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Humans threaten the biosphere and biodiversity is being reduced

Human beings in populations have a tendency to modify ecosystems that are existing for purposes centered around their own. They clear forests and grasslands for the growing of crops. They build their houses on what used to be farmlands, and they convert small towns into overcrowded cities. Human being populations continue to increase in size and so they require ever greater amounts of material good and energy input with each passing year. As each second goes y original organisms become fewer and fewer until eventually some ecosystems have been completely altered. If this type of progression continue what will remain will be human beings and their domesticated plants and animals were there were once diverse populations.

As human being populations increase more and more ecosystems are threatened. The destruction of world’s rain forests are of great concern. The destruction is due mainly to over logging. As years go by we are realizing even though slowly, that we are dependent on intact ecosystems and how they service us. A prominent example and a useful one, is the purpose and essence of our rain forests. They are  absorb of carbon dioxide. This gas is a pollutant if allowed to build up in our atmosphere. If it is allowed to build up it effects are grave such as increasing our daily atmosphere temperature.

When human beings interfere by modifying existing ecosystems they are contributing to the reduction of biodiversity. The term biodiversity is defined as the total number of species, the variability of their genes, and the ecosystems in which they live. Species become extinct meaning they die, when such species is unable to successfully adapt to a change in their environmental conditions. A shocking example is that seaside development, pollution, and over fishing are causing valuable fin fishes to become commercially extinct. This means that those that remain are too few to justify the cost of catching them.

Human beings need to realize that we are totally dependent on other species for food, clothing, medicines, and various raw materials. There it shows we have no vision when we allow other species to become extinct. We should preserved ecosystems and the species living in them because that is how the human species will continue to survive.

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    1. I short we are the one who is destroying our own home planet, we all don’t know that this planet was given to us by God not to destroy it but to live on it, but how can we live in this planet if this planet longer if this planet is being damage by us little by little every year.

      Guys wake up and have part on spreading the word in making our planet a better place 🙂

      Nice blog by the way very informative


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