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Social Media Usage Causing Health Issues
April 16, 2017

I think many of us spend a lot of time on social media. And this has resulted into something that many of us don’t want to deal with on everyday basis. For example, none of us want to broadcast how we are living. But as social media allows us to broadcast that it means a lot of wrong and good signals can go. I am not denying that social media has it’s set of benefits. I want to point out some of the issues with the social media. How people are taking thee word of interest for real. And this means one has to understand how they are being ruined by spending more time on the internet. Apart from that I want to also discuss what are some things that may happen if you continue to believe in the bad side of the social media. And what can be done in such case.


More you stay on the social media. The more anger may affect you. The reason being lot of propaganda is being sent through the social media. And that’s where our role comes into the play. We have to understand that anger needs to be properly managed. You can’t get into the social media with that mindset. You have to learn to ignore the content on the sites. And then form your opinion based on what you can do with it. That is something working for many people. And you should focus on getting more money along the way. It’s not easy to control and you have to work very hard to manage that. So that’s because of the social media in excess usage.

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Panic Attacks

I know some people who got issues with their faith being attacked. And that made them have some panic attacks. I think panic attacks often lead to depression. And people have to work hard to make sure they are safe. Also there are cases of agoraphobia which may be caused in some people. Because some of the time people on social media express their views in such way that they think other people should grow up and not be sensitive. That in itself has caused a lot of issues in many ways. So in time we all have to see how that can be bad for health. And this needs to be changed in future.

Blood Pressure

Many people who read news with bad headlines, have blood pressure issues. I have seen some people who were affected by what happens in politics and getting their blood pressure high. And that’s not something that may sound funny. As often that leads to more of an issue than solution. Most of us are going to have health issue if our feed has the worst content. So we have to watch out with what type of content we are consuming. And we have to focus on things that we can do to get it done. If we can manage that then I guess health-wise it won’t be that bad for sure.

I know it’s not possible for all of us to censor or avoid social media. But it has health issues that may worth checking.

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    1. Of course social media has its own benefits, mostly for those of us who like to write and reach more public. On the other side, I know quite a lot of people who spend their time reading about other’s life’s, or watching pictures… What a waste of time. And, from my point of view, that’s not good at all. Others just spend the day saying the are taking breakfast, lunch, dinner, or going to work, or playing with their pets… So, social media is a risk, but, same as for food, exercise, medicines, etc.. it all depends on how we use them. That’s the difference. Good article!

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