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Only Skin Deep? How to Maximize Sunscreen Efficacy

Ladies, if you could equip your friends and family with an invisible “bulletproof vest” that would protect them from any unseen dangers, you would do it in a heartbeat. Having a secure way of ensuring your loved ones’ safety all day, every day, would definitely make your job easier. And what if I told you that your search for this invisible, yet effective “bulletproof vest” is merely a mouse click away? That lifesaving product is called sunscreen.

Sunscreen, when used properly, works much akin to a thin and almost invisible bulletproof vest that contains organic molecules that absorb, scatter, and reflect UV rays, thus protecting you from a silent killer called the sun. Over-exposure to UV rays means a significantly increased risk for skin cancer, which is the world’s most commonly diagnosed cancer.

In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, someone in the United States dies every hour from melanoma-the deadliest form of skin cancer. Yet, 90% of skin cancers are preventable if we are proactive about properly protecting ourselves from over-exposure to UV-rays from the sun. Among the simplest, most effective preventative measures we can take is by properly and regularly applying sunscreen.

Two decades ago, sunscreen was relatively unheard of, whereas today it has become apart of our common jargon. Heightened awareness of skin cancer and the importance of sunscreen, even sun protective clothing have, in ways, only further confused us and perhaps even caused us to ignore the warnings.

Have you ever wondered why there have been occasions when you slapped on a pound of sunscreen before hitting the lake only to return home burnt to a crisp? The problem is, we are told to use sunscreen but we aren’t instructed on how to properly apply it; to maximize its efficacy.

Unlike a bulletproof vest, however, sunscreen must be re-applied in order for it to properly provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Consider the 30-20-2 rule: Apply a SPF 15+ sunscreen to your skin at least 30-minutes prior to going outdoors (even on cloudy days), then reapply within the first 20-minutes of being outside to reinforce the protective barrier the sunscreen provides, and then apply sunscreen consistently in two hour intervals. For children under 18, sunscreen must be applied every hour. The reason sunscreen works in this way is based on the mechanics of our skin.

Our skin works much like a sponge does. The top layer of our skin, called the epidermis, absorbs sunscreen, forming a protective layer on the skin that blocks UV rays from reaching the melanocytes (or “pigmentation cells”) that lie deep within the skin. Yet, your skin-the largest bodily organ-reaches its saturation point after approximately two hours, thus leaving you unprotected and causing sunburn and/or other skin-related damage. Hence, it is imperative that sunscreen must be reapplied in order to enhance its protective powers.

Alas, not all sunscreen products out on the market today work proficiently. To deliver optimum level of protection, sunscreen must have sufficient amounts of essential ingredients. In other words, when choosing a sunscreen product for your family, take a look at the bottle; make sure it contains proven effective agents such as zinc oxide and Parasol 1789.

Furthermore, make sure the product is a broad-spectrum formula, meaning that it blocks both UV-B and UV-A rays. If the sunscreen is not broad-spectrum formula, do not buy it. You are not being sufficiently protected nor “covered” if your sunscreen does not clearly indicate that it protects from both UV-A and UV-B rays.

The significance of a broad-spectrum sunscreen cannot be over-emphasized. UV-B and UV-A rays have varied affects on your skin, your immune system, and your body as a whole. UV-B irradiation disrupts the melanocytes (the cells deep beneath the epidermis of your skin responsible for your pigmentation), causing them to release the “redness” known as sunburn.

Any change in the color of your skin as a result of over-exposure to the sun is a sign of damage, even if your skin tends to “tan” as opposed to burn. When this occurs, your melanocytes are trying to tell you that normal, healthy cells have been severely disrupted and therefore are attempting to compensate for that damage.

On the other hand, damage to your skin caused by UV-A irradiation is far more serious. UV-A rays are especially harmful as they penetrate deeper, breaking bonds of DNA which lead to cancer. You typically do not see the immediate effects of UV-A rays, but they are the chief culprit behind photo-aging and wrinkling in addition to actinic keratoses, a pre-cancerous skin condition. Damage to your cells as a result from over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or from a tanning bed is un-repairable.

Consider the following analogy: Have you ever left a basketball outside in the hot summer sun for a lengthy period of time? And after you retrieved the ball, you immediately notice that the elasticity of the ball is weakened-it feels “rubbery” and never quite “bounces back”? This is exactly what happens to your skin as a result of prolonged UV-A exposure. Both UV-B and UV-A rays have cumulative affects and coupled together often lead to melanoma skin cancer.

