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Foods That Contain Chromium Necessary For Your Health
January 3, 2017

Chromium has two types, chromium 3 and chromium 6. Chromium 3 is the main form of chromium that is found in foods used by your body. Chromium 6 was made famous as a carcinogen for the human body. The foods that contain chromium 6 help fight cells that hat the human body system. The information that will be discussed here refers to the properties of chromium 3. You have to know the foods that make your immune system stronger.

The body if equipped with the right minerals will never be sick. This time so many is sick of Big C, Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, High blood pressure, high salt, high blood sugar and so on and so forth. Even if you are wealthy, your money will mean nothing at al if there is no cure of your sickness. So while the body is still in good condition, it should be supplemented with the right foods that contain all the elements our body need.

Why are foods that contain chromium so important to our body? Yes, you have to know the reasons to encourage yourself and your family as soon as you happen to read this article. There is no one in this world that can help you, but yourself. Your friends will just sympathize you, and never could they have something to cure your disease. Your friends are only good to you if you have money and if you are strong and healthy. You have to be wise this time for there are unknowns that ma just make a leap to reach your door.

These are what chromium does to your body. 1. Chromium helps to regulate your blood sugar level by enhancing the effects of insulin. 2. Chromium helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, including type 2 diabetes through the effect of insulin. 3. Chromium helps your body make protein, fats, and cholesterol through its effect on insulin. Try to check now if you encounter any of these sicknesses mentioned above.

These are also the foods you need to eat with their corresponding number of serving and chromium contents:  The following are: 1. Corn on the cob- 1 ear (Chromium content 52 mcg.) 2.  Sweet potato – 1 medium (Chromium 36 content 36 mcg) 3. Apple – 1 medium (Chromium content 36 mcg) 4. Organic egg- 1 medium (Chromium content 26 mcg) 5. Tomato- 1 medium (Chromium content 24 mcg) and 5. Broccoli – ½ cup (Chromium content 11 mcg).


These foods are just near you, so no reason why cannot decide to buy them] now. Please follow the serving guide.

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    1. What do you notice on the foods that are rich or high in chromium? It is corn on a cob rich or high in chromium. We better plant corn in our yard so any time we can eat our production.Next are potatoes and apples, they have the same contents of chromium 36 mcg. I am so thankful that I eat apple at least one a day. Sometimes, I consume two apples if feel tired. Apple can also relived stress from whole day’s work. We own our body so we are entitled to what we eat that makes our body always in good balance,high endurance and strong immune system.I have to start eating fresh tomato starting tomorrow hehehe. What about you?


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