Yahoo to do all your searches.

Happy and safe online shopping.

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the dead mall in th hudson valley NY

 Dead mall, what do I mean by dead mall?
in my area this kind of mall is open but has all most no stores, JC penny and Macy shut doors like last year. In my area the out door style malls or strip mall or plaza what ever you call them are doing good.this mall go from owner to bank to new owner then the sell it to flip it again that means to resell it .May be this is the reason they can not get good anchor stores. I told some one if they can get a trader Joe store in that mall . the mall will become alive again. why ? because my area does not have a trader Joe type of store. The mall owners need to chase stores that no one else has in other major towns. this would bring people in to my town. I know other store that kind of like Jc penny’s it call stein mart this is a ok store if you like JC Penny’s you like stein mart. as of right now the dead mall has stores closing left and right subway just shut it doors. I know the smoothing place is next Im friends with the owner she a nice lady but with out shoppers there no sense to have food. Now on the other hand a medical clinic want to rent the empty space were Macy had it store. Is that good or bad for the mall. I say it a negative positive for the mall yes they be getting rent but this type will not bring in shoppers only sick people .It will help the food court but that will be the only stores that benefit from this type of medial place it like a urgent care kind of set up.

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How to turn shopping into pleasure.
April 26, 2017

It is believed that women love to shop, but the women often say that shopping is very tiring activity, especially when you cannot find what you want. And sometimes you do not know what you want even. It seems that women just love to buy nice shoes, a handbag or a stylish and fashionable coat, and would be the best if they succeed to do so without any problems. How is that possible?

To avoid unnecessary costs, carefully review your wardrobe and make a pre-things list that you are going to buy. Exclude what is most important to buy. If you plan to completely refresh your wardrobe, it’s best to choose the discount period. These usually take place every season. Set yourself a budget of shopping. Do not carry on with you more money than planned. It is best to shop in a quiet environment, so if possible, plan to shop on workdays, in the morning.

Try not to go to the shops out of curiosity. Remember that you have planned shopping list. Shopping is best to choose themselves alone or with help of stylist. Friends, no matter how good, can often mislead advising according to your taste. If you go to the store to support a company for friends, remember that it is only goal and you are not going to buy something just because you are in a store, it is not necessary.

Accessory purchase leave at the end of shopping – then it will be clear with what to combine them and you have the opportunity to try on new purchases. Keep receipts and labels – if you see that thing faulty or change your mind, you can return it within a certain period of time, depending on store rules. If you are not sure about the item or have no idea to what you wear it – do not rush to buy. Better ask the vendor to put it aside for agreed time and decide later.

The most important criteria – it is not important quantity but quality. Explore the composition of the product; choose a natural, comfortable fabrics and silhouettes that suit you. After all, even fashionable blouse you will not wear, if you will not feel comfortable with it.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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We are still far behind in online business
April 25, 2017

I know we Indians have yet to cover a lot of distance in the field of online business activities.  Do you know that we are a country of more than 500 million internet connections and thousands of ecommerce portals besides hundreds of thousands other companies and shops providing online shopping but we are still too far behind in e-shopping.

I am an associate seller at Amazon but I have never added my ID here on this site as I am not sure if anyone would ever like to buy from my store. Most Indians, remember I said most and not all first go to a local mall or store and select a piece to buy and then compare the price on online stores before buying any item. As far I am concerned I am taking full advantage of online shopping.

There is another reason which stops them from buying from online store is that the items available online and offline are different. I mean the model which the online sites show in their site is not available in offline stores and when the shopkeeper asked about it has a simple justification, “The online sites do not provide any guarantee or warrantee so they sell cheaper and that’s why this item is not available offline”.

I read it somewhere that the time will come when the internet will be for everyone and that will include business as well. So the time has come that the web-world should be used fully and taken full advantage off.  But who are those included businesses, technology, products or services or providers, corporate users, or maybe they all come including research laboratories, local bodies, and even government run business that should come forward.