Thusly, make sure you understand “SPF” when purchasing a brand of sunscreen, and do not be fooled by those that claim to deliver a high level of protection. For starters, “SPF” stands for sun protection factor (or “sunburn protection factor”). The way SPF works can be best described by the following example: A SPF 20 sunscreen is only allowing five out of every 100 UV protons to reach your skin. In other words, it is blocking out 95% of the UV rays from reaching your skin.

That being said, dermatologist-oncologist Sancy A. Leachman, director of the Tom C. Mathews Jr. Familial Melanoma Research Clinic at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, recommends a SPF 15 sunscreen as ideal for daily, year-round use. Yet, if you are planning a long, leisurely day at the lake (or even a marathon day on the ski slopes), you will want to opt for a SPF 30 sunscreen, such as Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, and be sure to apply the 30-20-2 rule so as to prevent a painful reminder of your day of recreation.

In reality, sunscreen usage among Americans today has decreased by nearly 60%, according to a recent report by the American Academy of Dermatology. Could the lack of sun safety behavior be contributing to the ever-increasing skin cancer incidence and mortality? Certainly, the world’s most common cancer could be easily prevented if we are proactive about choosing effective sunscreens and properly, proactively maximizing their efficacy.

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Dark or White- Every girl is beautiful in her own way
May 8, 2017

What are we going to do with the skin color? Do we remain beautiful and young with the flawless skin that we had in our twenties in our sixties as well? Absolutely no. The skin ages along with us and when we die it just goes away and only the skeleton remains. So, why struggle to make it look whiter and more beautiful day by day using the chemical cosmetics?

We live in the world where a girl with a white skin is considered to be beautiful and if she is dark then her life is over. Even have a glance at the matrimonial advertisements- female of this community with “white skin” is wanted. Despite the campaigns and movement which stresses that color is not an issue still people are wanting their brides to be white. Why not look for a girl with a good respect, courtesy, reverence, etiquette, well educated etc? Why not look for these qualities rather than the color?
Fact on skin damage:
Ozone gas is suspected to be one of the primary causes of pollution- related skin damage. The outer layer of our skin contains lipids. Ozone is said to oxidize them by breaking down the skin’s barrier function. Looks like it is time to encourage afforestation to reduce the pollution and ozone gas from depleting our skin.
The cosmetic industry uses actors and actresses who are promoting the product with the message that white is good. Most of the advertisements portray a black girl after applying the particular cream becomes white and fair. The word “Fair” is portrayed wrongly here which implants a negative thought in the minds of dark girls. This is another way of discriminating women. This continues till she gets a good job where she is nervous about whether she would be selected because she is dark and unfair. Many brands still think a dark model as “un- sellable.” Here women are more affected than men.
The physical damage caused by  the very cosmetics that we use daily:
In 2014, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India tested fairness creams and found that 44% of the cosmetics contained mercury. Cosmetics with mercury is banned in India. Only 65 parts per million are allowed in eye drops and 1 part per million of unintentional use is allowed in other finished cosmetics. Even fairness creams which don’t have the words whitening or fair contained mercury. So, dermatologists are advising to stay away from creams that have these words- light, anti- marks, glow and radiance.
The World Health Organization states that kidney damage is one of the major issue caused by the use of skin lightening creams which contains mercury. Other effects include skin rashes, skin discoloration, reduction in the skin’s resistance to bacterial and fungal infections, anxiety, depression and even psychosis.
In 2016, a paper entitled Women’s Disempowerment and the Market for Skin Whitening Products revealed an experimental result on a research on the fairness cream stating that the products contained the bleaching agent which is considered as a carcinogen and banned in Europe and Australia.
Therefore skin lightening is not only a psychological problem but also a serious health issue. Dark or white every girl, every woman is beautiful in her one way and everyone has their unique style and that is how God has made them. So let’s start to make our inner beauty more beautiful rather than making our physical beauty more beautiful. Embrace yourself however you may be and show the world what you can do as physical beauty and skin color has nothing do with that.
Thanks for reading. Good luck. 🙂
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Hair Care products for winter
April 24, 2017

I was just wondering what products I should use as winters are approaching fast in the area where I currently live! Australia is generally different from my native country India so your hair needs constant care more so during winters when your hair needs more moisturizing and nourishing.

It’s the same everywhere but here in Australia your hair face an acute shortage of nourishment turning hair and scalp dry especially during winters. Incidentally, it’s a common factor that hair suffers as much by sun rays during winters as in extreme hot conditions.

