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Olive oil spray review for strong hair
April 16, 2017

Olive oil spray review for strong hair

For ages our families used olive oil as in food an as heat removal and as hair powering oil

Oil  typically the best un heavy sprays, I bought before amla oils, macademia oil and seasem oil though im sure they are healthy oils but non worked for my hair care except olive oil, best Oil treatment. For dry skin and dry hair and in areas where the temperatures 50cc, so you are sure you need some good oil treatment, which suits dry area.

The good way to use it for hair is by having an empty spray bottle, it really amazingly worked great and the oil went through my hair moderately. Used to have thin and soft, but after one month of using olive oil spray my good hair started to build up, but also you need to be aware that olive oil can build up so you need to wash hair daily, so you don’t have oily hair, and so you don’t have heavy hair that will give you headache. After you put the oil just comb from the roots to the end. Leave it few hours and then wash. Or leave it at night and wash it next day.

Some oils have UV protection, to protect from the sun damage not sure it works but I would not try it since I prefer normal oil with no addition to my hari. This small bottle of oil cost something like $3 which is 6 ounces.

Since you will just need six sprays all over your hair, this bottle can last one month, and sure you can buy the bigger bottles if you like this brand.

for best result use virgin oil, and for really goo reasult use extra virgin olive oil, not just any olive oil. I use one brand called Palestinian olive oil and When not in the market I use Spain olive oil, they are the countries that made the best olive oil for ages

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