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How to prepare for TOEFL

A number of times you might have dreamt about studying abroad, having a better career for financial stability and confidence. Obviously, there isn’t a shortcut to any of these, but there are steps that can guide you towards achieving your most cherished dreams of studying abroad.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test that tests the English Language speaking and comprehending abilities of an individual who wishes to take up studying ventures abroad in an American University. Next to IELETS, TOEFL is one of the most reputed tests taken to test English language capabilities for an academic basis.

Basically TOEFL tests your English based proficiency and skills. It might be easier for you to prepare for TOEFL if you’ve been good at English since your primary school. Someone who has a good grasp over the language can easily notch up a decent score in the test.

To begin with, first of all you must understand what the test is all about, its registration process, test centres, the dos and donts of the exam. You can formulate a strategy for different sections to score well in the test. One of the most important skills that you must hone is reading. Reading introduces you to new words, new methods of forming sentences and putting up ideas. Once you get used to reading you’ll find it easier to understand comprehensions and passages. Practicing reading for sharpening English skills is the very basic formula used by millions. The test in itself is not very hard. There are a number of skill building activities, English practicing blogs and other online sites which provide great help to students who are preparing for TOEFL. Some of them are highly recommended by those who had already cracked the exam. You can get free access to most of these sites and there is an ample of study material as well as videos available on them.

The main focus of a student preparing for TOEFL must be to gain access to a variety of problems related to the test. It is necessary to try hands on online practice tests and mock papers which are easily accessible on the net. Solving passages is very helpful while you are brushing up your English for the test. Another great help comes from learning new words and the way of using them in meaningful sentences. As your vocabulary will engulf newer words, it will become richer. Get yourself involved in discussions with those who have crisp a English and good knowledge. Whatever you prepare for TOEFL stays with you for a lifetime. More than preparing for a test it is about going deeper into the language which has not become the very flesh and blood of the global communication network. English in itself is a very vast language which can be very interesting to learn. Take the whole process as a hobby rather than assuming it as a test preparation.

Make full use of the recourses available to you. Not just reading and writing is required, speaking good English is also one of the prerequisites of the test. So give your best shot! What lies on the other side is really thrilling to work for!

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