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Is coaching necessary to get good marks?

The right attitude to attain perfection is the excellence and striving to get better. Coaching classes and private tuitions are merely like a lubricant in a vehicle. They just help in smooth running of the vehicle. The individual is that vehicle. He/she has to work. But, coaching classes are not the only lubricant available for this purpose. There are several other lubricants that are available near you for the smooth functioning. The student’s urge to study, his will power to reach the zenith of success, his outlook how his parents eyes and face would be full of unexpressed emotions, the beautiful dreams that they have weaved for him and certainly the zeal and determination to achieve the impossible.

Whatever the student thinks of achieving as a result of coaching can surely be attained with devoted and dedicated self-study. A student who is sincere with his studies does not require a coaching to secure good marks. They know that how much time is wasted in travelling to the coaching institutes. These students utilize this time in revising or performing other vital stuffs. Nothing can substitute self-study. Even if the child faces problems with some topics, there are teachers at schools, friends and for few students their parents to help them understand the topic effectively. This can be the best medium and certainly better than any coaching class.Success to secure good marks requires a skill to understand the exam pattern, a time table to master the necessary skill and a rigorous resolve to follow the same.

The only way coaching classes can help is to guide you sometimes. Few students who find it difficult to remain glued with studies everyday are advised to take tuitions and coaching such that it maintains decorum in their life. To make it simple average students should join them. However what is seen nowadays is that students see tuitions and coaching as a tradition and readily join them. They come back from their schools and without even giving their bodies rest pack their bags to move to their respective coaching. When they return back the toil on their bodies does not allow them to do self-study which proves fatal in the later stages. No coaching institute can fully prepare anyone for 90 plus category marks until the student himself is geared for the task. Coaching may help, but they are not absolutely essential.

The major and the most significant thing is the student’s motive to crack his exams and secure good marks. Various surveys have revealed that coaching institutes turn out to be a chit chat place for the child and his/her friends. There can be numerous distractions at home, but the child should remain focused towards his duties. Students should have a clear focus and a plan because many start self-study but do not sail through as they lose hope very quickly. Practice and sheer hard work can make anyone perfect. Paying attention to what is taught in the school and sincere dedication towards studies can help anyone secure the top notch position in any exam.

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