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Have you ever went to the store and bought things you dont need
March 14, 2017

ladies i guess we did that many times, go to the store due to the need to do soem shoppign for the house or the kitchin for leaningers or foods or clothes and so on, then when you reach the store you bought things that was not in your mind or needed at that time, yea all did that i guess and the issue that you go home with out buying the things that you went out for the store to buy it in the first plac,e

what is that, how the store make syou buy things ou didnt want to buy and make ou pay more, i will tell you in this article how they do that and how to avoid that and be more clever with the stores promotions

yes the secey is the stores promotions, they make you want to buy tings with do promotions on things even you didnt want them at your home, but you see th price ilittle less tahts lead you to buy things you didnt want or didnt think of even. at least for the time you went to the store, but you knwo what, though things may be cheper they may be expired and expired i dont mean that the date is finished, but  expired means thta date of the product is almost there, that means less good food and sometimes untastt food or no tate at for sure, yes really it or not its the real deal with the promotion, they dont win if they didn tsell the almost expired items thats why they do put it on promotions.

you have to more clever, how to do so?  I will tell you you can be more clever and dont spend money on things that are not worth it sy doing a note of the food, clothes or what ever you went out of your home to buy and just buy whats in that note. thats if you want really to save money and not to make the sellers treat you badly.

i have to say some men and women and really i mean men and women do have notes of the things that wanted, but they feel lazy to open in it in the store and then at the end they do that too, buy things they dont need and go home without what they wanted to buy for home


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    1. That happens to me when I wasn’t able to make a list of the things to buy in my phone. Usually, I always list it on my TO DO things one my phone.

      Indeed we should have a listing of the necessities we need to buy when we go to the store. You should buy them first before you buy a thing that is not a need but just a want.

      Malling can make one actually buy things they see as beautiful. Sometimes some would buy them through credit cards. With their credit cards they can buy even those things that are expensive. Though, when the bill arrives they only can pay the lite payment and the rest earns interest for the next period to pay.

      Unnecessary spending most especially through credit card can really bury you in debt.

      So, don’t go to the mall when you don’t have a necessity to buy. Another thing, learn how to use your credit card properly.

      • hi, and thanks for sharing your thought in here, indeed those who have credit cards can buy expensive things but most of them will be sorry later, when the money that they ahve to pay accumulted. to be honest someims i have list in my bag but feel stubborn to take it of thinking that im ok and got all the needed products but most of the time im wrong, and also buying things when you are hungry its not good at all too, we need to do it when we are not hungry better safe

    2. My hands are up for being so guilty. I do a lot of impulse buying but the recession in my country has humbled me a bit. It’s even worse when we go out with kids, most especially my daughter. She practically wants to buy everything in the store, but I’m more disciplined not to adhere to her wants. Impulse buying is bad, you buy what you do not need. I even buy clothes, but hardly wear them immediately, I just use them to fill up my closet. Its a bad habit that I must stop asap.

    3. hi there, the recession is every where, its really the medias fault they fake the nice things weather food or clothes or anything for the sake of the money, but i try always to tell myself that is not nice or that is harmfull to your body do not buy it, also i put sometimes goal waht to do with the money to push my self to hold my hands a little bit, it works at times though


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