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Do nootropics drug has the similar effects as steroid on the human body?
April 17, 2017
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We have heard about both steroids and nootropics drugs. But, we don’t have detail clarification of these two. Few of us have a notion that both are muscle enhancer. That is not true. Despite being drugs both have different effects on human body.



The steroid is a muscle enhancer drug. It imitates masculine effects of testosterone, a male sex hormone. Today the popularity of steroid has been increased. Even few doctors also think that steroid is an excellent body enhancer has no or least side effects. It is typically used by bodybuilders, athletes, and weight lifters.


Though it is considered to have fatal side effects into the liver, reproductive system, and mood swings.



It is considered as smart drugs or brain enhancers. It executes brain functions. Using nootropics is a debate between neuroscientists and physicians. The international sales of this brain enhancer are growing day by day. A research showed the international sales of nootropics exceed $ 1 billion in the USA.


Studies show it has some adverse impacts in human bodies. A research includes few nootropics users have liver disorder after prolonged use of nootropics.


  1. Their consequences and facet results are distinctive:


In a have a look at performed at the Case Western Reserve university, Cleveland to analyze the safety of cognitive enhancers, Nootropics are mentioned as FDA-authorized, secure, and criminal, dietary supplements whose intake isn’t always banned in competitive capsules. At the contrary, the listing of banned materials in aggressive sports activities through WADA consists of anabolic steroids as performance enhancement capsules which might be prohibited. Even as the facet effects of most Nootropics can also contain moderate complications and anxiety, the ability side outcomes of anabolic steroids encompass existence-threatening situations together with anemia, osteoporosis, not on time puberty in teens, menopause complications in ladies, gynecomastia in guys, shrunken testicles, among others. Also, maximum nootropics do no longer seem to have an effect on testosterone levels inside the body.


  1. Steroids aren’t smart drugs:


Even though anabolic steroids are acknowledged to reason a number of results inside the brain in keeping with WebMD, a number of which may be useful cognitively, the reality that they do doesn’t always qualify them as clever drugs. These consist of modifications in mood and urge for food, in addition to aggressiveness, which arises in tandem with the enhancement of testosterone hormone stages. Additionally, anabolic steroids have been shown to have a massive impact on mind neurotransmitters structures and receptor, such as the dopamine and serotonin systems. In this case, steroids are proven to have cognitive effects on temper and behavior consistent with the country wide Institute of Drug Abuse. Those outcomes on the CNS, anabolic steroids still do no longer qualify to be called Nootropics, no longer forgetting that however, clever drugs do not have anabolic and androgenic homes of steroidal substances.


  1. Bureaucracy and Mode of management are exclusive:


Final however not least, smart drugs aren’t steroids due to the fact in contrast to performance enhancers; they are now not injected at once into the muscles. Most Nootropics are available in shape of clever drugs, drugs pills, or powders that require mixing with water and are taken orally. A few bodybuilding steroids are taken orally, but most of them come as lab arrangements for intramuscular injections.

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