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Intractable depression that doesn’t go away
April 30, 2018

Intractable depression (it can be found in Google and can happen to the best of us) is a real medical condition, most common causes being disability, chronic physical illness, health conditions, grief, loss and any event or condition that cannot be changed, relieved or leaves an imprint on one’s life. It might not can be cured or fixed but it can be treated by managing with the event or condition that can’t be changed and overcoming the negative imprint that has been left. It will always be a struggle for sufferers but can be treated and managed so that they can overcome in life. Unfortunately it can end in death but that is far less likely with proper treatment, if it comes soon enough.
The most devastating effect is it can impair the sufferers ability to care for their family or their ability to work or have a career, even with the best of care. The best solution is when the sufferer can accept their limitations and so get the help, support and resources they need to take the most positive direction they can in life.

However, even with help in time and the best of care, intractable depression can still kill because of the physical damage the chronic stress can leave and a lot of times medications used to treat it help with damage can cause more problems, even if they worked so well.
Sufferers who accept the condition and settle into a reliable routine of managing rather that constantly trying to fight or overcome it have better success with a fuller life.
Being a sufferer myself, I’ve moved past the sadness but the lack of interest, motivation and lack of energy still persist. I’e learned to adjust to it rather than setting goals I might not reach. I take one day at a time.
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Lost Identities and True Colors
August 2, 2017

Some become so “adapted” to taking on different identities and may become mentally unstable from doing so. There are some people who may become deceptive by pretending to take on a personality which may or may not be the person’s personality. There are some who become enslaved to multiple personalities and for some they neglect their mental states by not seeking help for whatever has caused the persons to take on the identities. For their actions stem from the desire to conceal an identity.

That’s what happens with a lot of individuals who have discovered that taking on an identity will either create a gain or at least prevent the individuals from consequences. For some they’ve become so accustom to an identity that they actually believe they’re the person. If there’s some sort of deception then the person may try to deceive others by pretending that the identity is actually of the person or persons. In a lot of cases the deception stems from envy. The desire to be the person or at least live a life which is “similar” to the person.

No one can really know for sure what some have to go through just to live day by day. It’s better to “be self.” For some they may think that a person has a glamorous life but not everyone exposes the behind closed doors. A lot of individuals who are unable to be themselves suffer from some sort of mental disorder such as a personality disorder. Not wanting to outsiders to see their true nature some may conceal their true identity. Even when being caught the person or persons may not admit to being deceptive.

The discoveries may come many years later. Some are so good at taking on “identities” that they’re able to fool family and friends. For some going through a traumatic even lead to the hijacking an identity. The need to live a life which doesn’t belong to the person. Too many people become confused by not being themselves. There are some who choose to take on identities because they’re ashamed of being in the position they’re in. Not living up to their true potential.

It’s really unfortunate because there are so many who end up in prison because they’ve never received the treatment needed for a personality disorder. There are some who may admit to having a problem while others will continue their deceptiveness until “discovered.” For some their backs must be against the wall in order for there to be any admittance. Too many people end up losing a lot due to their identity being stolen. Even the law may have a difficult time controlling such a serious problem.

“Even Pretending can Lead to Some Form of Mental Breakdown. Some can not Easily Come Back to Reality.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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Positive Thoughts are Important When Wanting to Elevate
July 6, 2017

When facing so many issues at once it may be difficult to focus and to not think positively. There’s a lot of distractions which can occur and if one isn’t careful then the distractions will eat up the mind. There has to be effective ways “to keep the mind on good thoughts.” To forget about the unhealthy thinking. Keeping the mind healthy is extremely important. Being surrounded by a lot of chaos can certainly cause the mind to become ill. A lot of individuals have lost their sanity because of not replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Of course when in a chaotic environment it can be difficult “to concentrate.” It’s very important to try and spend less time in such environments. Don’t allow the mind to be consumed with the negatives. There are some who are rarely positive and some may not know how to be positive because of their lifestyle. There are some who have and continue to suffer in negative environments and are suffering mentally. There can be a mental breakdown when there is no relief and no outlets.

