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Do you have a passion for writing? Some people do. I, for instance, sometimes have compulsions of scribbling down words and doodling images, may it be on photocopied lessons in school, notepads, calendars, table napkins in some fast food chains, and even armchairs in the classroom during the time I was studying. I recall vandalizing textbooks and hallways in my 6th grade in school. I also remember writing trigonometry formulas and chemical equations in each armchair I sat when I was in 3rd and 4th-year high school. I contribute only a few articles to our school newspaper before when I am at my best mode and when I am in the mood of writing. However, I did not join any organization of journalism in school. I just write whenever and wherever I want.

Dating back into my 4th-year high school, I started writing journal entries as a requirement in an English class. My first entry was a LIST OF REASONS WHY FILIPINOS ARE GENERALLY WEAK IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Skimming through each page of my journal reminds me of a flavorful past, each article seasoned with a taste of emotion and the salt of experience. There were events listed that just served as fillers to my journals such as eating ice cream during recess or break time, going to church with my mom and my sisters on Sunday, doing the laundry, going to the farm with my father and siblings, harvesting flowers, and even failing some quizzes in Chemistry and Physics subject. I observed a number of grammatical errors and misspelled words throughout my journals, but still, I understood each context and content. On the last part of my journal, my teacher commented in verbatim “Keep it up and continue writing.”

Certainly, that did not stop me from putting the pen into the paper the things history has shaped me. I continued to write journals in college, that time, I was mindful of my grammar and incorrectly spelled words. I was more reflective. Though I did not write on daily basis, I managed to jolt down my thoughts and insights on a certain matter. Before I shifted course into Hotel and Restaurant Services, I first took up BS Education for 3 years where I learned many techniques in writing, one of it employed the use of a journal as a form of CATHARSIS. Due to its effectiveness, I encouraged my friends to keep a journal for themselves. I encouraged them to write anything; their aspirations in life, problems with their boyfriends, what they did over the weekend, to their deep ideas about love, browsing through my friend’s diaries personify liberation of the human mind.

If only the educational syllabus be modified such that students nurture the culture of writing (and reading for the matter), then these co-youths and children would soon responsible citizens capable of voicing out the truth through their writing. As I was having a conversation with my younger sister, it is good to know that educators instill to the students the beauty and wonders of such things as a journal, creative and even technical writing. Nevertheless, I still remember that even at my elementary grade, my teachers trained us the values of writing. My teachers back then give us infinite topics for our theme writing like “My Favorite Pet”, What I Did Last Christmas Vacation”, My Family”, What do I want when I grow up?”

Writing does not only track down our personal history but also guides us to the best that we can become. From mundane events to reflective perceptions, writing embodies a living entity capable of transforming the human spirit. It offers healing effects on the weeping soul. On a more latent note, writing captures a conglomeration of radical ideas in attaining self-discovery, hence, promoting change not only for the self but for the society as well. To write to what is right best describes an attitude of a good person. Through writing, one can express his/her feelings without confronting anyone.

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I, therefore, encouraged others to do the same. To those writers, it is best to continue writing for you are a legacy. To those who are still finding their selves in the world of writing, just continue it. Don’t mind others bad comments for it is where you gain knowledge to improve more. Writing doesn’t require age, you are old or at a younger age, you are free to write. Start with keeping a diary and do it on a regular basis. The time comes and we will realize that we have grown mature through each word and sentence we have written.

To write is a fraction of freedom. Don’t waste the ink marks of your pen, use them to improve yourself.



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    • I started writing in vernacular when I was an elementary student. I learned writing it that way when my mother taught me reading from a regional magazine, Yuhum, written in our local dialect, Ilonggo. When my mother going home after some marketing in our humble market place, she bought me a new issue of the said magazine. Then I took it and found a better place where I could read it by not being disturbed. I found the short stories entertaining and I thought for myself what about if I could write my own fictitious short stories of various theme or setting for the readers to read about.

      Now the break of writing my first short story started about the tidal wave that had happened somewhere in Mindanao. After writing the entire story, I mailed it to the magazine's post address. A month or so later, I received a postal money order as payment of my published short story. That's how I started writing and later it went through writing poems, essays, and other related writing works for publication had become a reality. As far as I could remember I have been writing now for almost 26 years in the newspaper as a columnist and 6 years as a blogger.

    • Wow, that was applausable achievements you have. There was no impossible in achieving something as you did if one is only persistent to doing things that worth.

    • I am so impressed with what you achieved. Someday soon I will also be like you. :-) I was inspired by your story and now, my mind is full of dreams to fulfill. A dream of making something that is worth to share through writing. I believe that writing here in literacybase was a good start for more productive writing.

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