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Continuous Movement is a Plus
November 20, 2018

T0o be able to move in the set direction in which will incur abundance is a plus and what is the meaning of plus. Addition, positivity, building. There is the aspiration to fulfill what some have desired. “To build and continue to seek growth so that there can be a stronger nation is what some visionaries have visioned.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’ve tried and will continue to try to build although there is still some resistance. I’m in no way discouraged by the actions in which mankind has demonstrated. My movement from one destination to another was and is declared no matter what’s perceived I’m going to continue to proceed and achieve.

Motions in actions there is success and there will be continuous achievements. My views include helping others, youth direction, building. Some have demonstrated that they’re out of tune they’re disconnected and refusing to connect “The People.” The questions remain from people wanting to know what will be the next move.Oh yes they’ve tried to disrupt my process and my progress but there is so much determination to advance to the many levels. Irritated? Perhaps but in peace meaning I’m at peace isn’t that what Jesus Christ proclaimed?

Functioning in order to incur higher, the heights, the reaching the top of the mountain. There is hope some have viewed their situations as hopeless. They’ve underestimated my “achievements” as well as others. There has to be motivation in order to continue developing better societies. There is constant prayer that I’m able to achieve what I’ve set out to achieve. The time is now and I’ve heard what the crowd has to say but I’m refusing to turn in the direction in which they want me=Tanikka Paulk to go.

Oh the critics will have their say. They’ll want to know where visionaries are headed. The voices of glorious, positives, and speeches which hold value are greatly appreciated. The interruptions could have caused declines but there are some in agreement they’re wanting and needing to be apart of rising. Although it may appear as though there is little movement there is movement. There is “greatness” perhaps they should consider changing their line of thinking so that there can be further progress. Perhaps they’ve viewed the progression as slowed. Slowing of progress isn’t the same as no progress.

Small steps can reach heights there are additions and yes in some areas there have been subtractions. There is advancement despite what so many have tried to project. My projected path continues. The untruths told aren’t reasons to cease the journey. Perhaps some have believed that their actions would cause a push back. They’ve probably perceived that I’m behind but there is evidence that I’m ahead. The hecklers will heckle but my confidence hasn’t faded. The more confidence incurred the better the person will become. If they’re unsettled about movement and movements then perhaps they’ve viewed their own accomplishments as failures.

“Strive to be the best be confident about the craft and know that there is hopefulness somewhere. Building!” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many who’ve tried to prevent what should occur. God and Jesus continues to be at my side and prayer is certainly on my agenda. There is a smile because I’m aware that I’ve been chosen and the are declarations of such. What they’ve perceived isn’t my perception at all. My mindset is to proceed rightfully, abundantly, with a positive attitude and yes my attitude may not always be positive but my confidence will be within and outer.

The declines are caused by the actions of others. They’ve wanted to place blame on one but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Dreams are made to come true and a dreamer is a visionary and conquers when they’ve demonstrated that there is love. Mankind has misjudged in which happens quite often. I’ve been insulted but the insults won’t cause my visions to vanish. My focus is to make differences. I’ve already achieved what some have’t dared to achieve. There is more to accomplish and that’s what I’m focusing on. Transformations have occurred and will continue to occur. “The movement is what some have refused to accept and they have :demonstrated: that they’re without understanding.” (Tanikka Paulk). The strongest fo People are the ones which try to understand. There are supporters although right now there seems to be so many refusing to be supportive.


“Hated Because of Being you. Criticized Because You’re able to Achieve What They’ve Feared.” Continuing.by: Tanikka Paulk

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“Be Cautious With the Moves Know When to Leave the Area and Areas.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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Fight for the Vision and Never Stop the Dream From Shining on

here is no reason why any person should feel as if they’re not deserving of accomplishing in some way. No matter how many try to stop what’s taking place, their efforts will be meaningless because the determination is greater than their hate, no matter what’s said “every person has a right to allow their dreams to flourish.” The noise makers will continue on that’s their job of course. There will be a lot coming out trying to cause mind disturbances. They’re only effective if the person or persons allows the individuals to be effective.

In fact when they’re trying to cause trouble just wave “and proceed.” Don’t allow their antics to cause a cease. There will be a lot of heckling going on and hecklers are there to cause distractions. Most of the hecklers are individuals who refuse to live their own dreams so they want to make sure that others don’t live their dreams. Yes, the noise can be bothersome at times, but once there’s focus on getting ahead then no amount of words should create a stop in a dream, let the wreckings (made up word by: Tanikka Paulk) carry on.

