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job first or sancturay city first?

Sanctuary cities a lot of towns today want to be a Sanctuary city but I say there is one problem I am not talking about the terrosit I am talking about before we bring in more people to our towns number one we need to bring in jobs that have livable income, two get our home less veteran off the street and every one else to. We need to find a way to get rid of the gangs that some towns have and rebuild the slums with out taking down historical buildings.
but today the cities want to bring in people and give the people jobs and a place to live even if they came in to the us as illegal aliens. I do welcome all people who come to the us thought the right channels. My grand folks had to sneak out of Russia in their time but they came to us through the right channels.what good is a sanctuary city if there no money for people to have jobs and place to live . I think it will bring more towns in to slum area. I say let fix up the towns get jobs, take the homeless off the street , Have some kind of nation medical for every one and then after all that is fix up then bring people in and make the city a sanctuary city. Yes I know it hard to tell who the bad people are and who are the good people.
I know some other countries have a pre screen which we can not do in US because it call race profiling or some thing like that .this is why we can not do it in the us . Yes there is some people in us who like to change the law so the us can do it. But if that happens other things can go wrong to.Just let you know I am not against sanctuary cities I just want to see jobs come to the town or city first. if every one works then there more money to spend and if more people come in and have a job then more money to spend. OK that it for this one.

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