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I started writing here on Literacy Base In the beginning of March. I found this site from a user on Mylot and she reffered me here. I found this site interesting because of the fact you get paid for almost everything you do and get a fair amount per blog posted.

I had set a limit for me a day to earn at least a dollar. Didn’t matter how, it could be by commenting, going on the forum or even writing a couple of blogs a day. If i decide to write blogs i make sure i have enough to create at least 10 blogs a day to reach my daily limit. Like this i can maximize my earnings.

I am trying my best to raise my limit to get some more change each month. Since they pay every 10th-15th of the month i am trying to get a big amount before i request payout.

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Most of my posts are just things i think about daily so this helps me have a bit of content, especially if it is something i feel and have a very strong opinion about. This helps also. When i have a big opinion on something i tend to reach the 500 words easily and like this i recieve some extra cents compared to the blogs with 300 words.

I am aiming to get at least 30 dollars this month and hope i get this amount. At least i know if i try hard enough i will. Besides having quite a bit of ideas i do write fast also. So it easy for me to post 3/4 blogs an hour if i really wanted to.

I see some users showing proof of payment and this makes me more interested in writing on the site. It is something to look forward for.

Now i ask all of you, do you redeem everytime you reach 10 dollars or do you wait to have a good amount and them request redemption?

    1. Whao! That was fast for you. I can’t answer your question because I haven’t received a payout yet, but I will prefer to wait and accumulate a huge sum before payout. I have a question for you. How do you inform Literacy base to hold on the payouts for you? Thank you

    2. If you want to reach payout fast at Literacy Base, blogging is the way to do it. Since you’ve been here I have noticed you do quite a bit of blogging. Keep at it! You should have no problem achieving the income goals you set. 🙂

    3. It is really easier to reach the payout here. Even when you comment on blogs, you earn .0020 cents if I am not mistaken. So if your internet is fast and you can comment on many blogs, it is easy to earn $1; more so if you can post many blogs like what you are doing. I can’t write so many blogs like you do.

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