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Reasoning Reasons and the Seasons
February 3, 2019

What a journey filled with the adversities but thankfully I still have my faith. I’m a believer and will continue to believe in my purpose no matter how many believe otherwise. Oh I’ve searched, explored, and also discovered. To be able to move steadily is such a blessing. I’m certainly dedicated to the dreams and others should be dedicated to their own dreams. “My journey consists of some of the most challenging experiences but my faithfulness remains. (Tanikka Paulk).

Imagine having to experience hatefulness the words in which overly critical people present. Although I’ve been a target and continues to be the target I’m truly blessed. The amazement to experience what I’ve experienced but yet continuing to move forward. I’ve been harassed enough to know that I’m more than average. God has declared my title to be “Greater.” Perhaps that’s why some insist they have a right to stump on my purpose. Perhaps dreamers shut their doors because they’ve had to come in contact with such individuals.

Making the efforts to move further will help demonstrate that you’re rightfully proceeding. Some are quite amazed that I’ve incurred as much as I have. Meaning that I’ve came a long way. I’m continuing to make the strides. “Persons should make the attempts to live their dreams and accomplish further.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s advancements in which some have tried to move backwards but my faith allows me=Tanikka Paulk to have the movements. I’m filled with joyfulness because I’ve read what God expects and what He has promised.

My purpose seemed to grab so many folks attention. They’ve wondered why I’ve been allowed to move accordingly. I’ve pondered about trying to find the best techniques in order to achieve my set goals. My moves are observed across the globe. I’ve learned to be more patient oh yes indeed patience is needed in order “to proceed abundantly.” So many tried to remove what God has promised me=Tanikka Paulk to have. Scripture reveals what God has expressed but yet so many try to omit what God has declared.

Unfairness has been experienced but I’m strong enough to withstand the many trials in which some wouldn’t dare to face. I’ve discovered more and have learned more so I’m thrilled. The accomplishments continue persons should really consider living their own dreams better than trying to hang on to a persons dream. Some have “underestimated” my path and found they’re unable to dissect my dreams in which they’ve many attempts. I’m headed somewhere just reading the Bible has alerted me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m uniquely defined.

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With a wink of an eye
October 23, 2017

There’s nothing wrong with giving a pat on the back. Some have worked extremely hard and have not yet received the rewards deserved. For some the rewards may come later in life and some receive their rewards quite early. We may never know exactly when the rewards may come. “Through a patient attitude we all can receive what we’ve hoped for but there can not be too much pride.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Of course there is nothing wrong with having confidence and to be humble is pleasing of God. One quick wink and our lives can change. One day we may be in one position and the next on a higher level.

Growth can Occur at Any Time

There should be a desire to grow to want to obtain more knowledge as well as skills. Some refuse to do so thinking that they’re incapable of advancing. We’re capable of doing some of the most majestic things. Growth can occur each day. If we’ve completed a task then we’ve grown. To be able to be productive and discover what we’ve never discovered before. There’s a lot to learn and we’re still learning. As we continue to work on our skills, we’re continuing to get better, we’ll find that doing so will generate more “abundance. ”

Don’t be afraid to “advance.” Some are too afraid to try and some have tried but suffered setbacks and decided to not try again. Some have been deterred away from advancing. Of course we should have the opportunities but we can also miss out due to being selfish. Another wink and we could find that what we thought could never occur occurs. Never lose hope. The journey may take sometime but through being motivated and driven. There can be more gained then one can even imagine.

A lot believe that they have failed because of not achieving in a certain amount of time. No! Don’t believe the words which come out of some folks mouths. Don’t listen to failure. Meaning don’t believe that failure has occurred. Every move is success. A small task is considered success. Of course some perceive that they’re more successful than others due to their wealth. “Success is a State of the Mind.” by: (Tanikka Paulk). We’ll get there when we believe that we deserve to be at a certain level.

After awhile we’ll become accustom to advancing. To achieve can generate gladness. Not all will expect certain individuals to achieve or at least to obtain more than they’ve obtained. Too many become weakened in the mind due to thinking that all they’ve “achieved” was useless. Not at all. Every achievement deserves to be rewarded. Not every person will be thrilled to see others achieve. Some believe that late starters won’t achieve what they’ve achieved but there are lots of people who have started late in life and end up accomplishing more than the ones who started earlier.

The key is to Believe in Self

Believe in self is very important. If no one appears to believe in the person who’s in pursuit of greater then the person has to be the believer. Not every person will want to see the ‘rise” occur. Some may become intimidated. There are some who will try to pull down because they may not want to see the advancement. Insecurities could be the reason. There are a lot of people who may feel insecure for whatever reasons. Although there are some who do. Don’t allow their insecurities to prevent the “excelling.”