In fact, the things are changing lately and more people have started buying online but there are certain fields where online shopping could have done wonders but people are not yet confident. They want to know finer points of the product before buying. For instance people are still not confident buying insurance products online or do not want to invest online unless they consult their financial advisors.

I think the time is ripe when all the related work should reach to a consensus on a mutually agreed term for the utilization of web. Each and every organization should input their resources online and bring it forward for the welfare of general public. They should develop software and provide sufficient information about their products to enable small and medium business which have no means to develop them on their own.

However, the business should be run ethically and in a way which entice the interest of general public and not give them bad experience. I myself have at least 2 bad experiences in health insurance. In first case I was not sure what were the diseases I was covered for and in other case it was the period when I was supposed to get the benefit for pre existing diseases.

Fortunately, I never suffered from any disease which was not covered from the 1st day but I am sure concerned about the people who suffer from serious illness and insurance companies hide the crucial facts.

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/ecommerce-selling-online-2140603/

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SIVVI . com online shopping in Dubai
April 17, 2017

Buying from SIVVI, they post great products with somehow good prices when on sale, but if no sale, sure no buy from the site.


Customer service, takes days to help you and if you want return an item it takes ages and you lose your discount, returning an item is quite a nightmare. I like the shoes that I brought to my husband, here is review about the shoes then the Customer Service.

Its really hot now since its Summer, ordered the shoes open from the toe side, and put the code for discount, filled few things including the shoes size. Size that he always use for ages. Then track the package every day to reach us in two days from the time she send us email that was shipped.  Then was show that its delivered to our address but it did not, next day it arrived. I don’t know why its like this but didn’t bother because we got the shoes. When my husband tried it its big, he was surprised this is his size but its big how come, its nike and they do not do such mistakes, we thought maybe someone tried it and return it so it stretched. Any way the next day we called to return it and take the smaller size of the same shoes. So contacted customer service and left a number ,but no body called back

The site is absolutely seems wonderful. But the return police is so bad. They said they will not give us the coupon if we return it and they will not just send us the shoes, they need to get the older one and investigate it then return the money coupon not real money. Tried to contact the center, but no answer.

So they promise that return is easy but it takes a week if not more, we are still waiting the coupon for the shoes. Let me warn you, SIVVI is pricey and the customer service is not bothering to help you after buying anything from them.

The policy about refunding is complicated and we are dissatisfied. Prices are not cheap at all.

SIVVI . com online shopping in Dubai

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eBates review; cash back is not fully real
April 3, 2017

shopping online stores, this review is about a site I joined last year and was not happy and comfy about it, so I liked to tell you about it from the experience that i had, read more to see my trial for that site here

Ebates is a shopping online site, that provide you with discount coupons and also cash back money.

I hear about it last year and found its good idea to join it ,but when i joined it I found that the cash back is just as the money that you will pay in the store during sale, so its not real cash back, not sure if was a co incidence or what, also I found out that they do not carry any responsibility about the shipping from the site, I had this issue when I tried to ask them when I buy this item who will gaurnattee the shipping, they said not our concern deal with the store! how come, I am using you as third party and you link me to the store, now you say its not your issues to deal with?

I felt with these things that I do not have to waste time and money to try the site since these issues are not resolved from the start, and also they make you pay for the shipping as if its international though they have their stores in the area where you live, so if that is not fake, it is sure not legit thing . I did read some good and bad reviews about Ebate . com ,but I wanted to check it my self, with that said I am not going to buy from that site who will make me pay for international shipping though they near my home and also, when customer service tell you we do not know about the cash back go check the store, I can not trust such an answer.

Ebates is not good site to deal with in middle east, so if you live in middle east the site will not work for you. are they also the same in other places, I do not know.

