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How To Submit Music To Blogs (And Start Making Money)
Enjoying music. Handsome young man in headphones working on laptop and smiling while acoustic guitar laying in the background

It’s a great time to be alive for music lovers everywhere. We have access to an infinite library of different artists and genres to choose from thanks to the internet.

However, for those independent artists who are trying to get their name and music out into the world, the competition can be fierce. So, how do developing artists stand out and keep themselves from being drowned in a sea of emails and mixtapes?

Well, it takes hard work and strategic planning, but it’s possible to get the attention you’re seeking through a simple and organized approach. If you are choosing to submit music to blogs with a high traffic rate, below are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to reach out.

Solidify Your Brand

Before you decide to put yourself out there, it’s important to have a full understanding of who you are as an artist. Branding is a crucial piece in making yourself memorable.

Branding yourself is a lot like putting together a puzzle that represents your artistic identity. Putting together certain pieces such as a certain font, color scheme, symbol, sound, style, or personality can cohesively create a theme in your music and artistry.

A solidified brand will show music blogs that you’re serious about making music your career. The confidence you have in knowing who you are and how to professionally represent yourself will help you stay clear of the dreaded email trash bin. And hopefully, you’ll get a positive response.

Research Before You Submit

After you’re confident in how you represent yourself to your audience, it is important to put in some extensive research before you submit music to blogs.

Reaching out to a website that promotes only rappers when you are a wedding band, such as David Rothstein Music, is completely irrational, right? Well, it happens all the time. That’s why it is important to make sure you’re not wasting your time and energy on a website or blog that doesn’t reach out to the same demographic as you.

Before committing to sending your art to someone, you should look for certain things they promote, the most important being genre. Once you’ve decided that the music blog you’re interested in is right for you, then you can move forward with trying to get their undivided attention.

Create a Sales Pitch

After you have decided to submit music to blogs that feel like a right fit for you, it is then time to work on a simple, yet professional email that will help you sell yourself to the reader/listener.

The first thing you will want to focus on is the music, of course. You will want to give a brief introduction to the song(s) with the title, an educated comparison on who/what it sounds like based on your musical inspirations, and the story behind the song(s).

Once the music has been presented, it is a good idea to give a story of yourself as an artist. For instance, you may want to include a little bit about where you came from, your musical background, any amazing opportunities you have had, who inspires you the most, and why you were drawn to music as a career path.

Giving insight into your creative background allows the blog to personify the artist behind the email address and put a personality to the music they’re listening to. The artistry of music is all about the heart, soul, and story. If you have a captivating sales pitch that includes all of those, then you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

However, when you are writing your sales pitch, be careful to not write a novel. Yes, the reader/listener is interested in who you are as an artist, but they also have a lot of submissions to sift through. Telling them about how you wrote your first song when you were five because your dog died will be completely irrelevant to who you are as an artist today.

Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it unique. Keep it relevant to who you are today.

Sending the Right Format

When you submit music to blogs that may have an interest in promoting you, it’s extremely important to know what kind of format they will accept your music in. You will look pretty foolish and get a first class ticket to the trash bin if you send music in a format that they can’t play or don’t accept.

Depending on the type of website or blog you are reaching out to, there are many different formats that could be accepted. They may have it listed on their website, but if you’re unsure, it would probably be a smart decision to shoot them a quick email asking to clarify the types of formats they accept just to be on the safe side.

Here are some different formats different outlets will accept:


  • Hardcopy CDs
  • MP3s
  • EPKs with download links


  • Embedded music player
  • Videos
  • CDs
  • Digital Press Kits


  • Digital press kits
  • CDs
  • Hardcopy press kits

Record Labels/Producers

  • CDs
  • Press kits
  • Videos
  • Streaming links

Taking the Risk

Making the decision to submit music to blogs is a huge step for any aspiring artist. Once you have a solid confidence in your artistry and branding, then the only thing left to do is take the plunge in getting your name out there.

Even if you don’t receive any feedback from the first few times you make a submission, don’t give up! Take each refusal as a chance to improve your approach. Any famous musician you know of today had been turned down many times before the right person found them.

The music industry is all about hard work, making connections, and taking risks. The story you submit in your sales pitch could be the beginning of a much longer fairytale if you play your cards right.

Consider this article as an outline for your success. Take suggestions, take risks, and always stay true to your music. And if you have a music blog yourself, be sure to check out our tips on how to promote it to your fans.

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Are We Free to Use Photos from the LB Media Library?

Photo above shows my personal photo of a yellow gumamela flower

I thought of posting this blog upon reading a comment of @cely at the Literacybase Thinkers Group where she lamented that a member here used her personal photos for his/her blog post.

I felt the same way yesterday when I saw my personal photo and he/she used several of it in his/her blogs with the same titles. I was so annoyed, why he used it even it did not match his/her “blogs.” I opened one of that “controversial” blogs and found the content so spammy, it looks like it was copy/pasted from the net. It occupied almost all the front wall of Literacybase for blog titles. It was a photo of a beautiful beach here in the Philippines which I took with my cellphone camera about two years ago.

