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Peace: With And Without It

What would you do? What would you do without peace? What would you do at all without peace?
What can you do? What can you do without peace? What can you do at all without peace?
What do you think peace is? What do you know of peace? What do you understand of peace? What do you say of peace? What do your hear of peace?
Peace as you may assert is no bird of hope. The bird itself has been caged and sold to the war. War and peace cannot live together. But war is keeping peace as its pet, securely locked inside a cage so strong that it may not break the bars and fly away.
Peace as you may presume is no outcome of understanding either. This understanding has been blinded by prejudices and disbelief, and then enslaved. It has become a slave to corrupted and greedy motives. Corruption has become a force so strong that we may not even think of defeating it. But it has defeated many million souls and corrupted the minds and bodies of its victims. Greed along with corruption have fed the souls that have an insatiable lust for power, money, and fame. Perhaps not fame, but money and power. Where there is greed there will always be corruption. And where there is corruption there will always be greed. The one cannot exist and grow without the other.
Peace may not be a friend of confusion, but it is no enemy either. When confusion subsides, peace follows. Where confusion stops, peace moves on. They neither walk hand in hand nor stay apart. One knows the other and knows very well. One shows up when the other cannot be seen. One dwells where other may not tread. One sticks when other has left. But they are neither together nor apart. They live in each other’s shadow. They are the two faces of a coin that may not see each other for it is a forbidden thing. They are forbidden to eat the forbidden fruit, as was forbidden Adam in the garden of Eden.


Peace is and remains a thing that is neither elusive nor well-known. We being ignorant have greatly misunderstood peace even when we have greatly misrepresented and mishandled it. We have underestimated its true power. We have forgotten that no matter war has kept it inside a very strong cage, it will break free. No matter how strong a barrier surrounds it, it will try to take a leap along with faith and succeed in it. No matter understanding has failed, having blinded by prejudices and disbelief, peace will be its walking stick and its guide. No matter how many souls are corrupted, even if there is a single soul in peace, it will prevail and ward off greed. No matter confusion stays within its shadow, it will never overshadow or overwhelm it.
And so peace will prevail in the years to come, teaching we humans its true value and what it could do.

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    1. Peace is inner happiness


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