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Google Trends – Which topics are trending at the moment?

Browsing around other blogs for ideas is normal. Sometimes we can get an unusual idea for a blog by reading some of the ones that already exists. This is also a way to see if there are blogs with topics that you want to write about but don’t want to plagiarize.

After seeing some blogs, you can also decide to go to google and research what is trending at the moment. What are the popular searches in the last 24 hours? What can i write about that people want to read today? Is my blog going to be interesting enough to call someones attention? These are questions that are asked by many bloggers. Some people need inspiration by experiencing something in the world, others need a little push by browsing around and seeing what they are passionate to write about.


In the middle of all this search was found “Google Trends”.


Now what is “Google Trends”? It is the site that shows what has been the most popular researches in the last 24 hours on google. This shows what people are realing looking for and want to read about. This is a good site and helps people know what can be successful.

For example, at the moment what is trending are articles about immigration (probably because of Trump) and, of course, the Oscars 2017 due to the scandal they had.

Do you like to write about news? Then this is the place to look. It show the kind of news people are looking for.  If you think you can write a good news article about a trending subject then go for it, try and share it to get the word out since there is a need for that information.

Who uses these kinds of platforms to give blog ideas?

If you don’t use these kind of sites then how do you get your ideas?

Everyone writes about diferent things from recipes to life experiences, travel or finance. There are so many topics. Of course when it comes to life experiences you don’t need alot of inspiration. You just need a certain time in your life than you think is worthy to share. Then you are all set. These are the type of things that won’t show up on Trending topics but some people might read it.


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    1. I don’t really have a specific source for topics I blog about. But Google Trends is not in my list of sources. But I tend not to follow trends. That’s just me.

      Also, I contributed a link in one of the groups about tools that can help generate blog ideas. GROUP: About LiteracyBase ~ RESPONSE: How many posts do you write per day/week?


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