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Literacy Base – Writing Tips
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If you’re new to Literacy Base you may be thinking. “I don’t know where to start or what to write about but you know you want to be a part of it so you hit the ground running… Maybe you’ve been a part of the site for a while but are having difficulties, feel frustrated and it seems like it’s just not working out for you.

The big question is,”Will you still be here in 3 months time, 6 months, a year?”

Some people who joined LB were last active 10 months ago. We can’t be sure why they left but it is a good possibility it had something to do with low interaction, couldn’t find something to write about, loss of interest and so on.

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If you really want to make this work for you, I’ve put together a few helpful easy tips that will turn you into a pro in no time.


Literacy Base – Writing Tips

1. Interaction is a MUST

(It’s so important to interact act with others and not just focus on the money making aspect of it all. There is no quick way to make money. It takes time, determination, and dedication.)

2. Pace Yourself

(Set a time frame that works for you and your followers will come. If you try doing it every day there are a few things that can happen, which is probably the same reason as those who were last active 10 months ago. By pacing yourself, you’ll find that your writing will improve and others will get the benefit of taking away something from your work)

3. Schedule Posts


Tuesday and Thursday Write a New Post.

Friday is Blog Day.

(By putting yourself on a set schedule you’ll find that in the long run, you can accomplish more.)

4. Brand Yourself

Become an LB Tech Writer, Home and Garden How-To Contributor.  Writing about what you know is the quickest way to gain credibility and followers.


(Branding oneself is a great way to gain more followers and it can really open doors for you in the writing world.)

5. Start a Group

(You might think starting a group just isn’t right for you. But everyone has experience in something and the ability to help others. You just need a little encouragement. In fact, people write volunteer services down all the time on their resume’s and employers really like to see people making an effort, a contribution.)

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know how it works out for you. Have other tips that you find helpful? I’d love to hear about them.

Photo is an example of branding oneself.

    1. I found less members here are interacting; less are commenting on other people’s. It is not “content farming” as the B always say about members, but it creates a friendly atmosphere that encourage members to always visit the site and see of someone had replied to his post/blog.

      • I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “as B always says about members…” Can you clarify?

        • I referred to B as Bubblews. They accuse members who often interact with the same members all the time as “content farming,” or creating cliques or groups so the blogs can earn fast; which is not true as per my case, because I always interact on members whom I already knew or those that post interesting blogs.

    2. Your post has helped me a ton to get adjusted to the lb environment! I really do hope I don’t end up like those “active 10 months ago” folk. This site seems promising.

    3. So glad you found it helpful, Sue.

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