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January 11, 2017

Everywhere around the world, we can see many different kinds of beautiful flowers. I believe that most individual have their own favorite flower. We even grow them in our backyards.

As I grow in here in La Trinidad, a place where almost all of the flowers in the Philippines came from, I got to know different names of the flowers. Some of my favorites are:



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Flowers can be a sign of love, caring, remembrance, and friendship. This coming month of February, which is said to be the month of LOVE, everyone is preparing for material things as a present to their loved ones. Flower is one of the things we think is good to be used as a sign of our feelings towards others.

In the market, flowers are bought in high prizes because of its beauty. People buy flowers for decorations. Other religious groups see flowers as an important thing during ceremonies like mass, weddings, baptismal, or any other religious ceremony.

Flowers are also known because of its practical uses. Flowers are also considered to be one of the important ingredients to any cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty products. Do you know that flowers can also use to make medicines? The rosy periwinkle, a kind of flower that is studied by science to be used in making medicine that can cure blood disease and leukemia.

One time, during my college days, my instructor said that some flowers could be eaten. Of course, we got curious if what flower is considered to be food. And he said, “Anyone of us probably has eaten flowers like cauliflower and broccoli.” Absolutely! Those are flowers and I ate them because my father sometimes plants vegetables in his farm. Yes! That’s how important flower is, they can be eaten. Some restaurants and other people add petals of flowers to their salads. I did some research one time and I was so impressed on how people come up with making jelly or tea using rose flowers. Some countries also make wine out of dandelions.

Other importance of flower is that they became fruit and it will serve as a food to us. Even cactus flowers and fruits can be eaten also. In fact, there would be no fruit if there were no flower. So, every time that we eat grapes, melon, mango, apple and any fruit, put in mind that they are from flowers. That’s what flower is.

Anyways, we can enjoy flowers even without using them. Their different wonderful colors and shapes or even their aromatic smell are just enough for us to enjoy flowers.

How about you, do you find flowers helpful to you? Do you have a favorite flower that you grow at home?


    1. Flowers mean different things to different people. you will find there are those who will love to have them in their house, for the sole purpose of getting that warm feeling that is created by the different colors from different flowers. they also give a warmly and homely feeling when you walk into the house. then there is also that sweet smelling aroma and the fresh air in the house.
      Other people don’t like he idea of taking flowers to the sick because they feel they bring out that vibe of death. and given that you want that person to be well the best thing is to avoid the flowers your better taking them a card to wish them well.
      For others flowers are supposed to be use at funerals and at weddings. for the funeral part, at least they give that farewell though as a loving memory like to say you were cherished and you lived among us like a flower you blossomed when you were alive and now when the flower withers then they say you are now gone but you shall forever remain in our thoughts. For the wedding part of it i think everyone likes to have flowers adorn their walk way and the surroundings. it brings out the beautiful scenery and ambiance. so for weddings its just right there is no other way about it. for me flowers work either way though i have never taken flowers to a patient in the hospital. i love to have freshly cut flowers in the house for that fresh air, and last but not least flowers are an obvious way to bring someone closer to you. it brings out the whole feeling of love and that’s just the most beautiful thing ever. it has worked for me several times so i am talking out of experience.

    2. Very well said @anita.Everyone has their own purpose of having a flower.
      As being observed, girls are more fun of having flowers at home than boys. maybe it’s a girls’ nature to have colorful things around them.

      Flowers means a lot to everyone depending on such reasons.

    3. I love flowers especially roses of all sort. Flowers can cure an aching heart.It could also mean love and remembering someone close to our heart.There are so many lovely flowers in the world and they are like ladies many bees want to fly and sip their nectar the same was a humans if lovely lady many want to e near her and long to be hers for life.

    4. Flowers can make beautification of particular places.
      It is so pleasant to stay and feel relaxing with floral fragrance.
      I am sure people that it is so inviting to visit a place with full of flowers.
      In the garden, some people love to stay here.
      It can boost their energy and troubled soul will be healed naturally.

    5. @ma’am Cely, yeah, we can compare a flower to a lady. They are beautiful and refreshing to the eye of man. 🙂 Flowers are also like a lady that needs to be taken care and be loved whole heartedly.

    6. @shavkat, yes it is, flowers do make us feel better.
      I can see that you are traveling around Cordillera as I have read in your blogs. Some other time, try to visit Baguio, especially this coming Panagbenga festival. All kinds of beautiful flowers here will be displayed. For sure you will enjoy being here.

    7. Flowers are what that give life vibrance and add color to the happenings. We too had a garden in my childhood my mother was very fond of gardening. There were roses of different variety like the pink rose both big and small and the white too, the yellow rose, the one with mustard color, jasmine, kanakambaram violet and mustard varieties, crotons, daisy, lily and many others.

      They are very important for pollination and aid the process or growth of flora in the environment. There was also a jasmine which does not give any fragrance at all. Red roses also used to be there. Usually the month of june when monsoon sets in is the time we used to plant saplings as the weather is ideal for the plants to grow. Memories of the same are etched in my mind even today. My mother had a good hand in planting as whatever she used to plant used to grow while we were not so fortunate.

    8. Growing flower plants is really a difficult task. They rejuvenate our mood. This is not the work of women and ladies only but also of the men. But, we should be careful in selecting the flower plants. Some flower plants do not suit certain people, though we may like for them. They react with our skin and upset our moods even. My daughter is not having a taste for Chrysanthemum and it is my favorite. I can not go for it as she does not like it. My wife does not feel good with lily. So, I am avoiding it. The rest are safe. We discussed over it and finally made a list of plants we should have for our home.

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