No person should be surrounded by negatives all of the time. There has to be a way to allow the positives in. Building positive friendships is a great way to stay mentally in tact. Removals of toxins and not allow what others say to cause a meltdown. Unfortunately there are some who will try to cause mental breaks because of what they’re experiencing . Blaming every misfortune on others. Stay clear of the toxic people. Of course avoiding such individuals altogether could be difficult at times.

There are many ways to “generate peace.” Perhaps finding inspirational material to read or engaging in positive activities will be of some help. Whatever one chooses to do there should be positive experiences. Too much negativity and the mind will surely breakdown. Of course some may want such an occurrence to occur and that’s why some choose to continue such antics.

Positive thinking is a great way to stay healthy at least mentally. Engage in positive communications and try to avoid arguments when possible. Although doing so can be difficult. There are times when one may lose their top. “It’s better to be surrounded by positive people and people who are desiring to achieve and see others achieve.” The world is filled with a lot of negativity. There should be a place to settle down and find some relief. Being under pressure can cause all sorts of negatives to arise.

Perhaps consider new discoveries. Vacationing is a great way to relieve any stress experienced by negative environments. To be able to relieve the mind from negative thinking should occur. The body will shut down when it’s consumed with negativity. The mind starts to slow down and one’s health will decline. Of course there are some who are constantly trying to create insanity for others. Think positively and live a more “productive” “life.

“Think Positively and Continue on With Productivity.” by: Tanikka Paulk

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Allow Peacefulness to Take Place
July 3, 2017

There’s so many issues on earth which can generate lots of stress. If we’re not careful the mind can go to places the mind simply isn’t suppose to go. It’s best to avoid long periods of time with toxic individuals and to quickly find positive words to replace the negative words which can be viewed often. It’s better to engage in healthy communications and to engage in activities which are loved. Reading “informative” and positive material can help reduce any stress which may arise.

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

There will always be some who will try to cause disruptions within the mind. Some may not be pleased with the way things are and are trying to create a change not so easily able to be created. That’s why it’s so important to take sometime to “relax, to ease the mind.” to experience solitude. For some vacationing is a great way to reduce stress. There has to be some outlets in order to remain in tact. If we’re busy trying to please every person in the world then we’ll certainly become burnt out.

No matter what’s said there is no person who should have the power to breakdown the mind. Some will continue to use words to try and alter perceptions. There is certainly evilness here on earth. “Some of the best ways to be at peace is to pray, praise, and continue engaging in a vision or whatever causing joy.” Positivty is important and of course we’ll also come across negativity but there are so many ways to be engaged in peacefulness.

There can be a lot of interruptions and disruptions online. That’s why some have chosen to spend less time online. There are some areas online in which there is nothing but negativity going on. Chaotic environments. Some trying to cause upsets because they’re not accepting a position or just not accepting anything at all. Not a lot of happy people or at least appears that way. Some wasting time, “valuable” time, some not minding their own business and continuing to cause their own misfortunes.

shutting down all devices and computers can help relieve any tension felt while being online. That’s the thing. One can easily turn their devices off and engage in another activity. Sometimes there will be thoughts of where humanity is headed. Some are in so deep perhaps not knowing just how to come out of their runt. If any person has a desire “to elevate” in someway then there can be no time to bother with the disruptions which so many try to continuously supply.

My smile will continue despite the present circumstances. I’m still hopeful and will continue but know when it’s time to take a break. I’m no robot and shouldn’t feel the need to want to please every person in the world. There are some who just son’t comprehend or at least not wanting to comprehend. No matter how disruptive a crowd becomes. The efforts projected will not discourage a disconnection from “the vision.” Too determined to stop now and the words are quickly replaced by the word of God.