There’s way too many people who avoid trying “to see to a vision or dream” because of the behaviors of others. Some will become envy of the progress. Yes, there will be some who want to take away what others have worked for, even if it appears as if the process is slow there shouldn’t be any reason to stop dreaming. Some will be more in tuned with trying to create more problems for others because they have nothing better to do.

The paparazzi can be annoying. The ones who will watch every single move a visionary makes to see if they are able to stop “the movement.” If the determination is there then no amount of chatter should force a person to just give up. Not everyone is kind or even consider others in any way. There are some who refused to live their dreams and that’s why some will hang on to others. Draining their energy when there should be some work put in to be creative.

Not everyone will want to work towards their own dreams and if they’re able to take away a person’s work then that’s what some will try to do. There are some who felt as if they just couldn’t take all of the pressure and stopped dreaming. The road may be long but “in due time”there will be a coming together. The ones who are focused on what others are doing will remain in the same position. Some may perceive there is no advancement if there’s no wealth and for some their wealth delayed because there’s so many with their hands out.

Achieve any way despite what they’re saying. The competition will want to cause distractions anyway. They’re not wanting to see their competition  excel. Making all sorts of trouble for the ones who are trying to live better and do better. Even if there are a lot of falsehoods out there trying to rip a persons character apart. The person should continue to “rise up.” The envy will certainly be there but the determination shouldn’t fade. “Excel Even When They Don’t Want you to Tanikka Paulk.”

“Proceed Even When There’s Resistance. Creativity Should Shine.” By: Tanikka Paulk

you Tanikka Paulk

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You have 14 new group invitations Tanikka Paulk  Tanikka, don’t say we didn’t tell you…what’s our hottest trend? [email protected]>


[email protected]        Author’s Notes: Do not be dismayed when individuals try to sabotage, hinder, or lie in order to gain. They will try to steal a person’s dream credit, and use their email which is identity theft. A lot of crooks out there be alert. The proof is what the law sees. By: 

Tanikka Paulk “Right FBI”
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Adversity Comes and Adversity Goes

Some may become dismayed when having to come up against a lot of adversity. The adversity is surely come no doubt but the adversity shouldn’t be a reason to stop living a dream or to see to a “vision.” No matter what occurs we’re equipped to deal with many challenges but no person should try to tackle a lot of problems at one time. There will be a lot of people who will intentionally try to create problems for others and even in such situations a person can rise up. Although there will be times when it appears as if the challenges are too much to bare.

The adversity comes for a reason and for some the challenges may take longer to get rid of. We’re told that we’ll have to go through challenges. There’s no way of getting avoiding challenges. We’re meaning all individuals in the world. They’ll all have to face some sort of problems and not everyone will deal with the problems the same or go through the same problems. Although the adversity comes. “There shouldn’t be any lack of hope.” The time it takes to make a dream happen is different for each individual.

Some may think that some are moving too slowly but everyone should go at their own pace. The opinions shouldn’t matter. Trying to figure out every opinion is a waste of time. There will be a lot said and done but when the determination is there. No amount of criticism should detour a dream or tear down the dreamer. There will be times when the pressure is lowered. There will a time when all of the drama will cease. If there were no challenges then there would be no learning going on. No “growth” taking place.

In due time all of the challenges will fade and one can live the life they’ve been trying to accomplish. No matter how many people try to stop an individual from living a dream. It’s up to the person whether they’ll give in or not. If the dreamer, visionary, and inventor “want to be prosperous” then they’ll continue on even when it appears as if their goals will take a long time to accomplish. The best thing to do is to have thoughts of reaching the goals. not about what hasn’t been accomplished but the thoughts of knowing there will be accomplishments.

“Don’t Allow the Adversity to Cause a Cease. Keep Going Even When the Resistance Comes.” BY:

Tanikka Paulk

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Just Annoying the Progress of Course

Alright now. Don’t be surprised when there’s lots of people trying to throw thunder within progression. Oh yes. There will be a lot of resistance and a lot of cynics. How Ever Will “Visionaries” Deal? Ignore and move forward. Not everyone needs our attention. Some are just trying to hinder whatever is taking place. Not wanting to see others get ahead. No matter what’s said there shouldn’t be a stop. Of course there should be breaks. Why do some choose to annoy others? Well there’s many different reasons. A lot of the annoying comes from competitiveness, envy, or some who can not compete.

There will be a lot of people who are unable to mind their own business. So they’ll constantly be trying to gain the attention of the visionaries by “doing” some of the most annoying things. Let’s be real. Everyone has to deal with someone who is annoying and there will be a lot of difficult people. Some refusing to back down because they’re really in need of whatever they’re in need of. So in order to get what they want. They’ll continue annoying the person until the person gives in.

