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The Cost of Mental Slavery
March 3, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

When a ‘good ole boy’, (the politically correct term for a white southern racist) elects or supports another white racist, it’s obvious why.    Having a Black Man in the White House was a nightmare to those Good Ole Boys.

To think, that in America, the highest office in the land was held by a Black Man, well that had them puking up their guts.

Now, having a Real White Man who supports White Men in Office, who will appoint racists and fellow travelers, if a victory.

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So you can understand why all those guys whose Grandpappy and Pappy lynched them (Politically Incorrect Term) feel real good today.

What is not so easy to understand is how any one who is Non-White can support someone who thinks they are sub-human.

Face it, Trump and his team spit on Black people.

So how does a Black man or a non-white man, support someone who would throw them under a bus if he had the chance?

Bob Marley understood mental slavery.

He knew that a lot of Black people feel if they kiss the foot of a white man, the white man will protect them so he can have his foot kissed.

Bob Marley knew that many Black people never got over slavery and many non-white people KNOW that white people are superior.   They feel that if they support that Good Ole Boy he’ll make an exception on their part.  If he kills all Blacks in a town, he’ll spare them if they kiss his foot.

It is a reality, it has been present for centuries.

The ‘slave catchers’  who were deployed to go after run away slaves were often Black.   This is historically proven.  To see Black people support Trump is nothing new.   Many Blacks supported their Massas because they felt that their Massa was superior to them in every way.

When you see Black and non-whites defending Trump, if you are white, you have to hide your laughter and save your conversation to the All White Bar where you’ll go to ridicule them.    If you are not white and see it, and try to talk to those Black and non-white Trumpies, you’ll be attacked.

So, you leave them, as is, where is.

The shackles may not be on their wrists but are on their brains.   And it is like the famous story of the puppy who thought he was tied to the tree so didn’t bother to run.

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