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Possible Reasons Why Stop Chasing Your Man
January 11, 2017
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What a shame for those ladies who keep on following their boyfriend despite of the fact that he turns dry to your relationship. It is so disgusting on the part of other ladies who have very strong disposition and heart. There are ladies who cry for despair once know their bf has another one, or shall we say, observe some indifference of his dealing with you. Yes, it is not easy to manage a broken relationship especially if you do not know the exact reason why he just turns away from you. At first, you will feel the pain that almost lets you think to do harm to your life. You like to forget how beautiful life is by ending your own destiny on earth.

First, you might be humiliated by your family, relatives, friends, and the man himself if you keep on following him, begging him to come back to you and start a new life with him again. Never trade your dignity with that irresponsible lover. He is not worth of your love. Stop your drama, open up your eyes. Give yourself another chance to be happy again with the right guy. He might be just next to our door. Many committed a suicide because of a broken heart which is wrong. The man and his new love will never have the conscience to think about your action.

Next, your man will never come back to you no matter what. Most men have very strong decision, unlike women. Women can easily be convinced, but men , no. That is their nature, simply because men are born to be polygamous. They are not contented with one woman in their lives. That is why there is law in your country which is legal divorce except in the country where I reside; divorce is not granted to be made legal by the law-makers in our land. There is nothing to miss about that guy for he is not a gentleman. A true gentleman never hurts his lady love. He always protects her and never likes to hurt her. If he cheats you, remember, once someone cheats, he will keep on doing the same thing in the near future with you should you force yourself him to love you back.

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Further, try new thing to forget your past. Keep yourself busy to move on. It is not easy to forget especially if something had happened to you and your lover. You are not alone in that kind of plight, so many. Bad will be if you are a teen for you will surely keep on crying day by day. But be strong and be wise so the guy will realize that you are a very strong lady and somehow he will regret for that is what most men want to be for life, a very strong lady who could be his true partner for better or for worse.

Furthermore, tell yourself, you are not meat for each other. Never cry over spilled milk for life is that way. We have to face life squarely, in doing it, is where you become mature and gradually your heart becomes strong too and will never easily be broken. If you won’t face tomorrow, you will never know that someone is waiting you out there.

Moreover, be strong and look up the sky, share your sigh to the most High, so He will grant you total peace and another chance to fall in love again to the right guy. When there is wrong guy, there is also right guy. Even if you catch him, it does mean much to both of you. You will remain a failure if keep on chasing your wrong guy.

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    1. It is indeed a shame following your guy, what for? Never put yourself in disgrace for he might insult you and feel the injury of his insult that may lad yiu to forget that you are human or forget life by ending it for the sake which is wrong. the best way is acceptance of the reality. You must not beg for n the begging is where you will become weak and frustrated especially if you do all your best and nothing happens to your begging. It could be a displeasure on the part of the man.

      Acceptance is the only solution and to face your own world. try another love and never give up love for love is mysterious you have to consider.

    2. How do you start following up a guy, you as a lady how does that work really. If there are women who do that they may be regarded as being desperate, because what is it that is making you cling onto that guy, is it the money, security or just the love. In this case the guy is not reciprocating your love so why stay on. When love gets to the point where it becomes a one sided thing, that’s time for you to quit and start off again, because there is nothing that’s going to make the guy come back to you when you cling. You know when a lady starts to chase a guy around the guy starts to feel like he has her in the palms of his hands.that’s the time he will start taking her for granted he could even go as far as pretending to love her just to take advantage then damp her for good. Ladies if a guy wants to leave let him free if he is yours for leaps he will come back if he’s not be will disappear. Just don’t hold onto him. Someone better will come your way. It may be hard to let go but it can be done.

    3. @Anitah Gimase, Hi friend?You are right. Why give a bargain? Why be insane to the man who does not love you anymore. That is insanity, the more the man runs away from you, It will be better for the girl to let the man realize his faults by finishing her course, find a better job, make money on line, lol. create programs in her life that would broaden her senses. We cannot actually blame those who are crazy for love. They are weak. They cannot control their emotion,All what they feel is their love or lust or the longing of someone to be depended on.

      Life would mean nothing at all if focus only on your problem, girl be wise, be smart for life on earth is shaky,plus we have to spend life wisely for life is borrowed and to dust you shall return life is too short to be wasted by with your tears and aching heart to a useless person.

    4. Why a woman chase her man?I think this is not advisable for them to do.First, it is so degrading for a woman to do such an act.Second, the confidence will be lost and lastly, some people will think she is weak.They need to control such strong feeling and learn to love oneself.If they do this, then they will know what’s their worth.

      Being a martyr is not ideal for women.They should be empowered and know what’s right for them.The gender equality is so evident nowadays and being practiced across the globe.With the exemption to Muslim countries, they are not open to gender equality.

    5. @Shavkat ,Hi friend? I very much appreciate your suggestions here to those ladies who keep on chasing their man.What for? To give heart more aches? To put the self down and be ridiculed? Just like in my case, I will never chase a man. No matter how I am so in love with the man. I have my pride and dignity I will never out myself down. Only fools can do this chasing a man despite knowledge the man no longer like or love the woman. What a shameful act of begging, plus the parents of the guy will surely participate in the begging of the girl. She will most likely be laughed at sarcastically.

      I also remember your ex that begged on you hehehehehe to accept her back, No of course, for what she had done to you was a crime, cheating you while you are out of her sight beyond her reach. But God does not sleep and He will always wants us to know.
      Thanks my dear from sharing your nice thoughts and feelings of the case inside my post,lol.

    6. Well to me, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to make your relationship work. As it goes with your boyfriend, so also with your husband.
      You don’t say, this husband is not good and kept quiet or chase him away because you don’t want to go after him.
      Truly, not all men are good but as a decent lady, you must not be jumping from one man to the other all because one man just betray your trust.

      My own candid advice is that, look well as a lady before you leap before you get married to any man.

      So, please you need to define what you mean by boyfriend, are you talking about the married or unmarried who are just dating?

    7. It could be for married people, bf-gf, yes everyone deserves a second chance.

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