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Being Secure Means Less Disturbances by Others
June 26, 2017

If the communications add no value then why bother? Some may feel as if their words will penetrate a persons mind or “heart” but when there’s confidence as well as feeling secure then we’ll be less disturbed what’s said. There are some who enjoy when others are feeling down and out about themselves. It’s better to smile even when the storms roll in. The thoughts of better arising is what can help a person overcome the disruptions which some may try to project. If we’re in tuned with the positives then the negatives won’t invade the mind.

There are a lot of people who aren’t secure for whatever reasons. Some may become so insecure that they’re barely functional. There’s way to much enjoyment with living that what is said isn’t a reason to get down. The ones who think they’re efforts to try and break a person are doing themselves a injustice. No person should allow any person to cause a breakdown in anyway. Of course there will be some who one may consider listening to their opinions but there’s no reason to become all depressed.

There are a lot of people who are dealing with their own issues and may want others to feel whatever it is they’re feeling. That’s why “it’s so important” to add valuable activities in our lives. Insecurities has caused a lot of people to ruin relationships. Not feeling secure enough, not realizing their own strength, allowing their mind to go places which should be avoided. Some may have minor insecurities while others are extremely insecure and may need to speak with a professional.

Never allow the insecurities to ruin friendships or other close relationships. Perhaps some should consider finding ways to “think positively.” Listen to motivational messages or communicate with individuals who are confident. when some allow their insecurities to take over then they’ll become immobilized. Not being able to function properly. Having too many insecurities could lead to mental instability.

There’s so many reasons to enjoy living. There should be happy engagements and fun activities in order to experience enjoyment. Removals of the negative thoughts should occur. Spending less time with negative individuals can help “build” confidence and is security builder. Listening to too many opinions at one time can lower the security level causing some to question every action made. “Being Secure is Important and can Help Build a Brighter Future.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially


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Why You Should Always Remain Busy in Life
May 6, 2017

I am not rich guy. I don’t earn good money. But I always keep myself busy. By staying busy, you get one step ahead away from the anxiety. There are many things that happen when you are not rich. But when you are building your life it helps to make better choices in life. I can tell you that by being busy you get ahead in life. You see more people. You learn how to socialize and learn how to build yourself better. People don’t remain busy often have lot of issues both mentally and physically. So that does affect many of them and their lifestyle goes down. So in all seriousness you have to consider how being busy helps you too. In this article,I want to discuss how being busy is going to help you.

Mental Health

By being busy and doing work, you are going to have less stress. Because lack of work makes it harder for you to have focus. You have to then focus by working on small things. In the process you have to consider mental health as an important part. Based on my personal experience, you can see that mental health has it’s share of issues. In due process you can see that the more you stay busy, less mental issues you may have. So instead of spending time on the internet, spend your time working for something. That’s another thing to consider for the mental health to be consider as well.

Physical Health

You can find out this from your personal experience. You have to work harder in order for your physical health to remain good. You can see that physical health remains as long as you are active. People who are less physically active are going to be suffering on both mental and physical side. And that’s another thing that you may have to learn along the way. You can see that physical health requires you to be active. You being busy is going to help you with the life. Physically people have to keep moving as that helps with brain releasing some chemicals that helps with the things around.


Being busy for the sake of it is not going to be good for you. And in such case the only remedy is that you have to consider not being busy for the sake of it. Instead spend time getting healthy. And you can also make sure that you are being busy with some reason. Let’s say like a hobby that you can a put into. So go ahead with the hobby or some sort of cause. That is another way for you to be busy and make best of the life. Otherwise you know it may not be that easy for you to get ahead in the life. I know this because I have seen many who had this issue and they are surely struggling.

Being busy and keeping your head working is a good way to do things in life. But always be happy and do things while being busy.

Image by pixabay.