This is the reason why I was adamant in using photos from the Literacybase.com media library. It could be a member’s personal photo and he might not feel so good about it.When you have personal photos, you own it, and it is not good if someone will just use it, like it was being stolen from you.

In fairness, there is no markings on photos here at the Literacybase media library, so how can a member put some image credit for that photo he lifted from it?

This is the reason why I always use my “signature photo,” of a yellow gumamela, or Hibiscus flower which I also used for my avatar in other writing sites, though it is red in color. Then I saw a member who also used it. I thought it was alright because the writer posted a good blog, compared to that “spammer” who used my photo of a beach several times, posted at the same time!

So to avoid using other people’s photos, I turned to free photos at Pixabay.com. It is for public use, and it stated there that anyone can use it even without attribution. But for me, I always wanted to thank the photographer, and though it is free to use, I put image credit to Pixabay.com for that free photo.

I noticed some people here using photos with “shutterstock” watermark. And I read from one of the blogs in another site that there is a “shutterstock” watermark because it is not free to be used; they will charge the one who used their photo. So be careful in using photos with the “shutterstock” marking. I just do not know if they also have free photos.

I wish I could know how to put watermark on my photos, so other people can not just use it. I am still studying how to put it in my files for blogs.

Do you know how to put watermarks on photos?

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Categories to write about when blogging – Part 1

There are various things to write about, i mean you can write about almost anything but there are some things that are not only easier to write about but are more looked for online. If your blog is helpful then it will probably get more traffic and comments. OF course this is a hard task.

1 – DIY (Do it yourself)

These are some of the most viewed blogs. You can write about how to do just about anything, from making a table to dying your hair or even making your own make-up. It is always easier and cheaper when things our done by our own hand. Sometimes we cherish more the things we make on own own then if it was bought.

2 – Food and Drink recipes

Who doesn’t like to try new things being it drinks or food. If you have a family recipe you can share or some invention you have made with food or drinks then show it off. Write up the recipe and show the world how to make the things you think are delicious. This is a good thing to write about because we all live in diferent areas around the world which means we will find so many variety of food recipes and drinks. We can try making some exotic cuisine right at home.

3 – Reviews on apps/sites

This is another thing that people like to read about. We like to see if there is anypoint in using a certain app or site and if someone writes a good review on the site it will help them decided if they should use it or not. Is the site a scam?  Is it useful? We won’t know unless someone tells us about it first hand.

More categories to come. Stay tuned to see what you can write about and why you should.

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Google Trends – Which topics are trending at the moment?

Browsing around other blogs for ideas is normal. Sometimes we can get an unusual idea for a blog by reading some of the ones that already exists. This is also a way to see if there are blogs with topics that you want to write about but don’t want to plagiarize.

After seeing some blogs, you can also decide to go to google and research what is trending at the moment. What are the popular searches in the last 24 hours? What can i write about that people want to read today? Is my blog going to be interesting enough to call someones attention? These are questions that are asked by many bloggers. Some people need inspiration by experiencing something in the world, others need a little push by browsing around and seeing what they are passionate to write about.


In the middle of all this search was found “Google Trends”.


Now what is “Google Trends”? It is the site that shows what has been the most popular researches in the last 24 hours on google. This shows what people are realing looking for and want to read about. This is a good site and helps people know what can be successful.

For example, at the moment what is trending are articles about immigration (probably because of Trump) and, of course, the Oscars 2017 due to the scandal they had.

Do you like to write about news? Then this is the place to look. It show the kind of news people are looking for.  If you think you can write a good news article about a trending subject then go for it, try and share it to get the word out since there is a need for that information.

Who uses these kinds of platforms to give blog ideas?

If you don’t use these kind of sites then how do you get your ideas?

Everyone writes about diferent things from recipes to life experiences, travel or finance. There are so many topics. Of course when it comes to life experiences you don’t need alot of inspiration. You just need a certain time in your life than you think is worthy to share. Then you are all set. These are the type of things that won’t show up on Trending topics but some people might read it.


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LiteracyBase is sure talking business
February 13, 2017

There are murmurs about reduction in earnings at LiteracyBase a situation  not something one can one readily accept.  Instead of getting into depression it would be better to understand why this is happening.

Earlier LiteracyBase took time to first read through blogs and only approve those that had followed rules.  Now, LiteracyBase instantly approves blogs as long as there are enough words and the title is long enough.  When we see our posts in our Dash Board a smile appears.  A bigger smile is when we see our earnings go up.

We  tend to rest on our laurels.

But here is the catch

The software sits back until the posts are approved and then takes time to read through posts thoroughly checking if any of those rules are broken.  Here are the rules:

“Copied, Duplicate, Plagiarized and Spin Content Are Not Allowed.

Please Make sure your submitting article is unique and not already presented on any website!

Do Not Copy & Past Articles and Content from Internet to LiteracyBase.

If you are the copyright owner then make sure it is not already available on any other website.

One unique article should only be present on one website either on literacybase or somewhere else.You .must need to Remove Your Article from all other sources before, you share your already posted article here”

Before submitting the blogs therefore the blogger should minutely go through the article and check for any possible reasons for rejection of the article.

