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Playing With Views; Writing Site Rip Offs
April 16, 2017

Way back, towards the end of the writing site called Factoidz, I caught them playing with views.   To explain, Factoidz, as some other sites, pay you by virtue of the number of views your articles gain.

For example, Triond paid 1c for every 6 views.  If you got 60 views you got 10c, if you got 600 views, you got $1.00.    You would see, as you logged in, the reports of how many people viewed each item and how much revenue was earned.

This was straight forward.

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Other sites did the same.  Including Factoidz.   Including Factoidz Until the owner decided to fill his pockets, rip off his writers and run with the money.

I actually saw my hits go from 1,655 to 655 within an hour.  Why?  Because M.Q., the owner, stole my revenue. Straight up.

Another writer, who had embedded a ‘hit counter’ in her work, found the manipulation as well.

Shortly after, of course, Factoidz was taken down.

I became very observant after that and can tell you when sites which pay for views, play with Views.

Expertscolumn is one of the most dishonest sites on the Internet today.   There have been complaints as far back as 2012.   The site survives by locking out those who complain and periodically going down for a few days to avoid investigation every so often.

Most people stop writing for Expertscolumn then are sent little ‘We Miss You’  invitations to return and assist them in ripping you off.

How many hits you actually have is unknown, unless you have a private ‘hit counter’.  For Expertscolumn has always been a rip off.

Niume is following their pattern.

When you first join Niume you are getting hits and are paid, that very first time.  As is usual in scams. Then, all of a sudden, you stick at something like $3.45.

You have hits, you have comments, you have likes, you are favourited, but earn not one more cent.  After a week or so, you may move to $3.46 cents.

The wisest path in a site like Niume is to stop writing.   See what happens.  One suspects that they will, at some point, send you their ‘We Miss You’ and ask you back.

This won’t mean you’ll be paid, or they won’t play with your hits, this means they noticed your absence.

Trying to contact the Admin at Expertscolumn will only get your account closed and you’ll be locked out. Better to copy all your items, put them on your computer.   Then delete them, one by one from the site as you post them elsewhere.

This will lead, of course, to a lock down of your account when they notice how many items have been deleted.  This doesn’t matter as you have all your stuff on your computer.

With Niume, a relatively ‘new’ site, one is a bit more generous.   So far, no email sent to the site has received any response concerning the funny nature of hits.

The point is, if you get four people commenting on an item, that means, (duh) 4 hits.  How come they aren’t registering as hits?

This dishonesty of playing with hits has to be noticed and commented on,  and writers, be warned.

    1. Be very alert on sites that pay by views. They may seem to pay so much more than… but how do you know how many hits you got?

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