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Where Will it Lead to?

There’s the analyzing to seek what is to be found. There are so many misjudged actions there really needs to be better and more effective persons working in a team setting. Leadership is very important but there are way too many People trying to invade in the realm. There is certainly more to produce but there needs to be cooperation. Movement can occur if there are more individuals willing to assist. Less resistance and more doing. Actions, effective actions are necessary, there could be more “revenue” incurred if there are more willing to agree. There is slowness when crowds aren’t trying to be effective. The key word here is “effectiveness.”

A leader should lead but has to be protected in order to develop the necessary goals. Where are the strong ones headed? The unifying is needed but there are so many wanting to challenge the leadership. There are the replacements if the “duties” aren’t performed then there will be the replacements but there should be fairness. I’ve assisted and have received tons of resistance so many have doubted and invaded in areas in which they should’ve stayed clear of. There will be changes and changes should occur.

So many are afraid of “change.” They want to have it their way. “It’s difficult when the odds are against you.” (Tanikka Paulk). Needed? Yes. The communications of the skills needed and wanted have been reviewed. I’m understanding and want to see the rise. To be fair, to receive cooperation, to unite with the agreeable is want I want. Some have agreed to along they’ve agreed to move in the same direction. “Building but how many are truly attempting to build?” BY: Tanikka Paulk

Advocacy is welcoming. Speaking up when necessary. Resistance isn’t needed I’m more focused on the builders but the ones who’ve tried to sabotage aren’t receiving my attention. Leading somewhere some have noticed that their movement has slowed. Perhaps there are some standing still. The unacceptable actions and behaviors are the reasons why. There are some angered but there really needs to be better decision making. The overly competitive have caused the declines. There really needs to be consideration in order to occur the abundance.

A leader has to be abundantly strong. When moving further there is the opportunity to build greater strength. Focusing to be and to have the ability to be and to become is truly a blessing. Growth has occurred although it may appear as though there has been slowness. There is still the “productivity.” There are more actions performed behind the scenes. There seems to be some believing that their actions were justified. Consequences occur and there are rules. Yes there are rules within the NBA, NBA, NBL. NHL. Leagues, Teams, Associations.

There will be the gathering. The horns are blown to gain the attention which some have placed their attention on areas in which they’re not suppose to be entering into. The ability to wait to receive will demonstrate the maturity. A nation can excel with greatness but it has to be allowed. The disagreeable have demonstrated that they aren’t willing to accept what has been decided by a very powerful system. (Government). Perceptions have lead some to move downwards instead of upwards. There is still room to climb.

Article Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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White People Need Black People Proven
December 1, 2018

Some may think that certain groups aren’t needed but their thinking would be incorrect because all groups are needed. Especially black People. Example would be slavery. Black People were able to withstand slavery. There are now so many Black People wealthy and the wealth can help the “economy.” If white People thought that they could do without Black People they’re mistaken. Working together would be of great benefit. “There is no need to omit any group of People they’re all needed and could offer their services to the world.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There seems to be some sort of disconnection between the races but there is a time of unifying. The building in which so many have refused to agree to. There seems to be the line of thinking that separation of the races would incur conquering. No. There should be unity between the races. Competition is one of the reasons why there is the division. There has to be more willing to cooperate in order to accomplish what should be accomplished. To further the unity there has to be proper “leadership.”

I’m a believer in the race unification and I’ve also demonstrated that diversity is best. How many are willing to unify? Some claim division has occurred but they haven’t demonstrated that they’re willing to connect. One race would rather remain with their own and the other race would rather try build up their own race. Economical reasons are why white People should consider “building” with the race. Black People seem to think that they’re able to conquer without the other races.

More can be accomplished when there are more hands. There seems to be the unwillingness. I’ve tried to voice how important it is to build. The division is caused by the groups. Some simply want to stay with their own kind but there will need to be working together. To conquer effectively and provide what countries need would cause the necessary excelling.  So many have the notion that they’re so strong that they don’t need others. Every person needs. There are so many in need.

Black People have demonstrated that there is less cooperation within the race of People. “Perhaps there should be more thoughts of how coming together would add the necessary value to the entire world.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There doesn’t seem to be the agreement to supply the hands. The races seem to think that there should be only one trying to build. There really shouldn’t be but more could be accomplished if there were more helping. Black People should consider changing the way that they think.

White People need to consider how beneficial it is to connect with the other races especially Black People. So many Black People are providing the wealth. They’re the ones purchasing real estate and buying lavish vehicles. Productivity can occur but there has to be the agreements. The disconnections come from the races. Their is no need to blame one or blame others because of the disconnections. There should be agreeable People so that there can be the conquering.