There’s some who will bother others no matter what they do. If the person or person do whatever the individuals what the persons to do then the naggers will probably continue on anyway. It’s best to try to be apart of “progression.” Some of the disturbances could have to do with causing disruption. Making sure the competitor is slowed down or trying all sorts of tactics to get the competitors to stop.

We’re in a world of overly competitive people. Some not wanting to see the rise and will try “to project” distractions in order to get individuals to stop making any progress. Anyone trying to reach a goal or who has a dream will come up against some who refused to live their dreams. So instead of being happy for the ones who have enough courage to do so. They’ll try to be like crabs. The crab mentality still exists.

Some have gave in. Stopped moving forward with their dreams because they’ve came in contact with the hecklers and naysayers. It’s pretty difficult having to deal with such people but as time goes by the journey will become easier. It’s best to surround self with like-minded people. The ones who have similar goals and who have no problem encouraging others. Never stop a dream because of others “opinions.” The ones judging probably have no business doing so.

There will be some who will try to sabotage whatever is going on. They’ll lie and do whatever they feel they should do in order to gain. Not concerned about what they’re doing until consequences are distributed. Going after others and not knowing exactly what they’re up against. Feuding and throwing around insults trying to confuse the ones on the journey. “Don’t be surprised.” Not everyone is considered good or at least logical.

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Produce and Create Despite What’s Said or Done
February 23, 2017

No matter what we decide to do there will always be the naysayers. Just because there’s some who refuse to accept that there will be all sorts of creative individuals who absolutely have to nurture their “gifts.” There will be some who will continue to try to distract others away from their vision or dreams. Any person who’s determined will keep going no matter what’s being said. There will always be the opinionated ones. Offering non constructive advice trying to choose whether a person can pursue their dreams.

Then there’s the ones who work so hard to try and invade in a person’s career choice. Try to claim and own their works. Trying to keep what’s produced is necessary. If fighting is necessary so be it. Not physically but in an advocating manner. “Standing up” for the accomplishments is important. Well that’s if one wants to keep their accomplishments because there’s some who will work harder to try and take the accomplishments away. Be observant.

It’s pretty sad others are unwilling to use their own creativity. Some very prominent individuals had to fight in court for their work. Making sure there’s “proof of the ownership” is a plus. Otherwise some will dig right in. Not even concerned about “lawsuits” just trying to claim something they know isn’t something they’ve created. The competition one reason why some try to discourage others. Not wanting to compete with certain individuals.

Some just give up because so many make it so difficult to progress in some way. Always trying something to make a person give up. Some writers are aware of how difficult it is keeping their work. Placing all sorts of information on their work to indicate they’re the owners. It feels good to produce self work not anyone else’s. Some may become fatigued just trying to cause problems for the “visionaries.”

Just think about putting in a lot of work to have the work stolen. Pretty disappointing to say the least. Some aren’t concerned how a person feels they’re just being selfish. It’s amazing all many people are willing to risk losing a lot just to go the lazy route. Some have received awards for their work and then later have the rewards taken away. At least until an investigation is performed to find out if the owner is truly the owner.

No visionary should have to go through a battle to keep what they’ve produced. No one actually. A lot of dreams vanish because of what others try to do to dreamers. “Finding creative ways to keep the work is quite helpful.” Not everyone will refrain from being deceptive. Some may try and are called out because they’ve tried to claim work they knew they didn’t create.

For some, they’ve lost their accomplishments, but the actions of the ones who decide to do these things to others will come back. We’re all given a gift and why would we want to use another person’s gifts. Being creative isn’t difficult. There’s so many ways to be creative. Some simply choose not to do so. For the brave ones. They’re doing “right” by trying to do better, elevate, and continue achieving.

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Never Allow the Mistreatment and get Through the Attacks
February 10, 2017

Some will try to use manipulation in order to control other individuals. Trying to convince others they’re wrong by not accepting being mistreated. “Not accepting being bullied and harassed.” Everyone has a right to stand up to their bullies and to refuse to accept any contact with anyone who continues to try to harass and bully another. If individuals are working hard to try and discourage another from improving and trying to get ahead then they’re in the wrong.

Individuals won’t waste time on others who have nothing to offer. The individuals won’t bother a person again and again if there isn’t something there which is meaningful. Time wasting on a person. Time which can be used to produce something positive and creative. If ministers are attacking a person and manipulation using scriptures then they’re wicked. Sometimes “scriptures” can be used to try and manipulate another. To try and make another feel bad for trying to progress.