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Social Media Usage Causing Health Issues
April 16, 2017

I think many of us spend a lot of time on social media. And this has resulted into something that many of us don’t want to deal with on everyday basis. For example, none of us want to broadcast how we are living. But as social media allows us to broadcast that it means a lot of wrong and good signals can go. I am not denying that social media has it’s set of benefits. I want to point out some of the issues with the social media. How people are taking thee word of interest for real. And this means one has to understand how they are being ruined by spending more time on the internet. Apart from that I want to also discuss what are some things that may happen if you continue to believe in the bad side of the social media. And what can be done in such case.


More you stay on the social media. The more anger may affect you. The reason being lot of propaganda is being sent through the social media. And that’s where our role comes into the play. We have to understand that anger needs to be properly managed. You can’t get into the social media with that mindset. You have to learn to ignore the content on the sites. And then form your opinion based on what you can do with it. That is something working for many people. And you should focus on getting more money along the way. It’s not easy to control and you have to work very hard to manage that. So that’s because of the social media in excess usage.

Panic Attacks

I know some people who got issues with their faith being attacked. And that made them have some panic attacks. I think panic attacks often lead to depression. And people have to work hard to make sure they are safe. Also there are cases of agoraphobia which may be caused in some people. Because some of the time people on social media express their views in such way that they think other people should grow up and not be sensitive. That in itself has caused a lot of issues in many ways. So in time we all have to see how that can be bad for health. And this needs to be changed in future.

Blood Pressure

Many people who read news with bad headlines, have blood pressure issues. I have seen some people who were affected by what happens in politics and getting their blood pressure high. And that’s not something that may sound funny. As often that leads to more of an issue than solution. Most of us are going to have health issue if our feed has the worst content. So we have to watch out with what type of content we are consuming. And we have to focus on things that we can do to get it done. If we can manage that then I guess health-wise it won’t be that bad for sure.

I know it’s not possible for all of us to censor or avoid social media. But it has health issues that may worth checking.

Image by pixabay.

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Psychology, the Zodiac and Dominant Personality Traits
April 15, 2017

Do you like quizzes? Like those personality quizzes geared at enlightening you as to the kind of person you really are.

I like taking those kinds of quizzes. Strictly for amusement. Not to explore myself inner self and learn new things about me, because having spent 6 decades on this planet, if I haven’t figured out who I am by now, I might as well stop wasting time and put that “project” on the shelf. It’s never going to get done! 🙂

Below is a link extracted from my Facebook post stream.

You can save the link and take the quiz later, when you’re bored and need a distraction.

I haven’t gotten around to taking the quiz yet because:

(A) No fun time! I have been very busy with my work at home projects; and haven’t had a minute to become bored. By the end of the day, I’m worn out and I watch something on TV or online, that requires no effort and will make me weary enough to wind down and fall asleep.

(B) Another reason is that the quiz is based on the Zodiac and if I’m being honest, I don’t have any faith in the Zodiac. I’m supposed to a Sagittarius and even though this article found at another site – “7 Best Sagittarius Traits” – describes my personality traits to a “T” … I say that was just a lucky guess! 🙂

(C) According to Dr. Abraham Maslow (1908 – 1970), who was a psychologist: “Self-actualization, in psychology, is the process of understanding oneself and developing one’s capacities and talents. It is the ability to realize fully one’s potential.” (Quote source: Create Your Own Rainbow and Own It! ) I agree with Maslow on this point; and I am convinced that the position of the stars at the date and time of a person’s birth can not prevent an individual from developing their own unique personality.

(D) Finally, I already know what my 6 dominant personality traits are: prayerful, patient, persistent, persevering, passionate, prayerful.

The “prayer” trait is repeated twice – at the beginning and at the end.  A double portion of this trait is necessary to help me develop and maintain the other 4 traits. 🙂

How about you?

Do you know what your dominant personality traits are?


