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Never Allow the Mistreatment and get Through the Attacks
February 10, 2017
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Some will try to use manipulation in order to control other individuals. Trying to convince others they’re wrong by not accepting being mistreated. “Not accepting being bullied and harassed.” Everyone has a right to stand up to their bullies and to refuse to accept any contact with anyone who continues to try to harass and bully another. If individuals are working hard to try and discourage another from improving and trying to get ahead then they’re in the wrong.

Individuals won’t waste time on others who have nothing to offer. The individuals won’t bother a person again and again if there isn’t something there which is meaningful. Time wasting on a person. Time which can be used to produce something positive and creative. If ministers are attacking a person and manipulation using scriptures then they’re wicked. Sometimes “scriptures” can be used to try and manipulate another. To try and make another feel bad for trying to progress.

Don’t accept being bullied. Rights. If a group of people are bullying another race then they’re displaying racism. “Move forth and make progress.” Progress can occur despite what’s going on in an environment. Any individual has a right and should stay away from toxic people. If there’s threats for individuals to stop their dreams then the individuals have a right to proceed without allowing the ones sending the attacks to be apart of their vision.

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Helping a group of people should not generate bullying. The KKK isn’t harassed. The KKK is targeted by African Americans. African Americans are being targeted. If a person makes a statement others can not be held accountable for the statement made. So therefore targeting a person for a statement which was made by another shouldn’t occur. If a statement includes saying a group of people are targeting another group of people. The person or persons “have a right to make a statement.” If what they’re saying is true then the statement is valid.

Some will become upset when others are trying to “accomplish” in some way. Wanting individuals to stop dreaming and trying to put forth their vision should not stop the visionaries. Some may use a tactic where they’re bullying and partly supporting. Then why are they bullying? Why would groups of people keep targeting the same person again and again? There has to be something the person has they’re trying to get to.

Gifts and talents can make some lose their minds. Seeing others excel in some way will generate envy even from the rich. Everyone is “entitled to choice.” Whether their choices equal good or bad. A person shouldn’t even be targeted by making certain choices. If a person or persons says others said something they will need to prove what they’re saying. If a race is harassing a person who is another race and they’re saying they are doing so then they’re correct.

If life is filled with trying to bother others then there’s not much to a person’s life who continues to target others. On the right is when a lot of people will try to disconnect what’s occurring. Even if a person wants to go in a different direction then that’s their choice. It’s obvious a person is unwilling to stop if they’re taking the attacks and “still proceeding.”

The enemy attacks. Foes attack. Friends try to encourage and offer some comfort. Perhaps some are trying to hold on in hope they’re reach whatever the person or persons may “reach.” Bullies are mentally healthy people. They could be insecure. If they’re trying to get a person down then it’s obvious they’re annoyed with the accomplishments.  “Never Stop a Dream or Vision Because Others are Angry and Want to Create a Cease.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Light Shines Through in The Darkest Environments. There’s Good Even When the Bad Comes.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. All I know is that when one is being bullied or belittled, there is something in that person being bullied , that the bully is envying him/her for.

      But when this thing happens never ever let it pass without reporting it to the principal or to your parents as the case may be.

      As early as possible, the bully should be dealt with by an authority like the principal, so the parents will be called and the attitude of the bully be stopped.

      We should never allow anybody to demean or to bully us.

    2. Totally! Don’t let anyone feel you less of yourself, and yes to diversity! People are used to live up to the expectations by the society, but I really think we should not let others get into our nerves. We can’t please everybody and it really isn’t right to be mistreated just because we don’t fit into their standards. I hope you inspire victims of bullying to stand up for themselves and don’t let the bullies get in their way. Kudos!

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