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Online Disruptions and the Professionals
December 12, 2016
graphics-justice-Online Disruptions and the Professionals

We’ll figure out when the time is right to allow the professionals in. When we’re facing problems which is related to legal matters then the ones who need to consult with the legal professionals should contact the legal professionals. They’re able handle the problems legally and when they’re handling the problems. There’s no need to get bent out of shape because they’re find solutions. Some will continue on until the professionals are involved and in some cases they won ‘t stop no matter what is said or done.

Once matter go to court there’s nothing one can do. It’s up to the judge and in some cases the jury to decide. If one is facing online harassment, bullying, and threats then the authorities should be involved as well as lawyers. No one should try to deal with the matters on their own. There will be online bullies and trolling. Even some celebrities are having to contact the law.

In order to proceed without having to deal with the noise makers one will have to find creative ways to bypass the trouble. Unfortunately a lot of trolls hang out on social media platforms and forums. Trying to wreck havoc for others. Some have left the platforms in order to generate some peace. No one should have to be forced to leave sites. Sometimes contacting the site moderators isn’t enough.

A lot of people online have faced being bullied and some have suffered greatly. Going through the problems shouldn’t be a battle done alone. Some will be more determined to try to cause a lot of issues for others and the issues must be handled by professionals because we’re sometimes unable to solve the problems. The sooner the professionals are aware of what’s taking place. The quicker the issues are resolved.

Dealing with disruptions is no easy task but what helps is spending less time in such environments. More productivity takes place when we’re not engaging in the chaos. Some may want to generate attention so they’ll try to irritate their others to do so. No one should tolerate the abuse and should stand up against the “injustices.”

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    1. True trolling and bullying on online platforms has become a big nuisance. If anyone is having difficulty in the writings or expressions of view of the person who has done it. They can point out the issue in a polite and the person at the other end should also try and be sensitive and reply to the aggrieved party and explain. Everything should be sorted out by polite communication. The online platform owners have to create inbuilt mechanisms to see that such issues do not recur with the people who have expressed their views. But even those people who write or do anything online or in a public forum should understand that they are addressing a audience consisting of different thought processes and therefore should be careful in saying and doing what they say or do. Responsibility lies on the online platform owners and more importantly on the people who write, express or comment and those who react to it. Nobody should misuse the medium and the medium should not be blamed because of individuals perpetrating such acts.

    2. There are some who win the confidence of Admin and dare do bully many and get away with it. With admin on their side there is little one can do to solve the issue


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