Love is what helps to incur the conquering. Love can and does conquer. Think how effective the races will be the economy would become a lot stronger. There is adversity to face but there is strength in numbers. Why have so many refused to be cooperative? Competition seems to be one of the reasons. “I agree that the races coming together would offer a country and countries strength but there are too many lacking the same line of thinking.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps there will be what some have viewed as unimportant related to unification. Hwo many are or have unified? It’s been proven that I’ve “connected” People.

To demonstrate and to provide the necessary tools in which will offer the country economical strength. Amazement will occur because there is at least one willing to seek the connecting. I’ve placed the races together and have voiced how important it is to build. The economy should be a reason why the races would want to unify. Growing money can help the hungry provide better “resources” for the needy. Helping is what most should consider although there are some unable to assist there are so many who are.

“To Build is what is lacking and there certainly need to be better decision making in order to build better Nations.” by: Tanikka Paulk 

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What is There to be Said About the West
July 19, 2018

There will be many changes occurring and some changes could involve relocation. There are many reasons why individuals would want to relocate. Some have to go through hoops in order to relocate. Could she be relocating? Possibility. What destination would be more suitable? More than likely the “West.” The Westcoast has demonstrated that they are more welcoming. Perhaps the west is viewed to be more family oriented. Westcoast could have stronger connections. “Tupac Shakur would rap about love which every person needs and it seems as though the west could possibly has the emotion driven love.” By: Tanikka Paulk. 

Relocating to any area shouldn’t be a rush decision there should be careful consideration before making such a move. So many will have their opinions but one must decide to make moves which offer benefits. There’s so much to enjoy in the westcoast. Perhaps continuing to build the connections with the west would lead to quicker movements in the direction. Persons should be able to move where desired. Making such a move is drastic there has to be “thoughts” before taking the risk.

What’s There in the West?

Is Tupac Shakur there?

There’s entertainers and rappers there and here are some of the names

  1. Ice Cube
  2. The Game
  3. Snoop Dogg
  4. Warren G.
  5. Dr. Dre
  6. Kendrick Lamar
  7. Ice T
  8. Too Short
  9. E-40
  10. Jay Z

Oh and it’s Hollywood where Tupac and Ice Cube have their Hollywood stars. So many choose to move westward because there seems to be more opportunities. I’ve read stories where some moved to the west and were homeless until they got on their feet. That’s the risk some are willing to take in order to live abundantly. Perhaps some never move because they’re afraid of changes afraid of what will occur. The fear as to be removed in order to make the move. There are some “willing” to move abruptly.

The west has the “Los Angeles Lakers” and oh boy did I have a Kobe Jersey and Shaq jersey. There’s also the great eatery’s. Fine dining is what so many would prefer. Mostly homes are located westward. Trying to find the appropriate housing will certainly be time consuming. There would need to be research in order to find the best destinations. There are some who’ve had to move alone and there are choices of course there are some who have no choices at all. Whatever a person “decides” the decision should be based on their own thinking.

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Listening to the opinions is fine but where there are important decisions to be made then there will need to be carefully thinking occurring. There are lots of reading material about the west. Discovering before making the move is wise. California is a destination where there will be lots of summer filled activities. The climate is warm and any person needing a warm climate should relocate where they’ll be safer. From what I’ve gathered there are some enjoying the westward “life.” Some wouldn’t want to live in any other location. Decisions, choices, options.


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There are Many Decisions Involved

There’s lots to decide and when searching for the most effective decisions there will be some in disagreement. Even when there are many without understanding there has to be decisions made. If situations are left unattended then there could be more problems to deal with which could lead to stressful situations. Some of what occurs could avoided but due to “the actions” there’s troubles. Yes, every person will have to deal with all sorts of matters but there are situations occurring in which some are just causing due to their line of thinking. “There must be continued progress towards creating a more stabilized world.” (Tanikka Paulk)

No matter what’s decided it’s best to stick to the decisions and refuse to be concerned about the ones disagreeing about what’s decided. There’s the ability to be stern when need be. If any person is in a leadership position then they’ll have to learn how to be firm. Although there are many unwilling to accept the decisions made by individuals in higher positions there are some who will have learn “to adjust.” There are laws and some just have to be enforced. A country could crumble if too many are allowed to commit acts which could cause disorder.