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Some of the Most Frustrating Things for Writers
October 22, 2017

What can Frustrate a Writer

Writers are extremely gifted but a lot of writers will have to deal with a lot of matters in their career. The frustrations can stem from not being compensated. For any person not being paid can be frustrating but for writers not receiving what’s deserved is pretty annoying. Writers should be paid when they’ve completed the work but unfortunately a lot are not. Having to constantly send messages to the editors or the website owners is so unsettling. Not “an experience” any writer will want to deal with. Some may believe that being a writer is easy but not always. There are times when writers are under a lot of pressure. The pressure comes in when having to meet deadlines, dealing with the competition, and having to speak to the owners of sites for non payments. Gosh should they all pay the writers for their work?

Imagine not being compensated when the work is complete not a good feeling at all. especially when the writer is aware that other writers are being compensated. We all should get paid on time and receive what we’ve worked for. Writers have to go through a lot especially if the competition is breathing down their necks. There needs to be some changes occurring so that writers don’t haveĀ  to go through so much. Too many are struggling when there should be more advancement. “How Many Writers are Feeling the Frustration?” Perhaps Some are Unaware of the Hardships but a lot can Relate.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

What it Means to be a Writer

Being a writer can be quite rewarding. There are a lot of writers who travel often in order to produce more material for their readers. Writing shouldn’t be frustrating but unfortunately there will be times when writing is very frustrating. When “being able” to not only travel but receive recognition for articles, poetry, and other writing tasks the rewards are endless. There are some who are invited to speak about their writing journey and produce some of their work. I’m familiar with such. I’ve stood in front of an audience on many occasions and presented by short stories and poetry. My poetry has been published and there was an extended invitation to go to Las Vegas but did not attend. Of course I (Tanikka Paulk) should have.

The Gift Should be Cherished

Every writer should be thankful of their gift. Not all will write and some believe that they’ll never be writers or become good enough to be recognized. Have to believe. every writer should be proud of their work but there will be times when we’re not so pleased. No writer is without mistakes. There will be errors. even editors make errors missing the mistakes that are written in news papers and magazines. So no writer should feel dismayed when making errors. If the errors can not be rectified then the next piece of work could be better and then all the thoughts of making so many mistakes go away. My journey is a tough journey but I’m way too “determined” to even consider giving up. “There’s a lot to Discover and I’m Still Gaining More Knowledge and That’s how We’ll Continue to Grow as Writers.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Writers Should be Encouraged

A lot of writers are living very stressful lives. Some not obtaining much rest which can leave not only writers in a cranky mood but any person who has to deal with stress. It’s unfortunate when writers aren’t receiving what is needed “to live in stability.” Too many continue to try and discourage writers from living their dreams. We all need to be encouraged and there are a lot of people who will try to sabotage a writer. The encouragement will produce more economical stability. The writer or writers will want to go further when being encouraged. There will be days when it appears as if the frustrations will never leave. Don’t lose hope. Remain hopeful.

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Poetic Expressions by: Tiki (Tanikka Paulk)

The Journey Continues

My journey certainly isn’t for everyone

There are some who simply shouldn’t come

Some aren’t welcomed because of their ways

There are some who just don’t understand exactly where Tiki is coming from

Too many try to be like me=(Tanikka Paulk)

Why can’t my gifts be shown freely?

No need to try and cause a cease

Too blessed to be released from the position that was given by God

Oh how so many can’t stand to see “growth”

For some they’ll just never know


No Time for Childish Games

No, no, no! Not going to give in to their childish ways

Trying to go where I’m going just won’t do

We all are given our own gifts to pursue

Why choose to do what I’m doing?

There should be joy surrounded by the elevation

For some they’ll continue to face adversities because they keep trying to attack me=(Tanikka Paulk)


Moving on Ahead With Peacefulness Within

So I’m continuing to move along and continuing to be oh so strong

Oh yes the challenges will come

No amount of adversities will cause that visionary to cease

There’s way too many who can’t handle having to follow

Even the Greats will have to follow at some point

There are the ones who can Lead and some who aren’t too pleased with their “Leadership.”

For some they’ll never gain the knowledge to be on top because of their cocky ways

Believe (Tanikka Paulk) will and that’s what I’m doing today.


Poet/Author’s Notes: Do not become discouraged when so many try to sabotage the journey. Unfortunately there’s so many who aren’t secure enough to just follow their own dreams. Too many end up tagging along on journey’s they shouldn’t be on. So many end up losing their inspiration because of what so many will do and have done. “be Determined and Continue to Incur the Blessings. Rises Should Occur.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“Poetry at It’s Best” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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