If you wanted still to join the site check the store prices and their sale also then review the cost of the items in the ebates site before you do any buying. That is my summery of my review to ebates shoppoing

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How to know scam sale from legit sale
March 22, 2017

How to know scam sale from legit sale


real sale will have real good prices, do not to expect to pay lots of money for things on sale other wise it is not for sure sale, they are fooling you, they are bringing higher the old prices and give you another price as its sale price lots of shops here do that, they think that they thinking good and above us, but they are wrong sure.

we customers are wanted everywhere, in clotehs market, food market, restaurants, stores online and the world sure depend on us as clients.

to point out the real sale and fake sales, read more here and learn how to find it

first real sale will have low prices, good quality with lower prcies, the things that are on sale are the things that you saw before they start the sale; not that they bring new arrivals after the sale, that is false.

second, check the prices in more than three shops, the stores managers sometimes deal together to put same prices on the same products, so try to see more shops as for sure not all of them are going to agree on that deal, so you are going to benefit from it, as they say separate them to win

third do not agree on the price that is mentioned, try to talk them to have lower price, and be sure they are going to consider it, no shop will make and good selling if they do not earn from sale. these are few tips but it will help to save money on sale things and this economy do need that, try to rememeber the key to see more and more shops online or even in real

good luck with your shopping guys and gals too online and real virtual stores at the same times

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Amazon.in and Aliexpress which one is good at delhi
March 21, 2017

I like to shop online alot and that is meaning is that i know lote of many stores that are good and not good, there are scam and legit sites to buy from. Today I will review two new sites that I tried few months ago, they are Aliexpreess and Amazon india

aliexpress is chinese online shopping site, they are having lots of everything, nothing you can not find it in that site, food are there, blothes are there. toys,, furnitures, parites things like cups plates, decorations, garden tools, like grass flower, treees, snad, seed, clay, all is there, even babies tools and beauty and make up productws are there, but thats not all, you will find also the prices mabye too low at one store and very priecy at the other store, because aliexpress are for people like us to sell also there, so when you go to find sommething you need to search for some time or put the price that you like at the price areas.

I tried aliexpress, its good online shopping site, but you need to deal only with those with high good feedback and with good price too, the too low is little suspecious and the high are greedy, also look for the seller to chat with and do barging, some are so nice and do give you good price.

I bought few times from Aliexpress.com and they got nice things, one time 2 ordered didnt arrive, and i made complain for the site managers or service, and one time they refund the money but the other time they didnt, good thing it was not high price, but yet you will not like to not have refund for something you did not get.

On the other hand Amazon.in. its good site too and the prices are not as good as aliexpress, though almost the same things, i wounder if the sellers there get there products from china and sell it in amazon, i guess they do  that


Amazon.in review, Aliexpress review

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Shopping in market of agra
March 21, 2017

Summer holidays,Always bring feeling of joy & zing. This summer, I decided to explore historic City of Taj, Agra.

Every transport reaches there but it’s best to the travel in train, which we boarded from Delhi. AC Shatabdi express leave both from the New Delhi & Nizamuddin stations at 6a.m. reaching at 8:40a.m., saving whole day for sight seeing.

Though, there is an Agra Kheria airport, 7km from city centre, as well as bus transport at the Agra fort bus station, from where you can get the taxi, autorickhsaw or cycle rickshaw, costing you between the 20 to 200 bucks as your tour requires.

From railway station we took prepaid taxi paying Rs.120 in advance to take us to the Hotel Mughal Sheraton. It was breezy experience with picturesque views of nature in way from Cannt to Mughal Sheraton.

It was red brick luxury hotel amid serene gardens & elegant interiors.We had booked two rooms as my family consisted of four people.rooms available were small as well huge, we preferred small & cozy, which had a swimming pool outside the room itself.

And The bath was exquisite experience with Jacuzzi attached in bathroom. And other activities included were games like tennis, badminton and mini golf while for kids there was puppet show to enjoy.

It was afternoon & lunch was on our heads. For eating & drinking there are many places nearby if you do not want to have it in your stay hotel. Dasaprakasha, & for south Indian lovers is a must place to eat. Only restaurant on mall road has all type of cuisine with lively music.

