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Haven’t been on MyLot lately

Ever since a fellow Mylotter reffered me to this site i have found myself more here than on Mylot. The earning system is completely diferent and the system here compels me more than at mylot.

The main diference is that on Mylot if you want to earn you need people to comment on your discussions or other comment, the money you get depends on what they comment and the quality of the comment also. This is hard if you don’t have the right words to says to draw someone into following up on your comments. Another thing is you can post any discussion but there is no word limit, which means people post the most meaningless discussions with only one sentence. How can you get a proper discussion with just one sentence?

Now here it is more challenging. You need to create a post with at least 300 words. This is the only challenging parts because the rest is all easy. Basically you write, you earn. This challenges me to get out posts with content and keeps me interested into actually writing the posts, which is not easy.

I do plan on writing on Mylot some more but my interest has been fading away since i found this site. I think it suites me better and not just by how we earn but how we need to write. You can have any idea you want but you need to translate it all into 300 words to get it out. The length of your comments and posts will determine you earnings. If you dedicate yourself here than you can get quite a bit. If you are more of a somment person then you can go to a forum and have some formal discussions with others from the site. You can choose various groups to join and create discussions.

Anyone here a Mylotter and are you still writing there? Which do you prefer and why?

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    1. Of course I’m still writing at myLot. I don’t prefer one site over the other. I like them both. Both have real people who actually talk to you nicely, with respect and courtesy, and hang out with you! Plus you get paid to socialize and you can talk about practically everything: politics, religion, history, current news events, art, entertainment, etc. Another plus is the site owners pay you. They don’t promise to pay and then come up with an excuse to not pay you!

    2. I am in MyLot also, and I still discuss there and here. I will not leave any site and try to do my best at both of them. I have other sites online to do my tasks so can’t dedicate whole my time to only one site. Many sites I worked with have disappeared after some time, so I will not work just for one only.

    3. Me are spending lesser time at Mylot too, since the not all the readers there would like to read a long story, they prefer a short one.
      and, moreover, the earning won’t be depends on your own effort but the responds of other given, some might not response to the discussion, which made the members fade up.
      Anyway, it still a good platform to discussion and learn something from other members on many topics, like cultures, religions, etc.

    4. Yes I am on my lot but I will not leave my
      lot we have to keep traffic coming there to.
      my lot and Lb as you said are 2 differnt kind of
      writing sites.It all so other way to have some money coming it
      to. My goal is to be able to type faster with out making
      mistake and do more then one writing sites as long as I make money from them.

    5. Me too, I am getting more hooked here than Mylot. In here we can more predict how much earning we will be getting for each activity that we will do. Yes, it is hard to make a blog post, requiring 300 words and above, but the earning we will get worth it. It is good that myLot and LiteracyBase are both paying their members. We can work on both.

    6. I’ve never been on Mylot and I’ve only just registered on LiteracyBase today but I am currently very inspired by the site set up!


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