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Why Nobody Cares If You are Depressed
April 9, 2017

Have you noticed how you react in depression? You keep all your loved ones away from yourself. And you try to get yourself back into the spiral of the depression. And this becomes habit. You start ditching people who are around you. And they assume, something is wrong with you. They don’t think you are depressed. They take you seriously. Everything you do in this phase is under the influence of the depression. But the way life works, nobody cares for that. Because they are looking at your action. And they only care for the action they can take. In this article I want to put down some of my thoughts why people don’t care when you are depressed. And what you can do about it in such context and how to take care of yourself during this phase to avoid more issues.


Biggest thing that happen to you is that you try to isolate yourself. And this leads to you having more issues. You can see that nobody cares if you are isolating. Parents, siblings and friends will part ways once they see you not being around them. Your isolation makes you worry more about this world. It will make you worry about your money. And this way list goes on and on. And you just can’t raise your own position out of depression. It’s like isolation feeds off your loneliness and the depression itself. And so this cycle goes on and destroy even more of your life so avoid being in isolation.


During depression, everything you see goes into anger. You have to see that anger that you show on people is well directed. You may find yourself getting angry even in small things. And this does add up eventually. You build some sort of anger wall around yourself. You need to manage that anger and direct yourself in a proper place. You can do that by not taking wrong risks. Many people have managed to do that with anger management therapy. But even doing some exercise and letting things go can help a lot. So maintain your anger under control that is the only way to get out of the phase.

Social Taboo

Society is trained in such a way that when people see depressed people, they avoid them. And they think that it’s some sort of mental disease. I think that’s one reason many people find it harder to recover from the depression. Nobody cares how the depression happens. Just avoid the person who have it. By doing that they think everything will be taken care of. And that is one reason I think more work needs to be done to get people out of the depression. I think many people don’t want to talk about it. And thats okay. But we should not treat people with depression as social outcast. And we have to give them some sort of hope.

I think depression can be managed but people around are so busy living their life. I am sure not a lot of them are ignored for many other reasons, so each case varies.

Image by pixabay.

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Tips to keep Anxiety at bay
April 3, 2017

My Anixety


I am a current college student who’s not mentally stable by any means. I operate on few hours of sleep, I eat only if convenient and I try to keep my obsessive worrying at bay. I’m currently on 50mg of Zoloft and something similar to Valium for panic attacks and still I am very anxious in day to day life.


And so, here are some tips that have benefitted me for as long as I remember.


List of things to do instead of worrying

  1. Colouring in/drawing.

Be more positive… (My Art @plaidbowtiesart on instagram)

I’ve found that my stress deteriorates very thoroughly when I express my feelings through art. Anyone who doesn’t feel like they’re able to draw (wrong, but that’s okay) you can always colour and find pleasure in that! Those anti stress books for colouring are 100% useful.

  1. Listen to a new album of music

I’ve found that finding a new singer and just lapsing through all of their music (whether pop, country or classic rock) really gives me a feel for the music and a taste of the author.

  1. Read!

If you’re into some fanfiction, romance novels or just about any fiction novel can calm me down. It clears your head and gives you something else to focus on. It can make you easily detach from life in a soothing way. (Also, TV shows work too!)

  1. Make calming foods

I’ve found that tea and toast are my comfort foods that don’t cost too much. Don’t get me wrong though, Mcdonald’s can cheer up anyone just as well. It’s really about eating something that makes you feel good (and making sure you eat. Letting your anxiety control your life is not good.)

  1. Take a breather

You may think it’s big, it’s a huge problem that needs to be solved right now. It’s most probably not. Life fixes itself a lot of the times, your anxiety is lying to you and you are not dying, You are okay, failing a class isn’t great but it’s not the end of the world. You will be okay.


Everyone’s anxiety is different


If you find yourself constantly down, that you’re too stuck inside of your head it’s always helpful to see a psychologist. If you don’t want to do that there are sites that let you vent about your problems in a safe environment.


See: Blahtherapy, and 7 cups of tea.


If you want to rant to me, that’s always safe and okay (you can do that in the comments or message me here on LB, I know how dealing with an anxiety disorder can get. It confuses you, gets you delusional and can even make you spiral into depression.


You are not alone.

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