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Is IIT worth dropping a year?

IITJEE is a hard nut to crack!
It requires tremendous amount of patience, persistence, grit and constant practice. All those who have cracked this exam proudly boast of their hard work that made them achieve their cherished dream. It is practice that imparts confidence and mostly students lack in concentrating on their goal. A number of students find it difficult to cope up with boards and IIT preparations simultaneously so there is a lot of confusion about dropping a year.

A number of questions pop up! The same uneasy thought of “dropping a year to prepare again”? Continues to prevail. This question continues to complex up ever further if you mess up your JEE on the simultaneous year of your boards.

Just take a breath and ask yourself:
if you are thinking to drop, just think will you be able to repeat the syllabus which you have done for two year? Do you have the patience?

It is not that you should underestimate yourself. Thinking maturely about one’s own self is important. If you have been a persistently studying student all your life you could really take the shot, but if you tend to delay your studies and feel that you work at the eleventh hour, you should give it a second thought before dropping.

For some, this drop comes out to be a Midas touch but for some, it makes them land in doldrums. Choose according to your abilities and interests. Do not try to please the world by telling them that you are preparing for JEE.

If you choose to drop a year and then you start to get irresponsible, you would be cheating yourself. You have to be devoted towards your studies. The only thing that can help you achieve your goal is pure passion. If you really enjoy PCM, the concepts, the intellectual challenge and that hard work for IIT, then go in for dropping a year. Otherwise choose wisely according to your abilities and recourses.

The next big thing that should be thought upon is joining a good coaching institute which will provide you a studious environment and a competitive attitude to keep you going all through your drop year. Falling prey to a non dedicated institute that does not pay attention to droppers will lead towards fall out of syllabus and poor performance.

Regularity is the key!
Your IITJEE dream will come true only if you stay loyal towards it. Leave out all the distractions for a year and stay true towards your goal. Practicing regularly, solving questions on a go, learning concepts by heart; all this is really required. On top of everything you yourself have to push you for all this. Nobody will be running after your life as it was in school. A student’s own sincere efforts make him get through. Students tend to get bored, frustrated and stressed. Do not let yourself be trapped into negative feelings. Keep yourself motivated throughout, and prove to yourself and others that you made the right choice!

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