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Remove the Slave Mind Mentality
December 30, 2016
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We all should be treated with respect and due to history which often times repeats itself. So many are living a slaved life. Thinking they’re not worthy enough to receive the best or to be treated fairly. We’re all human beings and if people can treat animals with respect then treating humans with respect shouldn’t be a problem. Slavery was before my time but I’m witnessing a new kind of slavery taking place today. A certain group of people still being treated unfairly.

Some so fearful and disturbed by what’s taking place here in 2016. The problem is so many are programmed to speak a certain way, to turn against their own people, and to behave like robots. everyone deserves to be treated fairly and if some are continuing to harass a certain group of people then the issues need to be addressed. The way we think needs to change. First off we should stop thinking that racism is nonexistent. Racism has never left being discriminated hasn’t either.

Some will try to sugar coat the injustices because they’re afraid of retaliation or lacking bravery. The voice should be used. There’s a lot to say, should be said when injustices keep occurring, too many people are continuing to face their rights being violated. Aren’t we deserving to live in peace and to live our lives as we see fit? As long as we’re not harming anyone we have a right to make choices in which we feel are best for US! Standing up for a group of people doesn’t mean that other groups aren’t deserving of a voice but let’s be real. African Americans have suffered long enough. Not just African Americans of course but the other groups receive more respect than African Americans.

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All the rallies in the world can not change mindsets. It’s up to the individuals whether they want to think differently. Racists won’t change their way of thinking unless that’s what they want to do. No amount of shouting will force their mentality to change. We must change our line of thinking. First admitting that a problem exist. Some are afraid to stand up because of their jobs or careers. By doing so they can receive backlash and the benefits could stop. Not fair but they’re right. It’s possible that they’ll be treated differently.

Not saying anything we only fuel the problem. Yes, speaking out can ruffle some feathers, but remaining quiet means that we’re willing to tolerate being treated unfairly. Turning away from the injustices won’t make the issues go away. Some will be more forceful when no one speaks out. Of course slavery was abolished but a new kind of slavery has made its way in. We must think we’re deserving of being treated with respect and with dignity. Being talked to like human beings.

“We’re all Deserve to Live Peaceful Lives. A Live Filled With joy and we Deserve to be Treated With Dignity.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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