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Productivity working on the computer.

If you used to work for long on┬ácomputer, don’t forget about your posture. Improper posture while sitting at a desk not only poses a threat to health, but also prevents you from concentrating. This can be annoying back pain or headache, and also cause low productivity. Sitting in distorted posture or putting leg on the leg, the body gets tired, back, neck, shoulders get tense, legs soluble. The body feels the stress, so it affects your mood and ability to concentrate.

When your body gets tired, mind also refuses to work. Try to adjust the height of the chairs and table, ensure a comfortable footrest and back. The main thing is immediately stretch up! Correct posture even inspire a better mood, self-confidence.

Please note that the irregular posture may be due to lack of physical activity. Working a job in which much time you are sitting, it is very important to take time for to exercise and body strengthening exercises – so you will feel more energetic and healthier. Use your smartphone – track how many steps you take in a day or jogging track your progress. Find what’s best for you and make the sport enjoyable game having a positive impact on your professional life.

It is important to learn how to monitor your performance and inspiration and to use the time when the work you manage to perform smoothly. Assign these moments for most important, urgent work. Understand that working hours are for a work to be done and do not try to get out of yourself more than you can. Otherwise there is a risk that you get overtired – your daily productivity will fall, and you will feel increasingly worse.

So get to know yourself and act with the greatest demands on the body if you can. Remember, no matter how important, but the work is just a work.


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