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Collecting Legos Can Be a Stress-Reliever
April 23, 2017

When I was working in China, I was loaded with tasks to do on a daily basis. I cannot find ways to relieve stress. It was so extreme that I don’t know how to deal with. I cannot use some social medias since it was blocked in this country. Some of my colleagues buy DVDs to brushed off the stress level in the company.

One weekend, I went out from the company’s dormitory. I managed to go around the public market. As I go from one local shops to another, I had stumbled to a toy shop. I had seen the small boxes of legos. I decided to buy five boxes and increases its way of buying the items. I usually assembled the lego toys and put them on my table. It was fun and I accomplished one piece to another.


After a few weeks, months and a year, I was able to form a police station. Policemen and other facilities had been laid on my masterpiece. When the contract is nearly ended, I took a picture and brought back home to my country. Since I have a little brother, I decided to give it to him. As a young boy, some of the lego parts had been lost. Luckily, I still have the keepsake of having these photos.

I am sure there are so many ways to relieve from stressors. Another thing that I like the most is writing. I had the privilege to grab the opportunity to write and earn extra cash in writing sites. Looking back those times, I was able to use legos as my stress-reliever. It wasn’t expensive to avail the lego boxes. At least, I had channeled myself to certain things.

If I am still working in China, the lego collections will increase its number. I am sure it doesn’t appear to be hoarding big things. Small things can still be a passion and interest. I had experimented so many activities to relieve from such high-stress level. Most of them gave me pleasure and relax to continue to face the challenges in life.

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Fact: Ending Poverty is Not Possible
April 23, 2017

In reality, there is no one can say that poverty will be ended. There are so many non-government organizations share its advocacy to reduce the old time issue of poverty around the globe. Thus, it wasn’t claimed to end the biggest problem of marginalized people. Some of them continued to give reinforcement but it can still be in dole out nature.

It is also not good to say balance in this world.  Because of we do say this statement, then poverty is not going to end. It will still remain in such situation. The advocates can still pursue the old goal, that is, to decrease the poverty in certain areas of the countries. At some point, the government cannot attain such goal for the welfare of the local people.

Let us face it, whatever that rule of the certain state. Some of these elected government officials entail the platform to save the local people from poverty. It is a pattern that continued to be in their speech during the campaign period. If they were been elected, then the promises are evaporated into thin air. Years and years, they can’t still fulfill their idealistic promises. It means poverty cannot be ended as what they had promised.

Out of desperation, the local people still believe that these aspiring government officials can give the hope. It is too late for the people to realize that they were been deceived again and again. At some instances, they are still hoping for the saviors to come. The mere fact, poverty can never be ended if the people will not work for it.  They need to break free from this situation and learn to live with a purpose. The reinforcers can give what they wanted and the people should do their part to improve the quality of life. That would be the ideal thing to do.

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is it me or every one feeling more tired then normal
April 23, 2017

IS it me or is it every one for the past few weeks I been feeling more tire then usual and some of my friends say they all so are very tired more then normal I been talking to people young and old every one says they more tired then they use to be even after a good sleep and the right food . first for me I thought it be might be with draw from the energy drinks no it not from that. Number two I thought it could be my job why ? because it boring I am a greeter and I can not move around to clean stuff. I even try to go on energy drinks but they are not working . Yes I do eat breakfast in the morning I know that should be a key but it not only me it all most every one I talk to , Yes no joke they are all tell me they more tired then usual . It has nothing to do with their job. Has any one on this site feel more tired in the past few weeks then what normal for you. This is why I have not post things for a while I been to tired to type as right now I am fighting to get my stories postes. I need the money to pay for my credit card payments I need to the cards at the time they are do I know this will help my credit rating go up. So now this week I am going to look in to see why I am so tired. because I am getting sick and tired of being tired yes no joke I like to feel a wake with out having to take any thing in my mouth . I know it nor the pollen in the air or can it be the pollen since the bees are first starting now to do there thing for the honey. OK have fun tonight.

What’s the biggest time waster at your work?
April 20, 2017

There are so many factors that could lead to time waster in the working place. Some human resource personnel cannot determine by just conducting Performance Evaluation. People working in certain companies or organization were not being monitored as closely as possible. At some point, they are so expert in playing around than working hard in their respective jobs.

