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Solar Lamps are Nice Gifts

If you could not think of a nice gift for occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or fiestas, a rechargeable solar lamp is a best option.

You see, we were thinking of giving away cakes or other food items for my relatives when we attend their fiesta today, but the cakes cost so much. It can go beyond our budget, to think that we will be giving gifts to seven families! They are my sisters, and some my nephews and nieces who have their own families and houses.

It has been the custom here in our place to give something to the household, even any gift or food item, just to show our appreciation for their invitation. But we can always go there without any gift, they just wanted our presence.

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Good thing we saw this beautiful solar lamp at a mall. It can be charged by putting it under the sun or sunlight for eight hours; or if there is no sunlight, you can plug it into an electric source through a charger cable that goes with the unit. It costs less than a cake! So we saved a lot, and it would be very useful to them for a long time.

We have so much sunlight in the Philippines, all year round; and there are frequent brownouts or power outages especially during rainy or stormy months, so having a rechargeable solar lamp is a best thing. There is no need to grab for matches, lighters or candles to light the home or rooms of the house. A solar lamp would provide light for some four to five hours!

It is a nice invention; a very useful gadget, even in areas where there is no electricity supply; like in very remote mountains or forest areas. They can have some light at night which children or students can use when making their assignments or studying their lessons at night.

It is also safer to use, unlike candles or lamps that use kerosene for fuel. It is fire hazard when it was accidentally dropped or it is toppled by a person, cats or dogs at home, unlike solar lamp that do not have an open flame. There is a bulb that lights when turned on. Maybe it has a lithium-ion battery that has a longer capacity to give power.

I think the recipients of our gift will be happy about it. They can take it anywhere, even in picnics or overnight swimming as a reserved light source when there’s sudden blackouts.

It is a very useful, nice and affordable gift.

    1. I have this penchant for lamps, for flashlights and anything that provides light. Maybe because I abhor darkness, so flashlights are among my top choices when buying gifts.

    2. Dina said on May 25, 2017

      You gave me an idea of what to give to someone on her birthday. June is coming and it is the time when it is a bit windy and rainy and there are chances that brownouts can occur.

      Having this solar lamp will be useful.

      Actually at my parents house they all have these solar lamps which were so useful when typhoon Glenda hit Bicol also.

      I also have a rechargeable lamp but it should be charged through electricity though. So, when power went off for days I still have to bring it to the office to recharge.

      So I also better buy solar lamp for myself too and one for a gift. I want to be ready for the typhoon and rainy season when brownouts are frequent.

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