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Intractable depression that doesn’t go away
April 30, 2018

Intractable depression (it can be found in Google and can happen to the best of us) is a real medical condition, most common causes being disability, chronic physical illness, health conditions, grief, loss and any event or condition that cannot be changed, relieved or leaves an imprint on one’s life. It might not can be cured or fixed but it can be treated by managing with the event or condition that can’t be changed and overcoming the negative imprint that has been left. It will always be a struggle for sufferers but can be treated and managed so that they can overcome in life. Unfortunately it can end in death but that is far less likely with proper treatment, if it comes soon enough.
The most devastating effect is it can impair the sufferers ability to care for their family or their ability to work or have a career, even with the best of care. The best solution is when the sufferer can accept their limitations and so get the help, support and resources they need to take the most positive direction they can in life.

However, even with help in time and the best of care, intractable depression can still kill because of the physical damage the chronic stress can leave and a lot of times medications used to treat it help with damage can cause more problems, even if they worked so well.
Sufferers who accept the condition and settle into a reliable routine of managing rather that constantly trying to fight or overcome it have better success with a fuller life.
Being a sufferer myself, I’ve moved past the sadness but the lack of interest, motivation and lack of energy still persist. I’e learned to adjust to it rather than setting goals I might not reach. I take one day at a time.
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