People here in Australia spend lot more time outside walking and visiting beaches which bring hair in direct contact of sun, dust that weakens the roots of hair. So what I feel is that I should use local methods of hair care according to local conditions.

Luckily I have a wide range of choices in Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner, Pantene Pro V Air-Light Foam Conditioner, Duck & Dry Instant TLC Leave in Conditioner, Aesop Rose Hair and Scalp Moisturizing Masque and Soley Varmi Healing Hair and Body Shampoo to keep my hair and skin protected to large extent.

I also dream for clean hair and try to keep them as clean as possible. But I think it’s not possible to keep them clean or dandruff free all the time. So with the help of some of the best hair care products, I keep my hair healthy however, some of these products are full of synthetic or harmful ingredients harsh on our hair.

The only thing left to decide is what is best for my type of hair. Okay, I will ask for sample of all of these products from available sources. Incidentally, getting free samples of such products is not a problem here. Oh yes, if you chose organic and natural hair care products these will keeps your hair synthetic-free.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/cosmetics-hair-care-hair-dye-beauty-754044/

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pangea whitening lotion detailed review
April 1, 2017

pangea whitening lotion detailed review

I just got new lotion, I like it because it makes the skin smooth to touch and it got super nice smell too. Though i bought it for another thing and that is to whiten the skin gals.

My skin do not easily absorb lotions or creams, do not know why but that is the story with it, and also it has big pores, so i need really good lotion and i was thinking to use expensive ones, until i found this one and that is not pricey nor cheap, so it work ok as for the prices, but is it ok on the skin, read more to know about it

This lotion is to make your skin fair, and here we go. used it for few weeks now and noticed skin is becoming fairer and glows, this whitening lotion is for morning use and night.

It is one of the lotions that give you result in weeks not days, for that you need to give it time to see the outcome.

This lotion is to apply its after bath at morning, no need to wash it after that, but I decided to use it also at night to make it better work, and it did, it has no spf , it just give your face a fair white skin. So you will need to add spf cream after that , but you need to really wait 30 minutes to do, that is flaw of this lotion, but non is complete

All in all this lotion is good fragrant and good result too, as I know some lotions work but has bad smells.

price:  it cost about 10 dollar, but if there is sale you will get it for 8 only and if you buy more you get it for 5 dollars and online you find price is 4 dollars


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How to have fair skin
March 10, 2017

Hi bloggers and readers,

having fair skin is the most wanted thing, there are lots to make your skin lighter, creams that are harsh to your skin and your face, they may destroy your skin before it show any light skin, so what to do , go to the cheap things in your kitchen such as natural creams like cucurum or youghurt, try and you will see the light skin, or fair skin as you call it.

try to clean your face daily with lotion of granules as it takes the dead skin and newer skin are lighter than againg one.

lots of people do these steps for week or so and stop if there is no light skin, fair skin but the trick is to do it longer so it has real effect, so if you really want fair skin easy steps are these, try it for one month and see the result that your friends will adore and sure is going to make a different in your health and your psychology, as this is really refreshing to your skin and you will feel the difference from inside out, try it and dont be lazy girls.

and before writing this i tried lots of creams some make my face allergy, some make my eyes sensitive and some really are just useless and too pricey. so the high price creams means only a known brand but really doesnt mean a better thing or healthy

if your not into real things and like faster and artificial you can use turkei cream its so good, and the result after you wash your face for two or three days, its has lightening factos and it may be food for you but as for most of the girls natural is the best though it may take some time so the choise is your girls, wish you great outcome.

with another topic will tell you have a good day.



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February 9, 2017

What is Natural healthy skin?


Do you know what is an ideal approach to nurturing your skin normally?

Put just, ‘normal healthy skin’ is administering to your skin in a characteristic and substance-free way. ‘Common healthy skin’ advocates empowering the skin to deal with itself (with no help from engineered materials/chemicals). ‘Common healthy skin’ is about the teaching of good propensities in the way you lead your everyday life. A great deal of normal healthy skin measures is really the same as those for body mind when all is said in done.

So we should perceive what these common healthy skin measures are.

Indeed, the first and the premier normal healthy skin measure is – ‘Drink a considerable measure of water’. Around 8 glasses of water is an unquestionable requirement consistently. Water helps in flushing out the poisons from the body, actually. It helps in the general upkeep of the body and advances great wellbeing for all organs (not simply skin).

