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pangea whitening lotion detailed review
April 1, 2017

pangea whitening lotion detailed review

I just got new lotion, I like it because it makes the skin smooth to touch and it got super nice smell too. Though i bought it for another thing and that is to whiten the skin gals.

My skin do not easily absorb lotions or creams, do not know why but that is the story with it, and also it has big pores, so i need really good lotion and i was thinking to use expensive ones, until i found this one and that is not pricey nor cheap, so it work ok as for the prices, but is it ok on the skin, read more to know about it

This lotion is to make your skin fair, and here we go. used it for few weeks now and noticed skin is becoming fairer and glows, this whitening lotion is for morning use and night.

It is one of the lotions that give you result in weeks not days, for that you need to give it time to see the outcome.

This lotion is to apply its after bath at morning, no need to wash it after that, but I decided to use it also at night to make it better work, and it did, it has no spf , it just give your face a fair white skin. So you will need to add spf cream after that , but you need to really wait 30 minutes to do, that is flaw of this lotion, but non is complete

All in all this lotion is good fragrant and good result too, as I know some lotions work but has bad smells.

price:  it cost about 10 dollar, but if there is sale you will get it for 8 only and if you buy more you get it for 5 dollars and online you find price is 4 dollars


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    1. so right and true review that is a great advice i dont believe in whiteing agents but thank you for helping us and adding this into

      • thanks for your comment and welcome to blog that welcome all even if they are having different opinion, shared with respect, and hope people will reply with respect even if the product is new to them

    2. I do not belive in cream that makes you white but it may stretch the skin little to be whiter I guess

      • Hi moons,
        if you like we use the word lighter not whiter, it really clean deeply as i felt and that removes built oil and dust and makeup too. so that gives your skin lighter and whiter look, also if you remove the dead cells sure it will make your skin whiter too. so it makes it lighter means makes it whiter, dont you agree?
        beside if you tried it and did not work , maybe it work for others, there are many brands though famous and have good reputation still they are not dood to all skin tones or skin types. its the human body that is telling you if this and that is good for you or not


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