Don’t accept being bullied. Rights. If a group of people are bullying another race then they’re displaying racism. “Move forth and make progress.” Progress can occur despite what’s going on in an environment. Any individual has a right and should stay away from toxic people. If there’s threats for individuals to stop their dreams then the individuals have a right to proceed without allowing the ones sending the attacks to be apart of their vision.

Helping a group of people should not generate bullying. The KKK isn’t harassed. The KKK is targeted by African Americans. African Americans are being targeted. If a person makes a statement others can not be held accountable for the statement made. So therefore targeting a person for a statement which was made by another shouldn’t occur. If a statement includes saying a group of people are targeting another group of people. The person or persons “have a right to make a statement.” If what they’re saying is true then the statement is valid.

Some will become upset when others are trying to “accomplish” in some way. Wanting individuals to stop dreaming and trying to put forth their vision should not stop the visionaries. Some may use a tactic where they’re bullying and partly supporting. Then why are they bullying? Why would groups of people keep targeting the same person again and again? There has to be something the person has they’re trying to get to.

Gifts and talents can make some lose their minds. Seeing others excel in some way will generate envy even from the rich. Everyone is “entitled to choice.” Whether their choices equal good or bad. A person shouldn’t even be targeted by making certain choices. If a person or persons says others said something they will need to prove what they’re saying. If a race is harassing a person who is another race and they’re saying they are doing so then they’re correct.

If life is filled with trying to bother others then there’s not much to a person’s life who continues to target others. On the right is when a lot of people will try to disconnect what’s occurring. Even if a person wants to go in a different direction then that’s their choice. It’s obvious a person is unwilling to stop if they’re taking the attacks and “still proceeding.”

The enemy attacks. Foes attack. Friends try to encourage and offer some comfort. Perhaps some are trying to hold on in hope they’re reach whatever the person or persons may “reach.” Bullies are mentally healthy people. They could be insecure. If they’re trying to get a person down then it’s obvious they’re annoyed with the accomplishments.  “Never Stop a Dream or Vision Because Others are Angry and Want to Create a Cease.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Light Shines Through in The Darkest Environments. There’s Good Even When the Bad Comes.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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It’s Important to Stay Motivated While on the Journey
October 24, 2016
It's Important to Stay Motivated While on the Journey

With all the distractions and resistance. Some may not feel so thrilled about wanting to move forward with their dreams. There will be some who will try to hinder those dreams but if one is motivated, confident, and determined then no amount of resistance can prevent “the dream.” Although living a dream may be difficult. There are great rewards. We simply have to find the positives. By doing so we become more driven to do better. To achieve more. We’ll have to learn how to stop a lot out so that we’ll be able to be more productivity.

A dream certainly can’t come true without productivity. Watching motivational videos may be of great help. Whatever occurs. Never allow anyone to stop the dream. Don’t lose hope for the vision. Keep believing that the work will pay off. Some days may seem slow as if little progress has occurred. Just because less occurred doesn’t mean that productivity didn’t exist. There will be a lot of distractions and a lot of people disagreeing with what’s taking place. That’s alright. Continue to have the passion to excel.

There will be some who will convince others that they’re not good enough. They’re lacking something but we shouldn’t be concerned with what others have to say. The critics will be there. They’re not going anywhere. In fact critics help produce motivation. They’re the ones who we must prove wrong. A dream isn’t impossible but one must continuously work towards that dream. Find ways to stay on track and move up.

No amount of hate should be able to stop a “visionary.” We can achieve great things but we must believe in ourselves and believe in others. Yes, there will be long nights, and some days we’ll wonder when will everything fall into place. There will be bouts of chaos but we will overcome. Hardships will arise. No one can avoid the adversity. Of course some will experience more than others.

The hecklers will try to heckle those dreams away. Afterwhile we’ll get use to the hecklers being somewhere near. The heckles shouldn’t disrupt the groove. Motivation is key. Breaks will be necessary but there shouldn’t be a complete stop. No matter what occurs. One must keep pushing. Remain hopeful. Enjoy the rewards that will come along the way. Find new ways to get more work done. We don’t have to overwork ourselves but we should find smart ways to work. When we come across those difficulties. We should take some time to just relax so that we’re able to regroup and come back strong. There will be setbacks. Setbacks doesn’t mean that we’ve failed. Of course some may consider a setback failure. We will have different perceptions. As long as there is some movement then we’re in good shape.

There’s way too many people who have stopped living their dreams because they’ve stopped being motivated or because they listened to the negatives. We have to learn how to tune out the negatives so that we’re able to keep going. We can’t expect to move higher if we’re constantly focused on what the critics have to say. As long as we’re doing something there will be critics.

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