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Get to know yourself and make friends with your being.
March 28, 2017

Once upon a time we were children. We grew in different conditions, in different types of families, we were differently educated. Hearing the words of the parents, watching their behavior, we have learned to live, to know the world. In such way each of us created our own stories and in some situations had adopted different solutions. Someone decided that will never oppose parents, another decided that will get love and attention only if be fighting. Third decided that will get something only if request. The fourth turned into a small mouse – only that no one would notice him. We decided and forgot. However, those solutions of childhood nowhere evaporated. They remained with us and accompany us throughout life.

There was a day when we told No for a big part of ourselves, decided to do exactly so and not otherwise. And now we are looking for inner peace, balance and harmony, but our not accepted part resists, and to change something without our whole is quite difficult. We make plans, we create dreams, but no way to move from the vicious circle, where everything is familiar to the pain, but we would like it to be otherwise. But otherwise does not happen, because we have refused our inner power.

The day when we made inner decision about the way of our life, we have lost the internal support and the approval of our actions we are looking for in the environment. It is important for us what other people think about us, how they appreciate our actions and solutions. And if we have not their support, we often refuse follow our wishes and dreams, refuse what is important for us, we suffer and blame others. And we say that we lack self-confidence. We want others to think about us as we want, and when it not happens – we are torturing ourselves and torture others, trying to prove our righteousness. And we suffer knowing that we do not love ourselves.

We feel constrained, we think that we must live according to other requirements, meet stranger’s standards in order they would accept us. And so it will be until we will not make friends with the part of ours to which we said once NO.


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    1. Many of us we raised to obey what we were told by adults, especially our parents and family members. Yes, most of them were good and loving requests and we because that’s how our parents and guardians were raised. But for many children those requests were torture and torment, for they did not bring our best or made us happy. Though we complied, we ended living sad and depressing lives. Nowadays, children and parents are learning more and more about want the best and seeking the best for each other. Parents are learning to look through the eyes of their children and to really see what brings them joy and happiness. children are also learning to step into their truth and show with enthusiasm what they can do and how it makes them happy and impacts the world.


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