Not only will the blog be rejected but such three rejections would mean deletion of accounts.

The blogger should know that any duplicate or plagiarised articles are not tolerated by Google and the site with an Adsense Account would be faced with the prospect of deletion of their account and if this happens the site will have no other alternative but to close down.

Those who were members of TinyCent site are fully aware of what happened when their Adsense Account was removed.  There was plenty of gaming by certain members which resulted in getting huge number of  views and this was noticed by Google and their Adsense Account deleted.  Tinycent is closed down.

We have to work together with LieracyBase if the site has to survive which in turn will benefit us

To be on the safe side therefore it is better that  fresh material is provided rather than depend on blogs that are written for other sites.  Even though they have been removed from those sites.


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Spot on approval at LiteracyBase
February 7, 2017

I was away from LiteracyBase for many days as I had lost patience waiting for approval.I got back today just to test the site.  I posted a blog today and no sooner it was posted it got approved.  This is the most exciting experience I have had here.

LiteracyBase gives value to suggestions made by the community and this was one of the suggestions.  Delaying approval for days leading to not reaching payout was the most disturbing situation at this site. This seems to have been addressed and there cannot be better news than this.

Many have left LiteracyBase mainly for this reason but now I am sure they will return as nothing like seeing one’s blog live the moment it is posted.

Having said that while many sites have come and gone LiteracyBase has stuck on and with this new added feel good factor it will have further increase in membership.  Atleast I have decided to get back here.  Not only will I see my blogs live the moment they are posted I will get paid on or around the stipulated date.  There are no issues with getting paid here.  LieracyBase has never faltered when it comes to prompt payment.

I wish I had tested this site earlier as I would have had contentment here which I was not having before,  much earlier..

Writing a blog with a minimum limit of 300 words is child’s play for writers and there is freedom of expression specially when one can write on any subject under the sun provided it is not copied or plagiarised.  Good writers need not do that as they always have ideas to expand on

I joined LiteracyBase in May of last year and I was paid every month promptly with the exception of just a month where I had skipped reaching the minimum payout.

I have decided to get back here and be a part of this ever promising site.

Long live LiteracyBase.

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Do You Get Enticed by Advertisements On TV, Billboards and Blogs?
January 20, 2017

Advertisements are meant to entice the people who have seen the ads, to try what they are advertising.

Nowadays, the most common way of advertising is through the television, through a lot of websites like here at Literacy Base, although here I have seen that they are categorized and you just have to click the category like Earn Money Online, Free Blog Hosting and a lot more.

On my part, I am enticed indeed to try them. This is evidenced by the purchases I made online a year ago, where I did about 4 purchases and eventually those I bought, after a month or two are already non-operational. One was the e-table I bought for my netbook, which looked sturdy as it was advertised.

Then, the tummy belt that after 2 months wouldn’t heat up anymore. But the advertisement was so convincing!

Then, I bought a bedsheet, specifying the size. But when it arrived the cloth was so thin and it was way too small for our bed’s mattress.

Mostly, are through the television, specially, those posts about foods at fast foods, they make me want to try them and tried I did. Ha ha ha

And actually, I am planning to look for the shower lotion advertised on TV. At least, after showering you won’t have to put a lotion anymore. So apt for people on the rush.

But when I bought that, I just consumed the whole bottle and I am back to my favorite moisturizing soap and lotion.

I also go after those advertised shampoos. Some I liked, some I didn’t.

Well, there’s no harm in trying them actually. It’s only a matter of trial and error when we give in to these advertisements.

For your part, have you been enticed to buy a product advertised on TV or even on blog sites?

I guess who wouldn’t be when they appear so true as to what they are advertising.

Note : Picture attached is from google, an advertisement of a fast food chain I think .

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“Small is Beautiful” and that Includes Blogs
October 29, 2016
"Small is Beautiful" and that Includes Blogs


Here at LiteracyBase  we are encouraged to write long Blogs and I see they are even rated high.

While I was at school precis’  writing was given a lot of importance in that we were told rather than readers wasting their time looking for wheat from chaff it is better that the writer does that. Most of my Blogs therefore are written with that in mind.  My Blogs have substance and they are quick reads. Going by the comments I get it proves my point.  How Blogs are  rated for quality is beyond me.

Viewers have a busy world and they would prefer if readers did the picking wheat from chaff for them. But sadly at writing sites it is not appreciated. The reason is that longer the posts longer will Ads stay there while viewers are reading them. The fact of the matter is many viewers just flip those Blogs as time is of the essence for them.  However, there is no way to find out how many just flip through  those pages missing what needs to be viewed and how many actually spend time to read those long winded Blogs. I do not read long winded Blogs. I have no patience.

In order to reach payout here I have to write several Blogs as just because they are short they are not rated high even though comments are made as compared to those long blogs. My Blogs get noticed. Reading through short  Blogs which have substance is what viewers search for.

Hope LiteracyBase gives a thought about the value of to-the-point Blogs rather than pay attention to those wordy Blogs that contain little or no substance.  I have been told that even though blogs are shot they do get ratings if they are of quality. It is the viewers who normally judge that but the rating is done by site owners.

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