  1. Incompetent Employees

Some employees are so incompetent that can contribute to the ineffective result of work. They appeared to be the lack of soft skills in carrying out their respective job responsibilities. These people are being hired due to nepotism. The old system of hiring employees still exist and a great contributor for time waster at work.


  1. Unorganized Employees

At the workplace, an employee who cannot organize the things to do, it is a time waster. That’s the reason why it needs to create a to-do list on a daily basis. However, some employees are so confident enough and thinking they can do it without to-do list at hand. They can’t prioritize things up. Eventually, it will delay any projects with deadlines.


  1. Playful Employees

In every working place, there are some employees cannot keep still and tend to play at work. This is more evident when bosses are not around in the company. Most of them are on business trip. Employees are left behind and have the bad thinking to play while the bosses are out-of-town. This is a typical employee who cannot be trusted. The situation is like cat and mouse game.


  1. Uncooperative Employees

Employees who are uncooperative can delay the projects. These people have behavioral problems and cannot work in a team. It wasn’t the case to work solely. Teamwork is the best way to accomplish certain projects. It wasn’t ideal to work hard without the help of his or her team.


  1. Habitual Absentees

This is the worst case to be considered as a time waster. If an employee who has habitual absentees, then it needs to call the attention of these employees. Sanction is the best course of action or any legal punishment to give lessons to these habitual absentees.


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Cross-Eyed Child Can Be A Victim of Bullying
April 20, 2017

When I was young, I had a cross-eyed classmate. During that time, I was not aware why some people have such defect. This classmate of mine was being bullied to the bone. I am also puzzled why he has these eyes that meet each other. Out of curiosity, I asked my mother about it. She said, it is his eyes and runs to their family. Of course, my mom strongly instructed not to make fun with people who have strabismus.

After such session with my lovely mother, I became the defender of my classmate against the others in the classroom. I knew from the start that it is not the right thing to do. At that time, my cross-eyed friend became my best friend and I can see that he had built his confidence against the bullies. However, I was young that time in grade 1 at my primary school. That’s the reason why my question about such eye condition was being answered. I kept it and learn to befriend with this classmate of mine who had been shattered a couple of times in class.

As the years go by, I realized that strabismus can be inherited and it is in the genes. It was also evident its proof when I had seen some of my cousins are having the same condition with my classmate. At the age of 10, I tried to have some research about it in the library. It was being answered in science books that the condition may happen in either dominant or recessive trait. It definitely runs in family tree’s bloodline.

The moral lesson in this situation, if the parents didn’t guide their children about it, then they will tend to become bullies in school. Thus, parents and teachers should join together to fight against bullies. It will start at home and school. They can stop this misnomer against cross-eyed individuals. The children needed to be educated as early as possible.

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Why do you think is worth watching a movie over and over again?

Most of you are fanatics of certain actors and actresses, you can’t miss every movie and be amazed whatever the roles portrayed in it. I am one of you who love watching the different type of films. For some reason, I love watching true-to-life stories that can be inspiring for me and to be inspired to be like them in the future. Some people find interesting in film adaptation from novel books. This is how we can find ways to escape from the reality of life. Whenever feeling in despair or in a depresses state, we tend to watch different types of film genres.

For some people, they give time to watch films on weekends. Weekends are the only time for them to have a movie marathon. It can be more inspiring to watch these films with the family, either at home or in the theater. The fun moment of preparing some snacks and drinks some beverages. At some point, watching it over and over again showed that the films had captured the inner souls of the individuals.

Happy endings are not always happened in movies. We should explore the possible endings in despair, loss of someone, traumatic, etc. It will practice the gifted possessions that we have, the emotions. After watching certain movies, it gives us the benefit of the doubt and be a thinker what if the ending story should be in our own preferences. The movie can be relatable for us to know what should be the ending of the story.

The milestone of our life vary from one person to another, the movie can cover the real situation of life in this world. It wasn’t perfect but we can still able to change its course. There are so many patterns to take life as light as possible. We are still the controller of our life and never be controlled by anyone. Movies are the gateway to know what we wanted in our life.

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The Volunteer Series of Training
April 18, 2017

The volunteer prepared the training in series to show the importance of rehabilitation services for the children inflicted with polio and other children with impairments or disabilities. The training modules described accordingly:

First, Polio Awareness (97%) is an overview of facts about poliomyelitis. The context of this seminar comprised of the following: medical facts about polio, proper positioning to prevent secondary complications, how to do manual muscle testing, how to execute the proper passive range of motion exercises, orthosis available in Tajikistan, social inclusion of children with polio and other children with impairments or disabilities. These are essential in an acute stage of poliomyelitis.


