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Some of the Most Frustrating Things for Writers
October 22, 2017

What can Frustrate a Writer

Writers are extremely gifted but a lot of writers will have to deal with a lot of matters in their career. The frustrations can stem from not being compensated. For any person not being paid can be frustrating but for writers not receiving what’s deserved is pretty annoying. Writers should be paid when they’ve completed the work but unfortunately a lot are not. Having to constantly send messages to the editors or the website owners is so unsettling. Not “an experience” any writer will want to deal with. Some may believe that being a writer is easy but not always. There are times when writers are under a lot of pressure. The pressure comes in when having to meet deadlines, dealing with the competition, and having to speak to the owners of sites for non payments. Gosh should they all pay the writers for their work?

Imagine not being compensated when the work is complete not a good feeling at all. especially when the writer is aware that other writers are being compensated. We all should get paid on time and receive what we’ve worked for. Writers have to go through a lot especially if the competition is breathing down their necks. There needs to be some changes occurring so that writers don’t haveĀ  to go through so much. Too many are struggling when there should be more advancement. “How Many Writers are Feeling the Frustration?” Perhaps Some are Unaware of the Hardships but a lot can Relate.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

What it Means to be a Writer

Being a writer can be quite rewarding. There are a lot of writers who travel often in order to produce more material for their readers. Writing shouldn’t be frustrating but unfortunately there will be times when writing is very frustrating. When “being able” to not only travel but receive recognition for articles, poetry, and other writing tasks the rewards are endless. There are some who are invited to speak about their writing journey and produce some of their work. I’m familiar with such. I’ve stood in front of an audience on many occasions and presented by short stories and poetry. My poetry has been published and there was an extended invitation to go to Las Vegas but did not attend. Of course I (Tanikka Paulk) should have.

The Gift Should be Cherished

Every writer should be thankful of their gift. Not all will write and some believe that they’ll never be writers or become good enough to be recognized. Have to believe. every writer should be proud of their work but there will be times when we’re not so pleased. No writer is without mistakes. There will be errors. even editors make errors missing the mistakes that are written in news papers and magazines. So no writer should feel dismayed when making errors. If the errors can not be rectified then the next piece of work could be better and then all the thoughts of making so many mistakes go away. My journey is a tough journey but I’m way too “determined” to even consider giving up. “There’s a lot to Discover and I’m Still Gaining More Knowledge and That’s how We’ll Continue to Grow as Writers.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Writers Should be Encouraged

A lot of writers are living very stressful lives. Some not obtaining much rest which can leave not only writers in a cranky mood but any person who has to deal with stress. It’s unfortunate when writers aren’t receiving what is needed “to live in stability.” Too many continue to try and discourage writers from living their dreams. We all need to be encouraged and there are a lot of people who will try to sabotage a writer. The encouragement will produce more economical stability. The writer or writers will want to go further when being encouraged. There will be days when it appears as if the frustrations will never leave. Don’t lose hope. Remain hopeful.

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