Park’ in Sadar Bazaar is great place for family to enjoy food. Kwality & Pinch of Spice are restaurants of taste & pricey grub. Though, there are many cafés & the small eat aways too, including the contemperory fast food centres like Pizza Hut, and Domino’s, Mc donalds,and Costa Coffee, Café Coffee Day.

We chose restaurant Park which serves Indian, continental & Chinese food. We had great time jumping on food, as we were hungry.And My brother particularly liked the Chinese cuisine there.

It was time for most favoured activity by women that is shopping. Sadar bazaar is ideal place for shopping but here you will find expensive marble stone & inlay works. So one has to be careful while purchasing. There are sprawling shops of gemstones to big emporiums.

If you ca not afford here you can visit old town area. Kinari bazaar has mad traffic but it sells an everything from textiles to fruits.

If you luckily visit city during 18th to 27th February, surely go for festival held at Shilpgram,culture festival with ethnic touches, cheap for shopping, full of ethnicity.Moreover, with the music & dance shows by eminent personalities make evening pleasurable.

After shopping, we had to bid an adieu to Agra which made our holiday wonderful as we had three days to spend. And Fourth day, we checked out from hotel paying our cheques.And feeling of sadness took over me that I have to leave that place but everything has to come to an end to give the rise to new experience.

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Amazon and or Aliexpress online
March 16, 2017

Aliexpress online store or Amazon online. like to use online stores like amazon, alibaba and more, though some are cheaper, some very good sellers there. depends whom you try to shop from. better way to find good sellers is reviews of the seller also his ratings, some do not send items it happend with me, but some do send and with gits too. that seller is what makes the site good, purchasing online is fun now, aliexpress is really good and cheap, but one time ordered 10 orders at the same shipment by many sellers and they were good except one, who kept promissing to send but the protection finished and he didnt send it, that was bad thing really, the other bad thing in Alibaba is longer then usual shipping,to deliver. One of the orders were crashed.
gave the seller actually they two bad review and rating of course after tried contact him and didnt answer me. but Aliexpress didnt post it. Aliexpress reviews are fair, some good and some bad
i now got my Amazon india account and bought few things because I never used these sellers and like aliexpress costumer services dont work in the weekend.i found thed order at the doorman table, no call for me nor sms that they sent me the shipment, lucky me to find it, read the reviews about amazon india and aliexpress for those who dont knwo aliexpress; this big bazzar in china also other places but i dont know other areas. there are good and bad sellers, there cheap and cheaper orders. but see the quality and real buyers feedbacks and ask friends also.
dont just delete your account if the seller was bad to you, go to online store site Amazon and Aliexpress and talk about issues. even if its small and you think its not worth it, if you keep on having this you are going to lose too mush dollars here and there, so better stop the bad behaviour from these sellers by contacting the sites that allow thm to use thir area to sell for people, and they will take action since its their reputation and their clients that make the online stores hae profit and keep on selling for people around world, i remember taking note of the bad sellers and good to not go to their stores again, becaue after some time you need to remember them
I ordered a gown for home with beads and some were falling off contacted the site, about the quality of the clothes and though the seller refused to refund aliexpress did send me the money. In fact, They were slow little but did send me back

The seller claimed that other liked the dress, but others dont like to complain thats why there are few complains. glad resolved everything after contacted customer service. Don’t even consider leaving the site without feedback and contacting the stores online and try your best to get back your money other wise you lose your money, good shopping day online, and will try to review more sites online, to buy good and not pricey things for you and your  lovers. If you have other online sites that you use and you have review please let us write answering this post that i post. Gals please write the site and the area

hope this amazon review help you to buy or how to buy from that site online, real shopping is fun sure but online is good too, as you may feel tired and sometimes they have good sale, so we cant stay without online shopping, of course we talk about clothes and shoes or things other than food. food is fresh if you go to store

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