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Trying to share my post on face book from Literacy base is a challenge.
why is a challenge? because when I hit the face book button the share part of go bigger then my lap top and I can not
hit the button to post my post so I rally have to keep a eye on it like playing a game at the carnal no joke. Now with twitter I have no problem sharing my post that way all so pinitrest I have no problems to . Has any else here on Literacy base having trouble trying to share on face book? with my other witing sites that I am on I have no problem once in a blue moon I do and it the same problem the face book button is under my bottom bar so I can not hit it so I can post my post so what do I do I just hit the twitter button because all my tweets go on face book to. So down the road I will try to fix this problem so I can post faster and not have my eyes hurt every time I am on the lap top . Like I all way say there a solution to every problem even if you do not like it.Do you think there a solution to every problem ? I sure do and I learn this from thee Clearwater fl
Jaycees. this was a very good club for young men and women from 18- 40 the ages are all ways change on it the age thing why ? because they need new members for there club. as before the Jaycees are all so known as the junior charmer of commerce or JCI junior chamber internatal.The Jaycees are a very good club to get involved in it can help with a lot of stuff that you might need help with or just to get out and help. Ok that it for now

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