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SIVVI . com online shopping in Dubai
April 17, 2017

Buying from SIVVI, they post great products with somehow good prices when on sale, but if no sale, sure no buy from the site.


Customer service, takes days to help you and if you want return an item it takes ages and you lose your discount, returning an item is quite a nightmare. I like the shoes that I brought to my husband, here is review about the shoes then the Customer Service.

Its really hot now since its Summer, ordered the shoes open from the toe side, and put the code for discount, filled few things including the shoes size. Size that he always use for ages. Then track the package every day to reach us in two days from the time she send us email that was shipped.  Then was show that its delivered to our address but it did not, next day it arrived. I don’t know why its like this but didn’t bother because we got the shoes. When my husband tried it its big, he was surprised this is his size but its big how come, its nike and they do not do such mistakes, we thought maybe someone tried it and return it so it stretched. Any way the next day we called to return it and take the smaller size of the same shoes. So contacted customer service and left a number ,but no body called back

The site is absolutely seems wonderful. But the return police is so bad. They said they will not give us the coupon if we return it and they will not just send us the shoes, they need to get the older one and investigate it then return the money coupon not real money. Tried to contact the center, but no answer.

So they promise that return is easy but it takes a week if not more, we are still waiting the coupon for the shoes. Let me warn you, SIVVI is pricey and the customer service is not bothering to help you after buying anything from them.

The policy about refunding is complicated and we are dissatisfied. Prices are not cheap at all.

SIVVI . com online shopping in Dubai

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