General cleanliness is another economical method for characteristic healthy skin. Day by day shower, wearing clean garments and thinking about a perfect sleeping cushion/pad are all piece of general cleanliness. All things considered, clean skin is the way to keeping the skin issue under control.

Consistent practice is the following thing on the cards. Practice expands the stream of blood that aids in disposing of body poisons and keeping you solid. Practice likewise helps in beating stress which is the most exceedingly bad adversary of good wellbeing.

Sound nourishment and dietary patterns are likewise prescribed for a normal healthy skin. Some sort of sustenance (e.g. slick nourishment) is known to bring about skin break out and ought to be kept away from however much as could reasonably be expected. Your eating routine ought to be a sound blend of different supplement giving nourishments. Crude products of the soil are known to give freshness to your body and help in disposing of body poisons.

A decent rest is likewise instrumental in keeping up great wellbeing and in beating stress. As a characteristic healthy skin measure, a great rest defers slacking of skin.

Beating stress is another characteristic healthy skin treatment. Stretch causes general harm to body and wellbeing. Drinking a great deal of water, getting a sound rest and practice has as of now been said as stress busters. Enjoying a warm air pocket shower, tuning into music and playing your most loved game are additionally great methods for beating stress. Yoga is yet another method for beating stress; it is quick picking up notoriety among the masses.

Keeping away from unnecessary presentation to the sun (by wearing since quite a while ago sleeved garments, cap and umbrella and so forth), is another regular healthy skin methodology. Sunscreen sales are likewise prescribed as important.

A ton of customary and natively constructed common healthy skin items/measures are likewise known to be exceptionally powerful. Such measures are normal and simple-to-take after as well as moderately economical.

Other than that, a ton of regular healthy skin items is accessible in the business advertise. These incorporate things like lavender oil, aloe vera and so forth., which don’t have any reactions.



The way toward distinguishing skin growth, the most well-known type of disease in the United States, can be drilled with a month to month self-examination joined with a yearly visit to your specialist. Early identification is key in light of the fact that, if analyzed soon enough, skin disease is quite often reparable.

There are three principle sorts of skin tumor, all of which are noticeable in the event that you realize what to search for. Melanoma, one of the primary types of skin malignancy, is the deadliest. This sickness is the hardest to stop after it has spread all through the body, which is the reason early discovery and treatment are significant. Skin malignancy, of any sort, can more often than not be treated with achievement in its initial stages.

As people, everybody has spots, skin pigmentations, and moles. These are a piece of you and you are accustomed to seeing them, yet you may not see slight changes immediately and that is the thing that you should look for. Any adjustment in a mole’s shape, edges, size or shading ought to be checked by a doctor. In the event that a mole gets to be distinctly bigger than that of a pencil eraser or if it’s shading is various shades of cocoa as opposed to a strong shading, these are both potential cautioning indications of skin growth. A mole’s outskirt ought to be all around characterized and, if that is not true anymore, tell your specialist. Moreover, any sore that won’t recuperate or a mole that becomes bigger at a fast speed ought to be tried instantly.

Choosing to look for restorative consideration is troublesome. Thus, it’s best to pick a doctor that you are alright with, for example, a family specialist. He/she can look at your skin and allude you to a dermatologist if necessary. The nearness of skin tumor is dictated by evacuating all, or part, of the sketchy territory and testing it with a magnifying instrument. Surgery is frequently used in the expulsion of skin tumor and, if done in the early stages, can be a brisk procedure. There will probably be a scar, however the doctor might have the capacity to totally evacuate every single harmful cell with just a little entry point.

On the off chance that tumor has spread or is substantial in the characterized zone, extra surgery might be required. All things considered chemotherapy or radiation medications might be requested to guarantee the tumor is totally evacuated. Your doctor will have the capacity to answer all inquiries that you may have and ought to do as such without hold. When meeting with a specialist, request a clarification of all treatment alternatives, including their probability for achievement in your specific case. Choosing to look for medicinal consideration is a major stride and one that a patient must be rationally arranged for.

This article ought not be interpreted as expert therapeutic guidance. In the event that you, or somebody that you know, is worried about the likelihood of growth, you ought to look for medicinal consideration instantly. A therapeutic specialist can talk about different choices, avoidance and treatment conceivable outcomes ought to the nearness of growth be distinguished. A progression of tests might be directed keeping in mind the end goal to affirm, or discount any such determination and must be finished by a restorative specialist.

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