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Health Issues can Instill Discipline
March 3, 2017

Are you healthy? Or do you have health issues?

It is good if you are healthy because you can enjoy the things you wanted to do, you can eat what you wanted to eat; you can enjoy life to the fullest. But this situation is the reverse when you are sick or is feeling hurt or something abnormal going on in your body.

Today, there are so many people who are affected by lifestyle diseases. I am pertaining to diabetes, usually Type 2 diabetes which is due to unhealthy eating habits. So many people, especially the young usually love sugary foods, like soda or softdrinks which nutritionists say are fully-laden with sugar!

Unhealthy Diet

When we are young, we do not care if we eat lots of carbohydrates, lots of chocolates, cakes, ice cream and other junk foods that are usually full of unhealthy ingredients.

Parents should guide their children on healthy eating. They should not allow children to eat junk foods while sitting watching television or while playing gadgets for so many hours.

Schools are now enforcing healthy eating habits among pupils, and this is one of the best steps towards inculcating among children the value of eating healthy, whole, natural foods. It is good that their snacks consist of healthy foods instead of junk foods and sodas.

For adults, too much carbohydrates which are transformed into sugar, once ingested or digested, pose danger on one’s health. This causes blood sugar to shoot up when the digestive system could not properly transmit the sugar where it is needed, more so if there is excess sugar in the blood. And this is the start of diabetes, or pre-diabetic stage, according to physicians.

What to Do?

As per doctors’ advice, the best thing to do is to eat healthy, perform at least 30 minutes of exercise, daily, if possible, or have an active lifestyle. One just need to get up and walk inside the home, do some gardening, walk some blocks away from your home, or while in the office or in your day job, try to get up and walk. Walk to the pantry during breaks, walk to other areas of your office instead of asking the utility man or your secretary to take some papers to another office, or have some documents signed by your boss or superior.

One can device his own exercise program based on his condition or based on what he is doing on a daily basis. Instead of using your car in buying something from the nearby grocery, try to walk or if you are biking, use your bike. This way, you are already achieving the goal of having some exercise, at the same time saving on gas which is good for your purse and to the environment.

Eating right,like incorporating leafy green vegetables and other whole foods along with exercising are the best alternatives in restoring your health. Though taking synthetic medicines can do another thing, I prefer the usual, traditional way of reversing your sick situation to one that is healthy and safe, and less costly too.

Only one key is needed to have a healthy body: discipline.

What is your opinion on this? Am glad to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

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    1. Exactly, when we all are in our pink of health we dont care about being disciplined, but over a period in time we act otherwise

      • I aagree with you. We tend to care less while we are still young, but as we get older, we become concerned with our health. Thanks Nomus for your reply.

    2. Very true. Aside from a good and healthy eating habit, people should see to it that they get to move a lot like walking. Walking can be considered an exercise when it is done briskly. It’s as simple as that to have an exercise.

      Since, my work requires me to be at my table and computer almost the whole say, I take it an opportunity to walk when I feel like urinating .

      Our comfort room, will require us to walk about more than 60 steps to and from , since it is by the bowling alley of the mall.

      So whenever I am walking going to it, i walk briskly. At least it’s my time to exercise.

      I urinate a lot because I drink water a lot too. Thus, i do a lot of walking to and from our comfort room.

      Another exercise, is going up the stairs of our office in the morning and during dismissal. I also climb the stairs from the second floor to the third floor going to the office of our general manager once in a while.

      I know I still lack exercise, because I only get to have a full exercise on weekends whenever I will not be visiting my parents in our hometown.

      The doctors always advise exercise and healthy eating. I think those two always go hand in hand if we want not to have diabetes or any other ailments.

      • Thanks Dina for your reply. Your walking briskly going to the comfort room and at other floors of your office could already be considered an exercise. It is a wise way to have an exercise even while you are at the office. And your are right, diet and exercise always go hand-in-hand to attain a healthy body.

    3. Keeping fit is too difficult to attain if being inflicted with acquired diseases. It cannot be removed because it runs in the family. Diabetes mellitus cannot be healed or cured once it develops in a human body. There are times that disease is also associated with variance of diseases or resulting secondary complications.

      • Thanks Shavkat for your reply. Maybe you are referring to Type I diabetes, one that is usually acquired through the genes or inherited (hereditary) from parents. It is really hard to reverse, but with diet and exercise, one can lessen the medications he is taking.


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