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Is coaching the only way to crack the IIT JEE?

IIT JEE remains the most competitive and esteemed examination sought by students in the country. Whether or not you’re joining a coaching institute, self determination and dedication are the very basic ingredients for cracking the exam. There are absolutely no shortcuts for this exam; all that will lead you towards success will be hard work. Most of the leading coaching institutes in India such a Akash Institute, Allen Career Institutes and countless number of names boast of mass selections from their nation-wide centres, still there remains a question whether or not a coaching institute is the only way to crack the IIT JEE? It is not wrong to say that a coaching institute adds discipline, practice and timely study to a student’s schedule. Working with a competitive group in a competitive environment goes a long way in the successful preparation for IIT JEE. Coaching institutes teach learning methods to face this highly raged exam. A good coaching institute provides relevant topic-wise modules for every topic in PCM. Usually while self studying it is difficult to separate topics on the basis of the syllabus.

It would not be correct to say that a coaching institute is the only way to crack the exam, but surely; a coaching institute greatly embellishes the efforts of a student which helps him/her prepare well. Many students preparing for the exam find it tricky to make them sit down for studies in a timely manner due to a number of distractions. It is wise to join an institute which tightens up your schedule so that you do not have spare time to waste. The year of preparation for JEE requires great discipline and alienation from distractions. Going for self-studies might lead to loss of time if you are not good at controlling yourself.

Further, when one sits in a group of people all working for the same purpose, working becomes easier and motivation is also constantly instilled. Preparing single-handedly might make you stressed and over-pressurised but if you have been a good student throughout and really feel that you could pull yourself through, then you can go on for self studies too.

Having a tutor at home is another way of preparing which a number of students opt. If you wish to go in for this option then make sure that you follow a crisp and adequate time-table strictly which allots time for each of the three subjects wisely. Further it will be vital to wisely select your tutors because good JEE teachers are quite scarcely available for personal tuitions.

There are a number of methods to prepare for the exam but the basic elements for cracking the same are just hard-work and dedication. Every time you feel drained think about your goal; whatever it might be- money, a foreign job, a lavish house, or a world tour whatever!

One should keep his head focused on the preparation because regardless of the fact whether you have attended a coaching institute or prepared with self-studies, at the end your destination is all that matters!

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