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How to have fair skin
March 10, 2017

Hi bloggers and readers,

having fair skin is the most wanted thing, there are lots to make your skin lighter, creams that are harsh to your skin and your face, they may destroy your skin before it show any light skin, so what to do , go to the cheap things in your kitchen such as natural creams like cucurum or youghurt, try and you will see the light skin, or fair skin as you call it.

try to clean your face daily with lotion of granules as it takes the dead skin and newer skin are lighter than againg one.

lots of people do these steps for week or so and stop if there is no light skin, fair skin but the trick is to do it longer so it has real effect, so if you really want fair skin easy steps are these, try it for one month and see the result that your friends will adore and sure is going to make a different in your health and your psychology, as this is really refreshing to your skin and you will feel the difference from inside out, try it and dont be lazy girls.

and before writing this i tried lots of creams some make my face allergy, some make my eyes sensitive and some really are just useless and too pricey. so the high price creams means only a known brand but really doesnt mean a better thing or healthy

if your not into real things and like faster and artificial you can use turkei cream its so good, and the result after you wash your face for two or three days, its has lightening factos and it may be food for you but as for most of the girls natural is the best though it may take some time so the choise is your girls, wish you great outcome.

with another topic will tell you have a good day.



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