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Avoid Eating Too Much During Fiestas/Celebrations
May 14, 2017

In the Philippines, there are so many celebrations like fiestas or feasts of Patron Saints. Many of them are observed during the dry season months of May and June when children/students are on vacation from schools.

During these celebrations, there are so much food offered to the guests. Many of our relatives prepare food for us, and for their other guests. Just like today, we went to our siblings houses to “bond” with them. The fiesta of St. Isodore, the Farmer (San Isidro) will be tomorrow, May 15, but they prepared food for us because many of our relatives have offices/works tomorrow, it being a Monday.

My husband and I were laughing as my older sister invited us to eat lunch. There were so much food, like big crabs cooked in coconut milk, shrimps with chili and butter, fish, pork barbecue, chicken, watermelon, and other fruits.

We just ate a shrimp, a slice of chicken and a crab’s claw, then a very small amount of rice. Then a small slice of watermelon. There was also a big can of native ice cream, with lots of cheese and jackfruit flavor. They enjoyed eating the ice cream, so I was tempted to have a scoop, just to taste it. But after that, I felt guilty, thinking that my blood sugar could rise above the normal level.

Aside from drinking a lot of water, I will walk for some 30 minutes tomorrow to “burn” the excess sugar!

Do you have such an experience when you cannot refuse to partake of the food, but you are worrying about your health? It takes a lot of discipline or self-control to refuse such offers.

It is really hard to be so concerned about health. But it is good to be cautious than suffer the consequences. Though I am not yet diabetic, I am keeping my sugar level below the borderline to be healthy and I do not want to take synthetic drugs or drug maintenance for some lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

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    1. cely said on May 14, 2017

      We cannot avoid to eat much during celebration hehehehe.It is always expected weight gain if there is no exercise to follow.At home, every day we do some steps exercise.;

      By the way, I opened another blog with gumamela flower and acelawrute hahahaha nother thieft.lols.

      • It is the culture of Filipinos to offer so much food during fiestas; quite lavish. And they will feel sorry if you will not eat in their house! So what we do is just eat a bit, then if they are my siblings, I just tell them I will take home that food! ha ha ha! so I will not cook the following day!

        The person who used my favorite gumamela flower is Zasa! I don’t know. Now I will always use that for my posts here because if I use my other photos, anybody can just “steal” it!

    2. Well of course we shouldn’t eat too much food but for me fiestas is an exception. But there will be times when you really can’t control your eating and end up having stomach ache or LBM (hahaha). In the end, just eat what you can afford to eat.

      • Thanks, @Christian! It is true, sometimes we are too happy to bond with friends and relatives so we tend to overeat and forget about the planned dieting! Anyway, just do more exercises, and have a strict diet onwards!

    3. Dina said on May 25, 2017

      May is the month for fiestas indeed. And when it is fiesta , there really are lots of foods.

      On the eve of the fiesta, you will hear pigs being slaughtered for the fiesta food preparation. And when it’s fiesta eve, for sure there is “dinuguan”, since the pig has been slaughtered and its blood should be made of use.

      Anyway, here in fiestas, the foods are mostly of meats porks and chicken and those delicious desserts.

      But I noticed that in your post you mentioned of crabs and shrimps prepared as one of those fiesta foods. Oh, I love those than pork.

      Maybe next time you should invite me if the foods are crabs and shrimps. But oops, of course it should be eaten in moderation, lest I forget. he he he


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