What’s considered doesn’t need to be revealed once individuals are aware of the motions they’ll try to cause havoc. It’s better to just proceed and allow what needs to occur to occur. There are disciplines and yes there will be some unwilling to accept what’s called sentencing. “God can decide to offer His discipline but mankind has the authority to offer the punishments in which mankind is selected to project.” (Tanikka Paulk). Imagine a crowd displaying disorderly behavior. How will the crowd calm down? There has to be some decisions made to lower the law breaking risks.

There has to be decisions to be effective leaders. To lead in a way that helps build a stronger society. Some will want to be saved because they’ve caused chaos but there will have to be some consequences. When to decide when to administer the consequences which are needed to create order of a “country or countries?” The sooner the more effective the actions will become. Some leaders will be misunderstood and some will be embraced. There will have to be difficult decisions. The time is now.

I’ve been placed in some sticky situations. There could be many risks involved when dealing with certain groups of People. Some aren’t considering that their actions could cause others to be in the same situation they’re in. There has to be focus on the areas in which will help society become whole. What’s offered could be taken advantage of but the “decisions” absolutely have to occur. “To understand can help lower law breaking and help with growing the economy.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“My Decision Making Shall not be Controlled.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Their Biggest Mistake Shall be Revealed

What will become of the races? There are so many continuing to believe that they’re capable of preventing what God has already ordained and declared. They’ve forced the hand to move in directions in which need not be revealed. The behaviors will land the individuals in positions they’re unprepared to deal with. The mistakes made and the decisions supplied will only cause the individuals to suffer declines. “I’m continuing to seek what is meant for me=Tanikka Paulk.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve judged and are shown that their misjudgment is determined to the wrong. God already spoken but do they care what God had to say?

There are many reasons why I’m continuing on my journey. There is so much focus on what’s ahead. The distractions created more thoughts. T?here shall be abundance because God already said there would be.” (Tanikka Paulk). It is stated in scripture that=Tanikka Paulk will receive the inheritance. Amen! So when mankind tried to stop God’s will then mankind will adhere to the sufferings in which could be long. Some suffer most of their lives because they refuse to find what God has stored. They’ve tried to control my mind. Perhaps they’ve wanted me=Tanikka Paulk to give up. God has allowed what has taken place to occur but He hasn’t forsaken me=Tanikka Paulk.

There is sweetness obtained through speaking with Jesus Christ. The actions hasn’t caused a decline but through the eyes of so many they may believe that they’ve prevented the purpose from continuing. There will be many tears shed. Some voices will crack. The mocking will settle and they’ll realize that they’ve made the biggest mistakes. The doors will shut and there will be thunderous sounds. “God isn’t pleased with what His Children have done. He’ll demonstrate His anger.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The good will prevail. There will be victory upon the Nation. There is still hopes and dreams.

What I’ve faced so many would crumble having to deal with the many problems at hand. My purposed was determined by God. The mistakes I’ve made God already forgave. All my sins need not be confessed to man because I’ve went to God/Lord the same. No man can become God/Lord no woman either. There were miracles performed in which mankind doesn’t appreciate. My dreams haven’t faded away. There is movement even when they try to cause a decline. “There is praise when the storms reign in. Glory!” By: Tanikka Paulk

My golden path has been challenged but there is victory right now. When there is darkness there is light. When some feel hopeless there is hope. The doors need to be closed will and the doors needing to remain open will continue to be open. No person can defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ although some behave as if they have the ability to do do. There should be “logical thinking” (paulk tanikka) but in so many areas there was the removal of logical thinking. “They will see that they’ve defeated themselves. The attacks will cause long suffering fatigue and God will do what God will do.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

I’ve been chased down by the angered but I’m still continuing on my journey. Shouldn’t they wonder? I’ve been chosen and selected. There has been talks of where I’m headed and yes some have said that my movement will be still. There is peacefulness within my mind. There is war when they’re unsettled with their thoughts. There shouldn’t be a battle for my dreams and vision. There should be focus on individualized dreams. Some have tried to take away what God has stored up. Mankind continues to cause their own sufferings. What will be faced tomorrow?

I’m today, yesterday, and tomorrow. The beauty within is what I’ll hold on to. My word spoken hasn’t always been effective. There shall not be controlling of the mind. I’ve made attempts to incur my own prosperity and will continue to help others even when they try to break me=Tanikka Paulk. Satan will try to cause disruptions of the mind in order to control God’s children. They’ve allowed themselves to be used. Some may think that I’m beneath but God has placed favored on and within the journey. I’ve been favored and some are unwilling to accept.

