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How to Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda
January 23, 2017

Using proper ways to whiten teeth over the years has simply been said to be fixed by a brand of toothpaste, but what if you wanted a more natural method that was 100% more effective and safer for your gums.? Our teeth can easily be stained, or have food stuck in your teeth that can cause the oral hygiene to be unpleasant smell of breath. An easy way to fix those problems would be probably flossing out the meat from your teeth? Trust me it keeps your mouth clean. The real remedy to fix this issue would be with this easy cheap product baking soda. The process of how baking soda whitens the teeth would be due to the sodium bi-carbonate. The chemical with alkaline compound that looks like white crystals. It also removes acids, stains, kills bacteria, clears plague to cleanse a lower chance of teeth decaying and so on. Baking soda Is a perfect non-toxic way to make your smile a healthy happy smile.
Here are some easy quick steps:
1 toothbrush
1 box of baking soda
• Place 1 teaspoon of baking soda with water to make a thick paste onto of toothbrush.
• Brush your teeth with this paste three times a week only
Other ways
• Or apply baking soda to teeth and leave for 2 minutes. Then brush your teeth with a toothbrush.
• Add lemon juice(twice a month) and salt or honey for flavor plus baking soda create your own toothpaste
• Add turmeric for its benefits as well
• Coconut oil
• Banana strip
Forget regular toothpaste that might give you a stomach ache in the mornings change the routine for a better one. Don’t say no until you see the proof for yourself & feel the difference.
Follow these steps and create your perfect smile, naturally! Safe! & 100% effective

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    1. Yeah. I read about it. It works effectively. But, the method other than this is that the Baking soda and lemon juice should be mixed and must be applied to the teeth and must leave for 5 minutes. After that brush your teeth which give a stunning shining look. But, this should not be done regularly as this will damage the teeth also and make them thin.
      This is quite effective and the easiest way to brighten the teeth and remove the bad breath.

    2. I have actually read about baking soda as a whitener of the teeth. Do you know if this is also applicable to a denture?

      As to the banana peel, I have known about that recently from one of the posts at another site. So, you just rub the peel on the teeth and for how many minutes will you let it stand before you brush it with a toothbrush ?

    3. I have tried this method before. I use it once a while for every three months but not the whole year, or day and night.
      I read an article that suggested to use for a short period, about a week time for only 3 months once, and my dentist advised me that the baking soda powder is not that smooth, it might polish and make the out liner of teeth become thinner, thus must not to use very often.

      I used to mix the baking soda powder with some coconut oil which added some peppermint leaves in order to get the nice flavour of the latter.

      I found that the result is so so, I am not sure if my teeth is getting whiten or not as I am a daily coffee drinker, so maybe this method not really work for me. But, I still hope this can help to reduce and clean some stains on my teeth, so no need to go for teeth scaling much often.

    4. Baking soda is very useful in many ways. Very well known as a whitening ingredient.It can help whitens teeth, under arms and can even kills bacteria.Also can be used in kitchen as cooking ingredients.Specially if you love baking,This is the main ingredients in baking cakes.Instead of buying some whitening products at stores, why not try this tips to save money.This might be more effective than what they have in stores.

    5. That’s funny I just mentioned baking soda for teeth on another post. I have never used it for this reason, but it brings up the top of my stove a treat and I suppose both are different kinds of enamel that you want to whiten! I think, given the way it cleans the stove top and also my windows and now my friend and daughter say they use it in their loo and bathrooms, I would not use it too often on my teeth.


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