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What are Some Writers and OthersTrying to Achieve????

My goodness what in the world are some writers trying to achieve? Not trying to be funny but some of what’s posted is like a battle between words and more words. Some writers are trying to achieve greater while others appear to be writing for fun. Some are so focused on where and what some writers are doing or not doing and not paying attention to what’s important. They’re in search of what a certain has or will achieve. Trying to compete when the competition is so out of touch there is no reason to compete. That’s why some choose to keep “certain information hidden.” Some lurking about trying to discover for what reason? To take away. To subtract and make sure there’s no progress.

Sp there will be some writers who will try to intimidate others in order to lower the competition. Trying to see exactly where a person is headed. No person should be going through any individuals personal information or through their financial documents unless was some legal order. They’re acting illegally. So there will be some writers who will try to do so in order to make sure certain writers aren’t getting ahead. Some sites have chosen to hide earnings in order to protect the writers. In my case there’s “a lot of information hidden” because there have been breeches, altering information, and my identity has been stolen. I’m a writer who has faced many challenges. So many trying to seek what I’m gaining in order to gain themselves. That’s me=Tanikka Paulk  Image may contain: 1 person, closeup


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I’m really amazed with how so many aren’t cheering others on so that there can be more prosperity. When some are trying to compete all of the rules and order go out of the window. There are some great opportunities for writers but some are allowing the opportunities to go down the drain because of attacking others or simply just using word games. No writer or any person should have to endure any type of bullying or harassment. What they’re trying to seek may not be found. Who’s trying to seek out? All one has to do is look at the history, background, and the persons who are “surrounded by” the individuals. If there’s greed involved then the one’s filled with the greed are prowling like “wolves.”

Writers must be careful especially online. There some who will communicate in order to try and discover what is obtained or what will be obtained. Some writers have faced many challenges when dealing with their competition. Why is there such a need to find out what a person has or doesn’t have? Well desperation. “Some in need of and want to obtain easily and quickly.” That’s why a lot of identity theft occurs. Some trying to financially gain without putting in the work. “Competitors” will try to seek out what’s going on in order to try and stay ahead of their competition.

No matter how many try to discover what a person has. There are some who will allow their earnings to go elsewhere “for protection.” Some have discovered how desperate and greedy some are. There was a man who received lots of blessings and discovered how many vultures there were trying to take his blessings away. The treats. the bullying, the attacks and what’s puzzling is how in the world so many believe they’re entitled to what another has earned or obtained. “Minding my Business.” Who’s? Tanikka Paulk’s Business.

What are They they Looking for. A Good Question?” By: Tanikka Paulk

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