They’ve tried to take what isn’t their business away from me=Tanikka Paulk. The unfairness hasn’t caused numerous setbacks. Oh ye indeed there has been some unsettling occurring but there is the will to achieve further and accept the abundance. What’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk can’t send me=Tanikka Paulk to Heaven and can not send me=Tanikka Paulk to hell. They should be focused on performing good deeds. I’m smiling because I’ve read what God had to say and shall continue to read His words and Jesus Christ words. Competition is the reason why so many become unstable.

They’ve allowed their minds to be filled with evilness. They refuse to mind their own business. All shouldn’t travel on my journey. They refuse to understand. “My vision isn’t and shouldn’t be their vision.” (Tanikka Paulk) They want but are they willing to put in the work? There is no free ride but some want to hang on to my journey. There will have to be some left behind. The competitors will slow down because some are no different than enemies. God will remove the ones sabotaging. No man can be God they’re unable to defeat God. Satan tried and was sent to hell.

“The Purpose Was Given” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Get to know yourself and make friends with your being.
March 28, 2017

Once upon a time we were children. We grew in different conditions, in different types of families, we were differently educated. Hearing the words of the parents, watching their behavior, we have learned to live, to know the world. In such way each of us created our own stories and in some situations had adopted different solutions. Someone decided that will never oppose parents, another decided that will get love and attention only if be fighting. Third decided that will get something only if request. The fourth turned into a small mouse – only that no one would notice him. We decided and forgot. However, those solutions of childhood nowhere evaporated. They remained with us and accompany us throughout life.

There was a day when we told No for a big part of ourselves, decided to do exactly so and not otherwise. And now we are looking for inner peace, balance and harmony, but our not accepted part resists, and to change something without our whole is quite difficult. We make plans, we create dreams, but no way to move from the vicious circle, where everything is familiar to the pain, but we would like it to be otherwise. But otherwise does not happen, because we have refused our inner power.

The day when we made inner decision about the way of our life, we have lost the internal support and the approval of our actions we are looking for in the environment. It is important for us what other people think about us, how they appreciate our actions and solutions. And if we have not their support, we often refuse follow our wishes and dreams, refuse what is important for us, we suffer and blame others. And we say that we lack self-confidence. We want others to think about us as we want, and when it not happens – we are torturing ourselves and torture others, trying to prove our righteousness. And we suffer knowing that we do not love ourselves.

We feel constrained, we think that we must live according to other requirements, meet stranger’s standards in order they would accept us. And so it will be until we will not make friends with the part of ours to which we said once NO.


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A Time of Releasing is Necessary
January 29, 2017

There should be a time when releasing takes place. Releasing what? Well. Releasing out a memory bank or releasing some baggage. Some just keep tugging when all one is trying to do is elevate. Release. When on a journey there is no need to carry a whole lot of people. Everyone can not go along the journey. Some certainly need to stay behind. If they’re going to weigh a person down. Step off. Not everyone is “equipped” to travel. Adios.

Making a decision to release is important and there should be no fear when having to do so. If success is expected then making the right decision must occur. Some may become upset when they’re told there’s no room. Everyone should try to “seek their own dreams” however it’s a choice to allow some to travel along or perhaps one other. It’s not beneficial having too many people tagging along. One’s vision belongs to the person who came up with the vision. Not the whole world.

How can one move swiftly when too many are trying to hang on? Cheering from the sidelines is alright but too many travelers will slow the process down. Please don’t. So it’s necessary to let some go. Just wave and keep it moving. So many disruptions. When one is on their journey, there should be a lot of focus to where they’re headed, not what others are going do or are doing. When we find there’s a lot of people trying to hinder the process. That means we’re on the right track.

The more one progresses the more people would want come along. No matter what’s occurring. It’s important to keep pushing further. We’ll learn a lot, grow, prosper and so on. The journey isn’t an easy travel. There’s denying it. There will be a lot to deal with and so many difficulties will arise. During any “journey” to come up against adversity is to expected. There will be times where it appears as if the troubled times will never leave. Not so.

Some journey’s will take some time and others less demanding. When there’s a lot of complexities on the travel. It’s so important to take breaks to prevent being worn down. The fatigue can set in. It all depends on what the journey consist of. Making sure the necessary tools are used on the journey can prevent the journey from crumbling. The focus should be on getting ahead and making it to the destination of choice.

Of course some will become displeased with the “decisions” made. Everyone has choice is should be allowed to make their own decisions. Of course taking some advice may be helpful but not always the best idea. Some may not give proper advice. Consider the sources. So many may lose focus because of all of the distractions and the  criticism. The criticism will surely come but as time by a dreamer and visionary will learn how to deal with the criticism.

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