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If your workplace is computer…

If you constantly looking for new ways to be productive, it worth to look at your already existing habits that actually hinder the work done more efficiently. Sometimes it is enough to change a few small things to make things work much smoother.

Usually our working tool is a computer, so try to maintain order among the documents and folders. This will ensure that you will quickly find at right time what you are looking for and not procrastinate the work saying that now you have not time to look for. Often rushing we name documents in patchwork of words or even worse of letters, which, let’s face it, is not always informative. Of course, perhaps we are in a hurry at that time and we think that later we will rename it. But in most cases fail to do so, and even if we rename, this is double work, which could have been avoided.

Do not think that the madness on your desktop is neat chaos that you know very well. You might not realize, but it has a much greater impact on your work habits. This tendency to leave a small deed for a later time, it becomes contagious and may eventually be reflected in all your tasks – just as irrelevant folders on the desktop, you can begin to accumulate and eventually forget the small jobs. You do not want such (non) quality? So first of all simply delete what is not needed on the desktop, and then orderly rename and group all what you need. It may take some time, but remember these efforts the next time saving new document, and so encourage yourself to put it immediately to the right place. There is the bright side of such a procedure – you will feel better and inspire yourself on a daily basis to brace up, in addition, the neat computer will be running smoothly.


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