Second, Range of Motion Exercises (97%) is an essential primary exercise for the child with polio in the acute stage, the particularly passive range of motion exercises. Passive range of motion exercises is done primarily by the caregiver such as parents or family members to move the affected limb. (Note: passive range of motion exercises will not increase muscle strength).


There are other types of range of motion exercises, these are the active-assistive and active range of motion exercises. The active assistive range of motion exercises is done by encouraging the child to move the limb with an assistance of the caregiver such as parents or family members. Active range of motion exercises is done by the child solely.

Third, Stretching Exercises (61%) is done when the child with polio and other children with impairments or disabilities showed secondary complications such as muscle tightness or reversible joint contractures. These secondary complications are the result of not moving the affected limb, improper positioning of the limb, immobility due to muscle or joint pain. The rationale of this technique is to increase the limited joint motion of the affected limb within the normal range.


Fourth, Strengthening or Resistance Exercises (43%) are done in aiming to increase the muscle strength of the affected muscles, especially for the children with polio due to muscle imbalance of the affected limb. These rehabilitation techniques are also essential for the preparation of crutch walking or if the child with polio use a wheelchair. The main goal is to increment the strength of the both upper limbs and the affected lower limb/s.

These rehabilitation techniques can be done: (a) mechanical resistance exercises, using devices such as dumbbells, sandbags, etc. and (b) manual resistance exercises, it is executed manually by giving opposite force to the joint motion.


Fifth, Therapeutic Massage. (71%) The VSO Volunteer aims to show the difference of doing massage to adult in comparison for babies. The massage therapy section identified in providing massage in the combination of the passive range of motion exercises and partly stretching techniques. The training emphasized the proper joint motion to prevent further injuries for children with polio or children with impairments or disabilities. It is also surprisingly that the participants increased in this training sessions compared to other training. Since the massage therapy is the common intervention done in health care system in Tajikistan.


Sixth, Proper Body Mechanics (41%) is included in the training program. This serves as a technique to protect the low back area of the health staff or parents who give care to the children. The importance of this technique will refrain from having low back pain. In this topic, it demonstrates how to do proper way of reaching, carrying and lifting a child with or without impairments or disabilities.

Seventh, Proper Positioning to Prevent Disabilities and How to Make an Alternative Splints (46%). These topics demonstrate the proper usage of alternative splints to prevent from having complications such as muscle tightness, reversible or irreversible joint contractures. This serves as an early management for the child with polio.


Ninth, Gait Training (43%). This topic is very essential incorporating the different walking pattern especially if the child with polio will use axillary crutches. It depends on the prognosis of the child inflicted with polio. The topic includes how to use the axillary crutches in walking on the even surface, going up and down the stairs with or without rales.


Tenth, Play Therapy (52%). Play Therapy is the way of treating children with various impairments or disabilities. Since the attention span of children is short, the play therapy techniques are the best medium for stimulating the child. This topic serves as a refresher course since they have an idea of the principles of play therapy that can improve the child’s physical, mental and social aspects of their life.


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Rehabilitation Services to Children with Disabilities
April 18, 2017

The volunteer observed that the most common intervention practiced in providing health care hands-on services by the PMPC Staff to children with impairments or disabilities are as follows: massage therapy, electrotherapy and play therapy.

PMPC Health Staff in Kurgan Teppa

Massage Therapist

The massage therapists do hands-on treatment in doing the combination of massage with a passive range of motion exercises. The volunteer taught them to do proper way of doing the said exercise. Eventually, the volunteer introduced the other therapeutic exercises that they can add to their skills.


                The electrotherapists do electrotherapy with medicine as it was called iontophoresis. They don’t do any exercises, but they were included in the previous training with the volunteers for the purpose of knowing what will be other rehabilitation services that can be given to the children with polio and to other children with impairments or disabilities.


Play Therapist

                The play therapist does play therapy activities to initiate the active range of motion exercises. The volunteer worked with the play therapist closely every Wednesday in assessing and giving suggestions to incorporate other therapeutic exercises: range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, and stretching exercises.

Last 4th of July 2011, the assistant PMPC Line Manager informed the volunteer that she found another two personnel to work with them, namely: defectologist (speech therapist), psychologist and social worker.

