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A Woman’s Account Of Her Love

Once I was in love with this guy. My heart throbbed at the very glimpse of him. His view drove me out of breath. I wondered about him day and night. I sang love songs with his picture in my mind and heart. Even in my soul it was ingrained.
This once I imagined him to be sitting by my side, talking about the pureness of love between us two and our future that he promised would be bright as the sun.
Even then, my heart, at times, feared of uniting with his heart because of the gap that had suddenly appeared between us. Darkness had swept my mind that our courtship would prevail no longer. Prejudices had also appeared. Falsities were no rarities then. Our love had suffered the whip of harsh times and our souls were left badly torn. What had happened? Why had a sudden rift left us lonely? Why could we not love each other the way we always used to?
How lovingly we used to look at each other, having forget the notion of time in the midst. What boundaries would have cornered our hopes? What chains would have shackled our free love? What customs would have prevented us from loving each other? What society would have stopped us from meeting? What world would have been against us if it were not the world itself that had taught us love?
I had never felt a feeling so fervent before. I had never loved anyone more. And I had certainly never thought of leading my life with someone else. My body would have submitted to the world’s will. But my soul which belonged to you would have never let anyone near it. My heart which was your own heart would have never let a stranger’s love inside it nor would have committed itself to his heart. And neither would have my love that resided deep within my very own core.
It was with this love that I could have ever survived in this harsh world. This love had given me hope in the harshest of times, when not even a single soul spoke to me and comforted me. This love had driven my angst-struck soul towards peace. This love had been my only true companion; perhaps, a companion for life. And certainly this love had been my courage to face all kinds of odds of the world.

Oh, how this love could have ever let myself be defeated by the cruel test of times. And how it could have deserted me in times when I needed it the most. And never ever could it let me fall victim to the vicious propensities of the approaching prejudices?
Yes, the prejudices did let me in doubt but it certainly did not or could not take that love away from me. We are born surrounded with prejudices as they encompass the whole of humanity. But we learn to not fall victim to them. It is with this love that we learn and strive. And it is with this love that we learn to love and spread love.

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