Parents of Children with Impairments or Disabilities

                The play therapy unit in PMPC KT is the most convenient place for the parents to do different activities, such as play therapy and other exercises taught by the volunteer to make their child conditions progress into a more functional state: physically, mentally and socially. In addition, they were been guided by the play therapist, especially in using the play therapy devices provided by Unicef Tajikistan. Manual resistance or strengthening exercises were taught to the parents to increase the muscle strength of their children, since strengthening devices are not available.

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PMPC Health Staff in Khujand
April 18, 2017

The volunteer had an opportunity to travel to PMPC Khujand to share the therapeutic exercises that they can be used as additional techniques in treating children with impairments or disabilities. The mentoring activity with the PMPC Staff, particularly with PMPC Physiotherapist was done in the morning followed by the seminar training session in the afternoon last July 18 – 22, 2011. A social worker is closely worked with the PMPC physiotherapist during weekdays and the clients were properly scheduled for treatment by them.

The last 21st of July 2011, the training in PMPC Khujand was moved to another venue, the PMPC Staff (physiotherapist and social worker) prompted to invite the volunteer to visit Dehmoy based on their weekly schedule and served as their social responsibility. It is estimated 24 of cerebral palsy were catered in Dehmoy. The two PMPC Staff usually visit the place twice in a week. It was started when a VSO social worker volunteer placed in Dehmoy last 2010, requested them to provide rehabilitation services. Due to time constraints, it was agreed to limit the quantity of children with cerebral palsy (total of 6) and prioritize those who are considered in a state of poor prognosis as compared with the others. Based on PMPC health staff experience, they claimed that providing rehabilitation services is limited due to lack of manpower. The staffs in Dehmoy don’t have the capacity to provide such rehabilitation care, the informant claimed that the staffs in Dehmoy were trained to provide rehabilitation services. The PMPC health staff encourages them to participate during their treatment session, but the Dehmoy Staff at some point refused for an additional responsibility. Basically, the staff in Dehmoy provides the basic needs such as proper hygiene, shelter, food, medicine, etc. But the rehabilitation care was not included in their regimen. The outcome if it will continue without interventions, the condition will still be in status quo.

During the session with the PMPC health staff in Dehmoy, a 9 years old boy was roaming around the vicinity. This child is ambulatory with limping gait, alert, coherent, cooperative and no signs of learning disabilities. Upon having conversations, the child out spoke that her mother brought him to the internat and showed grievances to his present situation, claiming he should not be in Dehmoy. According to the informant, the parent of the child had a document indicating that he is disabled. The impression was obviously vague in terms of re-evaluating the child if it is really a disabled.

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The Simple Practical Ways to Find Directions
April 18, 2017

When traveling to another state or places, it is better to know the facts from the internet. It wouldn’t hurt you for surfing the internet. You don’t need to buy some books in the bookstore. That’s the dilemma of this shop. Internet became their competitor in gaining profit. Surfing the internet is free of access provided by an internet service provider (ISP).

We can never tell the future upon arrival in certain places. Being naïve is not an excuse if we were able to offend the local people. At times, it can create tension and can lead to misunderstanding. That’s the reason why it is advisable to know certain places before traveling. Safety is the most concern of traveler. It cannot be denied that some travelers are the risk taker. For some reason, it is their way of being the best adventure.

While on travel, it is inevitable that we might get lost. But then, we still need to know the simple ways to find directions. As much as possible, we need to figure out how to find the specific locations. If not, then there are some simple practical ways to do it.

  1. Maps

We are in the modern world now. Most of our mobile phones or any available modern gadgets have the special features of GPS and maps. It is the best tool to find directions. However, the disadvantage of this can lead to drainage of the battery. It would be difficult to find charging station or power bank is also a good option.


  1. Ask the Local People

This is an option that we need to be careful. We can never trust easily people in certain areas. We just need to be vigilant on choosing the right local person in gaining information to find a particular destination.


  1. Ask a Policeman

It is always the best protocol to ask a policeman in finding directions. But then, some policemen are not available in certain areas. They can be trusted and no reason for doubting about it. However, we still need to be discreet in asking information from them.


  1. Call a Friend

If you are in certain areas that have acquainted friend, then it is better to ask assistance from them. In the long run, you had been close relationship during the trip. It is most likely that they will give exact directions.


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